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Fight among the Cubans?

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On November 9, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover wrote a letter to J. Lee Rankin concerning the statements made by Sylvia Odio. In support of his letter, Hoover attached several FBI reports.

One of those is an unsigned memo of an investigation that took place in Miami, FL on October 2, 1964. In that memo, Sylvia recalls that the Cuban families living in the Crestwood apartments would get together for social occasions and that on one occasion the son of "Masferrer" (and I'm not sure if she is saying the son of Kiki or Rolando) got into a fight with another individual that deteriorated into a general disturbance to which the police were called.


It seems to me that I've seen reference to that fight before, but can't recall where.

Does anyone know any more about this fight?

Steve Thomas

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