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Earl Felton

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In her autobiography, The Truth at Last (2001) Christine Keeler argues that she met Earl Fenton, a CIA agent who posed as a film scriptwriter at a New Year party. The following month Fenton contacted Keeler. According to her account: "Stephen had been telling him lies, feeding him false information and indicating that I was spying for the Russians because of my love for Eugene. The message was to leave the country, say nothing about anything I might have seen or heard."

Mandy Rice-Davies told me the other day on the telephone that Keeler had got his name wrong in her autobiography and he was actually Earl Felton not Earl Fenton. This enabled me to find out that Felton was a fairly successful figure in Hollywood and was the screenwriter of 38 films.

In 1962 a FBI memo written by J. Edgar Hoover stated that Felton had taken part in sex orgies that involved Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies, Mariella Novotny, Douglas Fairbanks, Lord Astor, Eugene Ivanov, John Profumo and Stephen Ward.

I also discovered that he committed suicide (or was suicided) on 2nd May 1972.

Would be interested if anyone else had information on Earl Felton.


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"What you fail to understand is the power of hate. It can fill the heart as surely as love can."

- Earl Felton


Biography for

Earl Felton

Date of Birth16 October 1909

Date of Death

2 May 1972, Studio City, California, USA (suicide [gunshot])


Both legs were crippled by a childhood case of polio. However, he refused to use a wheelchair and learned to get around using crutches or canes.

Personal Quotes

[referring to his childhood when his mother took him to revival meetings in search of a cure for his polio]

Dragging myself up to the pulpit was embarrassing enough. It was the crawling back down the aisle that was so humiliating.

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Here is the J. Edgar Hoover, internal memo on the Profumo Scandal (June, 1963):

For information. John Profumo was British Minister of War until his recent resignation following disclosure of his relations with Christine Keeler. Stephen Ward, London osteopath, has been arrested in London charged with living on the earnings of Keeler and Marilyn Rice-Davies, prostitutes. Ward's operations reportedly part of a large vice ring involving many people including many prominent people in the U.S. and England including other Ministers of British Cabinet not yet identified. Other individuals involved include Yevgeny Ivanov, aka Eugene Ivanov, former Soviet Naval Attache, London, who patronised Keeler and who reportedly requested Keeler to obtain information from Profumo; Thomas J. Corbally, U.S. citizen engaged in business in Britain, who reportedly gave wild parties in his flat; Michael H. B. Eddowes, British attorney for Keeler, now in the U.S. representing her interests re sale of her story to publications; Horace Dibben, British citizen, in whose residence sex orgies were held is husband of Maria Novotny; Maria Novotny is prostitute who operated in NYC, was arrested on March three, one nine six one, and was victim in white slave case involving her procurer, Alan Towers. She fled to England and has participated in orgies at Ward residence. Alan Towers was in NYC for two years prior to his arrest in above white slave case. He jumped bail and is now a bureau fugitive. He is reportedly now permanently residing behind Iron Curtain. Novotny alleges Towers was a Soviet agent and that Soviets wanted information for purposes of compromise of prominent individuals; Lord Astor of England on whose Cliveden Estate sex orgies reportedly occurred: it was here that Profumo first met Keeler; Douglas Fairbanks, Jnr, movie actor; Earl Felton, American screen writer; and many others also involved.

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