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John Dugan

John Dugan

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My name is John Dugan and I live in Nashville, TN. I earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Auburn University in 2001. After college, for 2 years, I worked for a company that builds power plants in Southern California, the $400 million dollar kind. I then was a caddy for 2 years at a private golf club here in Nashville. Now I do structural design/load development for a wholesale lumber yard, mostly residential.

I've been fascinated with the JFK assassination since I read High Treason (by Harrison Edward Livingstone and Robert J. Groden) in the 8th grade. I've read many more books since then (and have 2 more coming in the mail). It is amazing how complex assassination has become over the years. It's very interesting to study the events of that day in Dallas. The information is endless.

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