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Eavesdropping - A Means of Evaluating the Empirical Evidence about the JFK Case

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Eavesdropping - A Means of Evaluating the Empirical Evidence about the JFK Case

There were at least a half-dozen well documented cases of accidently overheard conversations which shed some light on the identitities of the perpetrators of the JFK murder.

Here are some of them:

1) Joseph A. Milteer a member of Senator J. Strom Thurmond's National States Rights Party (NSRP) and the Ku Klux Klan plus the several other Dixiecrat right wing organizations was tape recorded by Willie Somersett an undercover agent for the Miami Police Department's Intelligence Division describing in intimate detail not only how JFK was going to be killed but gloating after the fact about how accurate he was in his prognostications. This conversation occurred while both attended a conference held by The Congress of Freedom where the assassination of hundreds of left wing activists was being openly discussed. The Congress of Freedom was started by Robert LeFevre and Willis A. Carto who both worked with Edwin A. Walker later at Noontide Press. Also attending the conference was Dr. Revilo P. Oliver who later accidently confirmed the names of the persons on the speaking tour in southern Canada where Richard Giesbrecht overheard the conversation in 1964 about the JFK assassination: including Ron A. Gostick, Patrick J. Walsh (who was Carto's Canadian correspondent for The Liberty Lobby), Eric D. Butler who was the constant traveling companion of Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith from mid-January until late March of 1964. Gostick, Walsh and Butler were well known neo-Nazis worldwide and GLK Smith was a member of the pro-Nazi Silver Shirts during World War II, run by William Dudley Pelley who was convicted for violations of the Espionage Act of 1917 in 1943 just like Anastase Vonsiatsky had been in 1942 at The Great Hartford Trial. Walker had many contacts with the Deutsch National Zeitung Newspaper which interviewed him after the JFK assassination including Nazis like Gerhard Frey and Theodor Oberlander who also attended meetings of The World Anti-Communist League during its most Nazi dominated periods.

2) Emilio Nunez Portuondo - Editor for The Foreign Intelligence Digest of Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby was accidently overheard by a long-distance operator discussing the JFK assassination. Portuondo attended meetings of The World Anti-Communist League as a member of Alpha 66 which often sent delegates to WACL conferences. Edwin A. Walker and Yaroslaw Stetsko were both frequent contributors to The Foreign Intelligence Digest and were also involved with other incidents implicating them in the JFK Assassination. Jack Ruby mentioned Edwin A. Walker by name in Warren Commission Testimony as a leader in the Dallas John Birch Society as a person who was involved with the JFK assassination and Stetsko worked closely with Anastase Vonsiatsky who was himself overheard discussing the JFK assassination in Canada. Also a member of the Dallas John Birch Society were Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby and Robert J. Morris. Born in Germany as Adolph Tscheppe Weidenbach, Charles Willoughby was called: "My Little Fascist" by his commanding officer General of the Armies, Douglas Arthur MacArthur. Willoughby was identifed by one of Dick Russell's anonymous informants as heading up the entire plot to murder John F. Kennedy with the full approval of Douglas A. MacArthur.

3) A group of anti-Castro Cuban exiles were overheard discussing a pending motorcade to Dallas from Miami (in Spanish) on November 18, 1963 Subjects discussed included Rubio (which is Spanish for Ruby), and persons named Alex (Alek's), (LHO was also known as Alek), Pedro (Peter), Laurence as in Laurence Eugene Hall perhaps, The Havana Bar, Marita, as in Marita Lorenz who also described a similar motorcade to Dallas in her book on the JFK Assassination. This house was leased to a leader of The 30th of November Movement by Bernard Barker's Keyes Realty. At one time or another Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt and Jack Ruby were all seen in the front yard of that house during the early 1960's. E. Howard Hunt later admitted during a deathbed confession that he had participated in the planning and execution of the JFK assassination in a backup role. And Frank Sturgis implicated himself in the JFK plot by attempting to intimidate 2 witnesses who had personal knowledge about his role in the entire JFK plot.

4) Rev. Gerald L K Smith, Anastase Vonsiatsky, Ronald Gostick and Eric D. Butler were overheard in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada discussing the JFK assassination on February 13, 1964 by a Canadian businessman named Richard E. Giesbrecht. Both Gostick and Butler were members of the World Anti-Communist League through either NARWACL, the North American Regional World Anti-Commuist League or the Australian League of Rights which was run by Eric D. Butler from Australia. Vonsiatsky worked with Yaroslaw Stetsko, a Ukrainian Nazi who participated in pogroms against Ukrainian Jews, while wearing a Nazi uniform, in Lvov, Ukraine in 1942 and actually started the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations on 11/22/1943. JFK was killed on the 20th anniversary of the founding of ABN. Also appearing at several ABN conferences was admitted Bulgarian Fascist and pro-Nazi Prof. Spas T. Raikin who conveniently managed to meet the Oswalds in Hoboken, NJ when they disembarked from the S.S. Maasdam on their way back from Europe via Rotterdam, Holland after a side trip to West Berlin by LHO. Vonsiatsky used to dress in full Nazi regalia in the late 1930's while attending football games at Brown University after driving from his home in Putnam, CT down Route 44 called the Providence-Hartford Turnpike. Vonsiatsky's classmates at Brown included both E. Howard Hunt and George Lincoln Rockwell, who later started The American Nazi Party, both became fascinated with Nazism and Vonsiatsky during that timeframe at Brown.

The other thing that many of these people have in common? They were included in the historical novel, The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon and they have confidential files which were collected by either Wes McCuen or Wilbur Baldinger for Group Research, Inc. in Washington, DC, between 1950 and perhaps 1970. Group Research, Inc. was a private intelligence gathering organization and dossier collection agency funded by the Ruther brothers through UAW.

Group Research began by just following anti-Union activists and Collective Bargaining foes but later widened its focus to include the other common threads shared by their anti-Labor opposition which included anti-Immigrationism, anti-Semitism, anti-Communism, opposition to Civil Rights advances and Civil Rights legislation and most of all, The pseudo-science of Eugenics, in particular the brand practiced by Wickliffe Preston Draper of Hopedale, Massachusetts and his Pioneer Fund.

Now please try to come out of denial long enough to realize that the umbrella of Right Wing Extremism encompassed just about every segment of society and EVERY intelligence agency in the 1960's. And also note that ex-Nazis had penetrated every U.S. Gov Intel Agency from NASA to the DIA to the CIA to ONI to Army Intelligence as well. And perhaps, then, and only then, will your myopic, narrow focus expand just wide enough to encompass ALL the players in the ENTIRE JFK conundrum.

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