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Were Other Bullets Found At Parkland?

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Some time ago, I read online somewhere (can't find it through a Google search now) about Josiah Thompson recounting a very intriguing story at a past JFK assassination conference. If I remember correctly, O.P. Wright (chief of Security at Parkland Hospital, and an integral player in the discovery of CE399, the "magic" bullet) had a wife who worked as a nurse at Parkland. According to Josiah, she later claimed that several bullets were actually discovered at Parkland that day.

Josiah- would you elaborate on this potentially significant story? Thanks.

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No one knows anything about this story?

Please, Josiah- would you provide the details?

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Hi Don :

Here is some information......

P: 93 "Murder In Dealey Plaza"....2000.

"In 1993 Wallace Milam , a highly respected researcher , interviews Elizabeth Goode Wright, the director of nursing at Parkland in 1963, Ms.Wright reveals for the first time that TWO bullets had been found at the hospital on 22 November 1963, both by her husband O.P.Wright,( now deceased ), who was then director of Parkland security. Mr Wright is widely known as one of the handlers of the "Magic Bullet"..prior to it's receipt by the Secret Service. But according to Ms. Wright, her husband also found an unfired whole bullet that same day on a hospital gurney. This one was not turned over to authourities., as Ms.Wright had kept it all these years, and displayed it to Milam. The bullet is an unfired , "whole" .38 with manufacturer's case markings ".38 SP WCC".... the very same markings as 2 of the 4 shell casings allegedly retrieved from the Tippit scene and supposedly matched to the pistol taken from Oswald at the time of his arrest.....

Short video......repeating said info......


EF thread....


The Secret Service and CE 399

by Vincent Michael Palamara


B...... :)

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Don :

This is the rest of what I have in the dungeons.... :)


CE2011 (24H412) ......Wright and the bullet:

"On June 12, 1964, O.P. Wright, Personnel Officer, Parkland

Hospital, Dallas, Texas, advised Special Agent Bardwell

D. Odum that Exhibit C1, a rifle slug, shown to him at the

time of the interview, looks like the slug found at Parkland

Hospital on November 22, 1963, which he gave to

Richard Johnsen, Special Agent of the Secret Service.

He stated he was not present at the time the bullet

was found, but on the afternoon of November 22, 1963,

as he entered the Emergency Unit on the ground floor

of the hospital, Mr. Tomlinson, an employee, called to him

and pointed out a bullet, which was on a hospital carriage

at that location. He estimated the time as being within an hour

of the time President Kennedy and Governor Connally

were brought to the hospital. He advised he could not

postiviely identify C1 as being the same bullet which

was found on November 22, 1963."


Copyright © 1994, 1997 by Walter F. Graf and Richard R. Bartholomew

Part Three

During an interview conducted on 9/29/92, the author learned that Johnsen did not remember having possession of CE399, the "magic" bullet that tied Oswald to the murder of JFK! In addition, although the bullet was "officially" found on a stretcher in the corridor of Parkland Hospital, the FBI reported that it was found in the emergency room.(CD 7) To compound matters, the same FBI agents bypassed Agent Johnsen and spoke to Agent Behn (who wasn't in Dallas) about "the location of a bullet which had been found on a stretcher at Parkland." (Sibert & O'Neil, 11/27/63) Finally, although two FBI agents initialed the bullet they received, Johnsen did not, breaking the chain of custody. (24 H 412) When we consider further that O.P. Wright, the man who allegedly gave the bullet to Johnsen, does not even mention this very important find in his report, and that Darrell [sic] Tomlinson, the man who found the bullet in the first place, stated that the bullet in government hands is NOT the bullet he actually found, we have serious pause to wonder: is there more to Johnsen's present "amnesia" over this evidence than meets the eye? (Price exhibits, WC Volume XXI; 2 H 412; see also "High Treason, page 102) O.P. Wright told CBS' Eddie Barker: "...I got hold of a Secret Service man and they (sic) didn't seem to be interested in coming and looking at the bullet in the position it was in then. So I went back to the area where Mr. Tomlinson was and picked up the bullet and put it in my pocket, and I carried it some 30 or 40 minutes. [emphasis Graf's and Bartholomew's] And I gave it to a Secret Service man that was guarding the main door into the emergency room..." Who was the first agent Wright spoke to? ("Postmortem," page 46) [emphasis Palamara's except where indicated]153


B... B)

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Thanks for the info, Bernice.

The account I remember seeing online involved Wright's wife, who was I think a nursing supervisor at Parkland, and her statement about there being other bullets found at Parkland that day. Not sure if she found some herself, or others told her that they had found them.

At any rate, Josiah can clear up the uncertainty about this, if he would be so kind.

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I couldn't load the video for awhile, but finally was able to. You're right- looks like this is the story I was looking for. Thanks.

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