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This is being discussed by the author here:



The discussion of this topic has been ongoing, re: my recent thread titled;

"Asking All Members for Collaborative Research In A Race Against Time"

...and John, your efforts here result in very high placement of our threads in internet search results, as you have pointed out, and I have seen with my own eyes.

We can get this done, and depending how one defines an "informant", do these old men really want to leave a legacy to their heirs that includes the notoriety

of their names, associated with what we harvest about them and their activities, displayed for all of the world to see in top ten google search results?

I am hoping George HW Bush, Thomas J Devine, John D Macomber, Joseph F. Dryer, John PC Train, and Lester Crown --- do not ALL want the following to be their "On Line", legacy. Unless one changes course and attempts to clear up the well supported impressions they are leaving, these observations will be lasting parts of their legacies,

We dp not have much time to gather and share additional information before these six old men become incapable of choosing to speak candidly, hence we must quickly lay more details in front of them, in the fading hope of moving one or more of them away from their longstanding silence or obfuscation.

Please read this post with an inclination as to what you can do to help end the 21 years old absurdity of GHW Bush claiming that in November, 1963, the FBI briefed, and then made a record of the communication to a G-5 level, CIA photo interpreter, as to the progress of the FBI investigation of the assasination of JFK. A lowly G-5 employee new to CIA employment who also happened to be named "George Bush". I am hoping the material in this thread will agitate at least one of the six old men I named above. One area of help I have in mind is someone who lives near the archive at this link, http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/spec/manuscript/Braga/Braga51.htm

going there and reading whatever is available related to the Dryer brothers' business dealings with the Braga brothers and their executive, Michael JP Malone, who also became a right-hand man of Bob Kleberg.....

C. Osment Moody was just a "Hughes/CIA Corporate Proprietary Suit", and was never an active "Operator" !! Shearn Moody, along with the owner of the Indianapolis Star, helped finance former O.S.S. Colonel Ulius Amoss in the creation of "International Services of Information (I.S.I.), Baltimore, Maryland -- and its publication "INFORM". Shearn Moody was one of the Texas financiers that helped InterPen arm and equip Tony Questa, Ramon Font, Eduardo "Bayo" Perez et al.; after they had broken with CIA and quit the subchaser "Tejana II" maritime operations (early 1962).

The mention of the role as a Texas financier is what previously led me to ask about a relationship between C. Osment Moody and the Galveston Moodys:

I was wondering if the Moodys of Galveston relate to the Moody who, according to Gerry Hemming, arranged for Oswald to be flown back into the U.S. from Merida.



...Eugene Pulliam founded Central Newspapers, which owned The Arizona Republic and The Indianapolis Star. An unabashed conservative, Pulliam used the Republic to champion causes dear to his heart, whether that was defeating a freeway system in Phoenix or furthering the political career of senator and presidential nominee Barry Goldwater. Dan Quayle resigned his seat on the board of Central Newspapers in 1999, but the Pulliam family retains 78% of the voting stock and 15% of the company's equity. Last summer, Gannett (nyse: GCI - news - people) bought Central Newspapers in a $2.6 billion deal. ...


James Cline Quayle (May 25, 1921 - July 7, 2000) was an American newspaper publisher and businessman who owned several newspapers in the United States including the Huntington Herald-Press in Indiana and the Wickenburg Sun in Arizona. He was the father of Dan Quayle, the 44th Vice-President of the United States.

Quayle was born in Joliet, Illinois, the son of Robert H. and Marie Cline Quayle. He attended DePauw University, where he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. After graduating in 1943, Quayle joined the United States Marine Corps and served in an air transport wing in the Pacific Theater during World War II...


After the war, Quayle married Corrine Pulliam, the daughter of wealthy newspaper publisher Eugene C. Pulliam, at Indiana University. Their marriage united two families that shared a strong passion for the newspaper business. Pulliam is the daughter of Eugene C. Pulliam, former owner of the Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News and the half-sister of Eugene S. Pulliam, for whom the school of journalism at Butler University is named. The couple would have four children including future Indiana Senator and U.S. Vice-President James Danforth "Dan" Quayle, named after one of the elder Quayle's wartime comrades and fraternity brother.


The fish is red: the story of the secret war against Castro? - Page 71

Warren Hinckle, William W. Turner

20 The CIA was by now up to its electronic ears in assassination scheming. There

were two major plots timed to coincide with the invasion — one with the Mafia, the other

in collaboration with the Cuban underground. There also seem to

have been some direct attempts by the agency. According to author Roy Norton, CIA "assassination squads

were trained in the Florida Everglades, under the direction of a graduate of a WW II OSS assassination school.

Marine officers, assigned to the CIA, assisted in the training. 21 Air Force Colonel Fletcher Prouty claimed

that the CIA's Air Division "used a special Helio Courier L-28 STOL aircraft to land on a small road near

Havana to infiltrate a team trained to attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. We went

to great lengths to support this operation, and the plane returned safely.

The pilot informed us that he had left the assassin team exactly as planned.

Later we learned that Castro's forces had rounded up the team. "22 The agency's

internal Cuban assassination plot was working in cooperation with an underground umbrella organization called Unidad

Revolucio- naria, which the CIA provided with weapons, equipment, and money.

These were delivered aboard a World War II subchaser named the Tejana III,

which had been converted into a pleasure craft by a wealthy Texas oilman,

then purchased by an even wealthier Cuban expatriate, Alberto Fernandez. Fernandez, a former sugarcane czar,

was the Unidad coordinator in Miami.

He registered the Tejana under a dummy front called Inter- Key Transportation Company,

and she was refitted by the CIA at its Stock Island warehouse. Powered by German pancake engines, she could clip along at more than thirty

knots in choppy water. Removable .50- and •30-caliber machine guns were mounted on her decks, which

were strewn with crab pots for disguise. With an all-Cuban crew, the Tejana shuttled personnel

and materiel at night between Key West and secluded spots on Cuba's north coast.

"Each shipment was large enough to fill two trucks," a Unidad officer said. "The

ship brought in .30 and .50 caliber submachine guns, M-1 Garand rifles, C-3

and C-4 plastic explosives and incendiary materials. Some of the weapons

were distributed to the groups. The remainder was hidden for future use.

"23 A number of deserting Castro high officials secretly joined Unidad, among

them Aldo Vera, commandant of the Bureau of Investigation, and Humberto Sori Marin, the wiry, pinch-faced minister of agriculture.

They frequently rode the Tejana to conferences with CIA officers in Key West.

Although aware of the Guatemalan exile base, they were not informed of the

impending invasion for the CIA's own reasons. The agency nonetheless counted on

Sori Marin and company's removing Castro before D-Day. Sori Marin termed the plan a putsch. Mutinous air force officers

would seize the San Antonio de los Banos air base near Havana, and navy ships would raise

the flag of rebellion and sail from their ports.

The University of Havana would be taken over by the Student Revolutionary Directorate ( DRE),

the young hotspurs who had backed Carlos Prio in his brief post- revolutionary struggle with Fidel Castro.

Also Vera and his police colleagues would take control of Havana police stations

. The underground would seize or sabotage strategic targets, including communications facilities and public utilities.

There was an additional component to the plan, one that only a handful of key conspirators knew about.

Fidel and perhaps his brother would be assassinated, plunging the government and

military into a leaderless chaos. Sori Marin, now Unidad's military chief, knew how to do it. He had stood at

Fidel's side many times on reviewing stands as parades passed by

. What could be simpler, he told his CIA friends, than planting one of the petacas

("plastic bombs") smuggled in on the Tejana under the stand and blowing the heart of the regime to kingdom come?

On the afternoon of March 18 a climactic meeting was held in a pastel yellow home on sleepy Calle Once in suburban Miramar.

Humberto Sori Marin, Rafael Hanscom, and Roger Gonzalez hunched hunched over a refectory table with

six others. They were buoyed by recent successes: Petacas had exploded in theaters and other

public places, and incendiary devices had gutted the two major Havana department stores, La Epoca and El Encanto.

Chain-smoking Camels as usual, Sori Marin pointed his bony finger at targets on

spread-out street maps. Several blocks away a militia unit on routine patrol stopped in front of a house and knocked on the door.

The nervous woman occupant bolted out the back door and ran to the yellow house on Calle Once, which was owned by friends.

But the patrol spotted her and smashed its way in. Sori Marin drew his pistol

but was chopped down by a miltiaman's snub-nosed Czech machine gun and badly wounded. The others raised their hands.24

Unidad's back was broken, and the CIA abandoned the underground as a factor in the coming invasion.

That left all its assassination eggs in the Mafia's basket. Miami Beach was mobbed with gangsters for the third heavyweight championship fight

between Floyd Patterson and Ingemar Johansson on March 13, 1961. Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana were there with Bob Maheu.

They shared a Fontainebleau suite with Joseph Shimon, a Washington police detective. A Runyonesque character, Joe Shimon had moonlighted for Maheu on

confidential assignments and had come to know Roselli and Giancana as "fine fellows — the nicest guys you'd

ever want to meet."25 The two mafiosi and Maheu had more than a boxing match to occupy them while


HSCA Segregated CIA Collection (microfilm - reel 8: Golitsyn - Hernandez)



RIF#: 104-10172-10052 (05/16/61) CIA#: 80T01357A



RIF#: 104-10172-10167 (05/09/62) CIA#: 80T01357A



RIF#: 104-10172-10165 (06/05/62) CIA#: 80T01357A


Appendix E

E-1 1962 CIA report on Unidad Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Unity) [104-10520-10106]

E-2 1963 JM/WAVE memo on use of Unidad as Propaganda Mechanism and Cover for unilateral Operations [104-10226-10110]

E-3 1961 CIA memo on Alberto Fernandez (AMDENIM-1) purchase of Tejana facilitated by CIA intermediary Jack Malone (AMPATRIN) [104-10172-10088]

E-4 1960 King Ranch letter from Kleberg to Malone on Fernandez and Tejana

E-5 1961 Memo on crypts for crew and personnel to be working, on Tejana [104-10172-10067]

E-6 1961 Cable on Departure of Tejana from Key West February (Jean I) [104-10172-10066]

E-7 1961 Cable on Return of Tejana to Key West (JM/IBARR); Felix Rodriquez Infiltrated with pistol and incendiary devices [104-10172-10438]

E-8 1961 Boat Operations using Tejana; mission list March - April 1961 [104-10264-10126]

E-9 FBI informant report on visit by Malone and Fernandez to CIA April 21, 1961

E-10 FBI report on Malone and Fernandez including remarks on invasion as well as an observation of Nino Diaz and Santa Ana [124-10200-10175]

E-11 1962 CIA memo on Lawrence Laborde and the Tejana [104-10264-10035]

E-12 1961 JM/WAVE Operational report including use of Alberto Fernandez Echevarria (AMDENIM-1) [104-10172-10150]

E-13 1963 JM/WAVE CIA status report on use of Alberto Fernandez Echevarria source reports on Cuban exile group activities including Alpha 66 and Commandos L

E-14 1963 JM/WAVE operations report including activities of AMDENIM-I [104-10172-10121]

E-15 1964 JM/WAVE Operations report including activities of AMDENIM-I



in town — they were also arranging for a TKO of Fidel Castro.


Raising Cane in the 'Glades: The Global Sugar Trade and the Transformation ...‎

Gail M. Hollander - History - 2008 - 336 pages

The ranch was a joint venture between the company and Malone. 65. Letters from

James Monahan, Reader's Digest, to Michael JP Malone, November 2, 1962,


Reader's digest service, Volume 32‎ - Page 11

De Witt Wallace, Lila Acheson Wallace, Lila Bell Wallace - Language Arts & Disciplines - 1938

When I managed to secure a visit with the reigning emperor of the range, Robert

Justus Kleberg, Jr., I asked point-blank just what lay behind the rumors. ...

Snippet view - About this book - Add to my library - More editions

The Reader's digest

The Reader's digest‎ - Page 32

DeWitt Wallace, Lila Bell Acheson Wallace - History - 1951

The new breed was developed at the King Ranch by Robert Justus (Bob) Kleberg, Jr

. It combines the tough resistance to heat, insects and disease of the ...


The Press: The Common Touch

Monday, Dec. 10, 1951

....But writers and editors of the Digest get their inspiration from something more tangible than Pegasus. Rovers may get $10,000 to $20,000 a year as a salary, plus a minimum of $1,200 for each article published, plus bonuses. Wallace encourages them to travel wherever they fancy, at the Digest's expense. When Roving Editor Lois Mattox Miller asked Wallace if she might take a trip to Georgia, he said: "What are you asking me for? You can go anywhere in the world." Now Mrs. Miller seems to feel she is cheating the Digest if she doesn't go to Europe at least once a year. A stock Digest joke has four Rovers meeting in the middle of the Sahara, and finding that they are all on the same story.

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