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Willoughby, Vonsiatsky and Draper Sank the U.S.S. Arizona with a Baldt Anchor

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It just struck me that Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby, who was in charge of the Army Air Corps Pacific Fleet did nothing to stop the attack on Pearl Harbor when that was his job. Then he did nothing to prevent what has been called "The 2nd Pearl Harbor" when the returning Japanese Zeroes bombed the U.S. Army Air Corps planes sitting in close quarters on the Philippines, then he later arranged for the convenient start of the Korean War in order to profit from soybeans according to Prof. Bruce Cumings.

But this leads to another cascading and interlocking sequence of events over the next 30 years which included:

As stated, first Willoughby, Vonsiatsky and Draper tried to sink America's chances for victory in World War II during Pearl Harbor, then Willoughby staged the incident leading to the onset of The Korean War while profiting immensely from his positions in the Soybean Futures market, next Willoughby tried to force MacArthur to cross the Yalu River into Communist China during the Korean War in order to start World War III with China, next the same trio conspired to kill JFK and tried to turn that incident into World War III by blaming the murder on Castro in Cuba and/or Khrushchev in Russia. And then when that failed they facilitated the escalation of the Viet Nam War into a major conflagration in an attempt to trigger World War III with Soviet Russia, while profiting immensely from their investments in Rockwell Standard, Sun Oil Company and Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock, Baldwin Locomotive, The Draper Company, Baldt Anchor and Chain and other companies financed or owned by C. Donald Linnenbank, Morris Schapiro and Edgar McGuinness of the CIA via The Boston Metals Processing Company via The Bank of Maryland. Later this same CIA trio provided the funding for the Iran-Contra arms purchases in Nicaragua also using The Bank of Maryland.

The irony is that Baldt Anchor and Chain made the anchor attached to the U.S.S. Arizona which was sunk by Willoughby and Vonsiatsky during Pearl Harbor, then this duo tried to "sink" the USA once again during the Korean War and later during the Viet Nam War using Baldt Anchor and Chain as the vehicle for this assault on Democracy when it was owned and run by McGuiness, Schapiro and Linnenbank.

What a country! With bastidges like these allegedly working "for" our country who needs enemies?

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