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The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination by Mae Brussel and Bill Turner

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The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination

The following articles and excerpts document the Nazi connection to the JFK assassination.

Excerpt From "The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination"

© 1983 LFP, Inc.

(from The Rebel, Nov. 22, 1983)

Reprinted in "The Mae Brussel Reader"

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1963: A Few Connections in Dallas

Gen. Walter Dornberger, Michael and Ruth Paine

When George de Mohrenschildt was busy introducing Lee and Marina to the Dallas-Ft. Worth White Russian displaced Czarists, he managed to keep the social level equal with his American contacts. One casual dinner in the company of Michael and Ruth Paine, and that was enough meeting to set the Oswald's course. George and Jeane didn't have to meet with them again.

Ruth Paine would provide housing for Marina while Lee went to New Orleans. A few weeks later, she drove Marina to join Lee. After summer vacation at Wood's Hole, Mass., Ruth returned and brought Marina to her home in Irving, Texas, while Lee was on the bus to Mexico with Albert Osborne/John Bowen, and four other Solidarists from the Russian network. After Kennedy was murdered, the Dallas police rushed to the Paine's home. From that garage and elsewhere, via the Paines, came most of the incriminating evidence against Oswald. The alleged murder weapon never could be proven by the Warren Commission as ever having come from their garage.

The cropped photo that Life printed with Oswald holding a rifle came from a box removed from the garage, taken to the police department, then returned the next day, with nobody present to indicate where it came from.

Accessory after the fact, the letter was delivered to Marina in December undated and unsigned, to cover up General Walker's anxiety to blame a "Communist,' Lee, for shooting at him in April and came from Ruth to Marina. It wasn't in the home before then. The Warren Commission required planted evidence sometimes in order to divert from Lee Oswald's links to the Defense Department, assisted by Ruth and Michael Paine.

Michael Paine's occupation at Bell Aircraft is the Defense Department. This job requires security clearances, so what would the unlikely Oswalds be doing in his home? Oswald, the "defector?" Paine's boss at Bell Aircraft as Director of Research and Development, was none other than the notorious war criminal General Walter Dornberger. Dornberger was supposed to be hanged at Nuremburg for his war crimes, slave labor and mass murders. The British warned the U.S. not to let him live because even after the war he was conniving for another one. As stated, "Dornberger is a menace of the first order who is untrustworthy. His attitude will turn ally against ally and he would become a source of irritation and future unrest." (Project Paperclip, Clarence Lansey.)

The very first call to authorities after the gun went off on November 22, 1963, was from an employee at Bell Helicopter who suggested "Oswald did it." Police never located the source of both Oswald addresses that day.

Michael Paine took Lee to a meeting with General Edwin Walker shortly before the assassination. Soon Oswald would be charged with having shot Walker in April, and Walker would be calling his nazi cronies in Germany 24 hours after JFK was killed telling them he finally solved "who shot through his window" seven months earlier: the same Oswald.

Who were the Paines? To believe the Warren Commission and the CIA staff of lawyers, they were Mr. and Mrs. Good Neighbor, all heart, altruistic. Ruth simply wanted to learn more Russian from a native. For that price, she housed Marina, a two-year-old daughter, a new infant, with all the fuss and mess of three extras in a tiny house.

Michael Paine was a descendant of the Cabots on both sides. His cousin Thomas Dudley Cabot, former president of United Fruit, had offered their Gibraltar Steamship as a cover for the CIA during the Bay of Pigs. Another cousin was Alexander Cochrane Forbes, a director of United Fruit and trustee of Cabot, Cabot, and Forbes.

Both Allen Dulles and John J. McCloy were part of the United Fruit team. The Paine family had links with circles of the OSS and the CIA.

Ruth Hyde Paine maintained close ties with the Forbes families. Peter Dale Scott investigated the Paines, "the patrician Paine and Forbes families." A far cry from anybody's neighbor.

Michael's education came as a tradition, third generation physicist at Harvard before working for Bell Helicopter.

The British were correct on the Dornberger evaluation.

Another clue to Albert Speer, the Reichmaster for Munitions and War Production, and General Dornberger, is their meeting as early as April, 1943. When it was obvious to Hitler they would be losing the war against the USSR, all top Nazis made detailed plans for two years on how to proceed next. Speer met with Dornberger, at Peenemunde, the missile and rocket factory run with Werner Von Braun, and instructed him in "the dispersion of functions throughout the Reich."

Translated, that meant get ready to come to the U.S.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Albert Osborne

When Lee Harvey Oswald entered Mexico at Laredo, Texas, on Sept. 26, 1963, his companion on the Red Arrow bus was Albert Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen. Bowen-Osborne had been running a school for highly professional marksmen in Oaxaca, Mexico, since 1934. The cover for the place was his particular mission, and he was the missionary.

The FBI records on Bowen go back to June 4, 1942, in Henderson Springs, Tennessee. He operated a camp for boys known as "Campfire Council." Neighbors complained it was for pro-nazi activities with young fascists. Bowen vehemently opposed the U.S. going to war with nazi Germany. They stomped on the American flag.

Before that, Bowen worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority since 1933. His dual citizenship between Great Britain and the U.S. took him over the entire globe. So did his use of multiple aliases.

After the Warren Commission published their report in September 1964, several attorneys in the Southwest recognized the name of Osborne. September 8, 1952, Jake Floyd was murdered. The target was meant to be his father, District Judge Floyd. Two suspects were caught, one got away. Their testimony was about being hired by Osborne and how he ran the school for assassins.

Later investigation revealed Osborne's connections to Division V of the FBI, and to Clay Shaw's Centro Mondiale Commerciale, with funding coming from New Orleans for the CIA, Anti-Castro Cubans, and others. Lee Harvey Oswald applied for a tourist card to enter Mexico while still in New Orleans on September 17, 1963

Four other persons, having consecutive tourist numbers, departed nine days later, like Oswald, all to arrive at the same time, entering from several different cities. They were part of the White Russian Solidarists, the Gehlen emigre community that Lee and Marina mingled with.

This assassination team funded Maurice Brooks Gatlin, Guy Bannister, and the Miami office of Double Check Corporation. J. Edgar Hoover's Division V, Domestic Intelligence, working with the American Council of Christian Churches, had used this group from the Bowen-Osbome academy of assassins.

Volume XXV of the Hearings has many pages of interviews with people who had sent money to Jack Bowen. They never met him, and some like Mrs. Bessie White, Pikesville, Tenn., mailed $35 a month to John Howard Bowen who she believed had been doing missionary work for 18 years in Mexico." Osborne-Bowen had a mission.

Lee Harvey Oswald, agent from U.S. Defense Dept., had a team of doubles impersonating his behavior, leaving trails of anti-American frustration and meetings with various people.

While Oswald was in Mexico just prior to Kennedy's murder the purposes were concealed. Meanwhile, the CIA and various authorities led Oswald to the Cuban Embassy, the Soviet Embassy. When the face or voices didn't match the authentic Oswald, it didn't matter, given a difference of 40 to SO pounds and shape. What came from all this was the conclusion that Oswald had really wanted to go to Cuba next.

Which Oswald, and why?

This was to finalize with the illusion of an Oswald-Casto admiration just days before Kennedy would be killed.

"Treason for My Daily Bread"

Argentina and Martin Bormann

In August 1971, a French paper headlined a news story, "Martin Bormann behind the Kennedy murders." It listed an international band of killers that was located in Texas. They carried out the two assassinations at the German command.

Six years later, June 8, 1977, the London Guardian reported, "Bormann Linked with Kennedy Murder." This story was based on a new book titled, Treason for My Daily Bread by Mikhail Lebedev.

Lebedev detailed how Martin Bormann left Europe, established his current life in Paraguay, and how the fatal head shot to Kennedy was delivered by an agent paid by Bormann, alias of Zed.

Is any of this true?

Many of these allegations and names come together with both Paris Flammonde's The Kennedy Conspiracy and the Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, known as the "Torbitt Document."

"Zed" allegedly used a .45 for the final shot.

Buddy Walters, murdered January 10, 1969, picked up a .45 slug in Dealey Plaza and gave it to the Dallas Police.

There were two possible assassination teams in Dallas.

The military from Munich, Germany, that was to take over the YAF, with Robert Morris' help, have yet to be identified or interviewed. (Morris from U.S. intelligence, having to do with USSR covert work.) Gen. Edwin Walker's arrangement with U.S. Military in Germany or, the arrival of such people for Nov. 22, 1963, is open to question.

Albert Osborne's "mission" in Mexico, with direct links to Clay Shaw's Centro Mondiale Commerciale, has never been touched. This was the international band of killers with the Borghese-James Angleton operations working throughout the world.

Otto Skorzeny's CIA and Reinhard Gehlen death squads, with headquarters in Madrid, were founded by Martin Bormann when the Evita Peron funds were shared after 1952.

Lebedev mentions "Ruth," David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Bannister, and Colonel Orlov. The very first day George de Mohrenschildt visited Marina Oswald she was alone and Lee was working. He brought with him a "Colonel Orlov."

The House Select Committee on Assassinations "investigated" the murder of President John E Kennedy from 1976-1978. The information about Bormann was available from 1971. Treason for My Daily Bread was published while they were supposed to be finding the smoking gun.

G. Robert Blakey, Chief Consul for the Committee, refused to admit any research or documents on these subjects. He would hang up the telephone and even refused to say if he had ever seen the Torbitt Document. Six million dollars was allotted by Congress to investigate the assassination of president Kennedy. Martin Bormann may have had his motives for his actions through the years. What were G. Robert Blakey's? What form of prosecution should be suggested for committees paid to uncover the truth who continuously sweep under the rug?

In A Study of a Master Spy, published in London in 196l, Bob Edwards, a member of Parliament and Kenneth Dunne, presented documentary evidence that Allen Dulles of the CIA carried on secret conferences with representatives of Hitler's SS Security Office in February and March 1943. They learned that "Official Washington knew Martin Bormann, Deputy Fuhrer of Hitler's Germany, master-minded the international 'Die Spirule' (Spider) underground organization which is planning to revive nazism as soon as West Germany is adequately rearmed by the United States. Official Washington seems disinterested."

With John J. McCloy, Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover in control of the Kennedy assassination investigation, these nazi connections were buried.

The Bunge Corporation, Argentina & Germany

The stock market dropped 24 points in 27 minutes when news of President Kennedy's assassination was announced. 2.6 million shares were sold off. It was the greatest panic since 1929. Somebody made a huge profit selling short in many markets. Somebody made half a billion dollars in one day.

Coincidentally, the Allied Crude Vegetable Oil Refining Corporation, headed by New Jersey commodities dealer Anthony De Angeles, crashed the same day, driving the market down.

Allied Crude was controlled by U.S. American Bunge Corporation and financially controlled by a group of share-holders headquartered in Argentina, known as "Bunge and Born, LDA."

Business Week of October 19. 1963, one month before the Kennedy assassination, described the Born family in Argentina, the biggest shareholders for Bunge, as being from Europe, specifically Germany.

Everything about Bunge has German influence. They have a $2 billion annual business in 80 countries. There are over 110 offices, all linked by Telex and under-the-ocean telegraph channels. The Bunge Corporation is referred to as "the Octopus." The book Were We Controlled? detailed the relationship of the Bunge Corporation, the foreknowledge of Kennedy's murder, and the Argentine-German connections.

1960 Elections: Richard Nixon vs. John F. Kennedy

Before the election of 1960, a group within the Christian Right plotted to kill Jokn Kennedy in Van Nuys, California while he was still a candidate. The group was a meld of anti-Castro Cubans, Minutemen and home-grown nazis. Some were sought by Jim Garrison, following his arrest of Clay Shaw, for testimony before the New Orleans grand jury. When Garrison forwarded extradition papers for Edgar Eugene Bradley, a member of the group, Governor Ronald Reagan refused to sign them. The leader of one of these groups, the Christian Defense League (CDL), was the Reverend William P. Gale. During the war Gale had been an Army colonel in the Philippines training guerrilla bands. His superior officer was Willoughby. By the late 1950s Gale was recruiting veterans for his "Identity" group, which was financed by a wealthy Los Angeles man.

One of the CDL's contacts was Captain Robert K. Brown, a special forces professional from Fort Benning, Georgia. Brown was working with anti-Castro Cubans, mercenaries similar to Skorzeny's teams. Brown is now publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine and paramilitary texts such as Silencers, Snipers and Assassins. The book explains how Mitchell WerBell made special weapons for the CIA, Bay of Pigs assault squads and other customers. WerBell, son of a wealthy Czarist cavalry officer, perfected a silencer so effective a gun can be shot in one room and not heard in the next. It is ideal for assassinations.

There had been prolonged controversy about how many shots were fired the day Kennedy was killed. The President's wounds, nicks on the limousine and curb, and other bullet evidence indicated quite a few. But the Warren Commission concluded there were only three. It took the testimony of spectators in Dealey Plaza who said they only heard three. It never considered the possibility that silencer-fitted guns were fired.

When Clay Shaw was arrested by Jim Garrison the news was of particular interest to the Italian newspaper Paesa Sera. It followed up with a story that Shaw belonged to a cover organization in Rome named Cenuo Mondiale Commerciale (CMC). Its location was frequently moved, its presidents rotated; its modus operandi altered. CMC included Italian fascists, elements of the European paramilitary right, the CIA, and the U.S. Defense Department. There were major shareholders with banks located in Switzerland, Miami, Basel and other major cities. CMC had been formed in 1961, one year after Kennedy was elected. Its principals had worked with fascist networks established after World War II. The board of directors numbered Ferenc Nagy, a former Hungarian premier who led that country's Anti-Communist Countrymen's Party in exile. J. Edgar Hoover brought Nagy to the United States, where there were numerous Gehlen-supported emigre organizations.

On August 18, 1951, the Saturday Evening Post pictured Nagy with Czech, Pole, Hungarian and Russian exiles under the heading: "They Want Us To Go to War Right Now." On November 22, 1963 Nagy was living in Dallas. CMC was actually a subsidiary of Swiss-based Permindex, whose president was Prince Gutierez de Spadafora, Italian industrialist and large landowner. Spadafora's daughter-in-law was related to Hjalmar Schacht. Clay Shaw, who managed the New Orleans International Trade Mart, was a director. Another was Giorgio Mantello, aka George Mandel, who would later move to New Orleans. Once convicted of "criminal activities" in Switzerland, Mantello worked closely with his fellow Hungarian Nagy. One of the goals of the CMC was that "Rome will recover once again her position as center of the civilized world." Major L. M. Bloomfield, a veteran of the OSS who resided in Montreal, was a suspect Garrison wanted to question. In Canada he reportedly controlled Credit Suisse, Heineken's Breweries, Israel Continental Company, Grimaldo Siosa Lines and other international firms. Shaw's name was found among eleven directors of a company in Montreal that actually was based in Rome. Who was giving the virtually unlimited money to CMC, and who was getting it? The answer might have been found in the huge amounts that flowed out of Evita Peron's accounts.

Paesa Sera reported on March 4, 1967 that CMC was a creature of the CIA serving as a money conduit, and that Shaw and Bloomfield conducted illegal political espionage under its cover. In New Orleans, Shaw was the respected citizen who had helped restore the French Quarter. In Rome he was a vital member of the boards of twin companies dealing with fascists accused of European assassinations. Shaw's address book contained the private number of Principessa Marcelle Borghese, now Duchessa de Bomartao, who is related to Prince Valerio Borghese. Called the "Black Prince" and "The New Duce," Borghese was leader of the Movimento Sociale Italiano, a neo-fascist syndicate. The Black Prince, who was a decorated submarine captain in the First World War, was convicted of cooperating with the nazis in WW II and given 12 years in prison.

The Black Prince is the same Borghese rescued by the CIA's James J. Angleton. No wonder Angleton was awarded the Sovereign Military Order of Malta by the Pope after the war. It might explain what Angleton was hinting at when questioned about the murder of JFK: "A mansion has many rooms; there were many things during the period; I 'm not privy to who struck John."

Clay Shaw's affiliation with Permindex would plug in later to Argentina, Spain, Rome, New Orleans and Dallas. The international range of hit teams, using CIA money diverted overseas to cover companies set up by the Gehlen Organization, started coming together after Shaw's arrest.

In November, 1960 it would be Nixon versus Kennedy. Frank Sinatra introduced Judith Exner to John Kennedy on the eve of the New Hampshire primary. A few weeks later Sinatra introduced Judith Exner to Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana. So Exner became involved, as William Safire put it, in a "dual affair with the nation's most powerful mobster and the nation's most powerful political leader."

Giancana was busy with more than his love life; he was hired to form assassination teams to go after Fidel Castro. The man who retained him was Robert Maheu, a former FBI and CIA operative. It was a classic cutoff. Maheu never mentioned that the CIA was behind it. He intimated to Giancana that wealthy Cuban exiles were providing the funds. This sounded plausible, since Maheu was Howard Hughes' right-hand man.

Giancana put his Los Angeles lieutenant, Johnny Roselli, in charge of the hit squads. In 1978 when the House Select Committee questioned him, Roselli hinted that his assignment was aimed at Kennedy as well as Castro. Shortly afterward, his body was found floating in an oil drum off the Florida coast. Giancana never got a chance to testify. He was shot to death in his Chicago home.

The Howard Hughes organization, used as a cover for the kill-Castro conspiracy, (Hughes thought it was a patriotic idea) has long retained Carl Byoir Associates as its public relations arm. Throughout the war Byoir represented nazi bankers and industrialists and the I.G. Farben interests. One of his clients was Ernest Schmitz, member of the I.G. Farben-Ilgner and the German American Board of Trade. His Information Services was subsidized by the nazi government. George Sylvester Viereck, editor of the German Library of Information, was also in business with Byoir. A lucrative Byoir client was the Frederick Flick Group. Flick, a Nuremberg defendant released by McCloy, was the single greatest power behind the nazi military muscle.

Frederick Flick's son was close to the W.R. Grace Company, and invested over $400,000 in partnership with J. Peter Grace in the United States. During the war, W.R. Grace was accused in a military report of protecting a certain nazi Colonel Brite in Bolivia. In 1951, when the CIA smuggled Barbie out of Germany, he was sent to join the same Colonel Brite. George de Mohrenschildt was a close associate of the company's founder, William Grace.

De Mohrenschildt was a man of many faces. He befriended Lee and Marina Oswald, introducing them to the White Russian community. He made phone calls to obtain Lee jobs and housing. As he told it to the Warren Commission, he was fascinated with this strange couple just out of Russia. But at the Petroleum Club in Dallas, De Mohrenschildt sang the praises of Heinrich Himmler. His travels took him all over the world on missions identified with intelligence. In 1956 he was employed by Pantetic Oil Company owned by the family of William Buckley. De Mohrenschildt often discussed Oswald with J. Walton Moore, the CIA's Domestic Contacts Division resident in Dallas. In the spring of l963, just after visiting the Oswalds, he went to Washington. There is a record of a phone call de Mohrenschildt made on May 7, 1963, to the Army Chief of Staff for intelligence. The same month he had a meeting in person with a member of that staff. His military connections seem to have been wide. One of the first persons de Morgenschildt took the Oswalds to see in Dallas was retired Admiral Chester Barton.

Although De Mohrenschildt and his wife Jeanne testified at length before the Warren Commission, only attorney Albert Jenner and Pentagon historian Alfred Goldberg attended. One of Jenner's clients was General Dynamics, maker of the F-111 fighter that would achieve fame in Vietnam. The chief of security for General Dynamics in Dallas, Max Clark, was another De Mohrenschildt associate donating money to help Marina while George got Lee his next job in Dallas. He found one at the graphics house of Jagger-Chiles-Stovall, which held classified military contracts.

Jeanne de Mohrenschildt was originally brought to the U.S. by a family member employed by the Howard Hughes organization. In 1977 George was found fatally shot, allegedly a suicide, on the day a House Select Committee investigator came by looking for him. Jeanne consented to a press interview. She said George had been a nazi spy.

The placement de Mohrenschildt got for Oswald allowed him to visit the Sol Bloom agency at least 40 times. It was this agency that later decided the motorcade route for Kennedy's fatal visit.

Ruth Paine, whom Oswald met via George, had called Roy Truly and procured work for Oswald at the Texas School Book Depository. If Maydell and the Gehlen agents were active in the U.S. they knew all the right moves to secure their patsy.


How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

By Mae Brussell

From "The Realist", August, 1972

The rise of Adolph Hitler and fascism in Germany was carefully planned. It began with the illegal rearmament of a covert army following defeat in World War I, which was an intentional, secretive breaking of the Versailles Treaty disarmament agreements. American munition manufacturers and industrialists aided the clandestine military leaders of Germany in their rearmament. (1)

Over four hundred political assassinations of legitimate government officials from various agencies in Germany took place during that period. These murders were necessary for the desired power and position the hidden German government needed.

German law courts, plus their Supreme Court, assisted the growing military regime from 1920-1933. Two governments, one official and legal, one clandestine and secretive, existed side by side, Hitler, front man and leader of the illegal arms, mistaken for comical by the intellectuals, was administered the oath as Chancellor of the German Reich January 30, 1933.

The rise of Richard Nixon in the United States was carefully planned. An illegal attitude towards the Versailles Treaty allowed American financiers to feed and support Germany's illegal rearmament. An illegal attitude toward the Geneva Accord was also approved by Dwight Eisenhower for Indochina in 1945.. (2)

A study of our State department and espionage establishment reveals that we had clandestine, secret armies functioning both abroad and in the United States. (3)

Hundreds of political assassinations, plus the Supreme Court, have supported this clandestine government and military regime by lending their name to the concealment of the conspiracies to murder our leaders. They refuse to examine documents that exist, allow truth to remain locked in the National Archives on the basis of the lie, "national security."

Richard Nixon, front man and leader of this illegal government, mistaken for comical by the intellectuals, was administered the oath of president of the United States on January 20, 1969.

Military and industrial fanatics felt deprived and defeated when John Kennedy would not make war with the Soviet Union as late as 1961. E.M. Dealey, militant publisher of the Dallas News, told President Kennedy, 'We need a man on horseback to lead this nation. Too many people in Texas and the Southwest think you are riding Caroline's tricycle." (4)

Two years later, in Dealey Plaza, John Kennedy was murdered. He feared the hidden government behind his back, publicly stating he wanted "to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."(5) The day our President was murdered, the streets of Dallas were filled with posters and handbills proclaiming him a traitor. This was the same motivation for illegal assassinations and killings in pre-Nazi, and Nazi Germany. (6)

The Warfare State was set free, following November 22, 1963, to show its ugly face. The war in Asia began to escalate, with no noticeable provocations, only three weeks after the murder of President Kennedy. (7) John Foster Dulles was U.S. Secretary of State from 1953-1959. Before and following these years heading the State Department, this public servant wielded tremendous power and influence with the military and industrial monopolies of power and wealth in the world. He was the architect of "containing Communism."(8) Mr. Dulles confided, "President Eisenhower surrendered all his power to me." In 1956 he said, "Don't bother about what the President said. I write what he says.'(9) The State Department was "in my hat." You did not have to rely on the department or its bureaucracy. (10)

His brother, Allen Dulles, headed our spy agency formerly known as the OSS. As long as John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State, Allen Dulles had no need to "chafe under political control." Both brothers "placed supreme confidence in their personal judgments." They were completely trusted and were able to act at will and " shielded from any unpleasant consequences." (11) Adolph Hitler declared war in 1941. By 1942 Allen Dulles was moved to Switzerland for the purpose of rounding up and importing to the United States, German "specialists." Two years before the war ended, or its fate was decided, the United States was making arrangements for Nazi scientists, arms experts to come to our democracy (for which the boys were fighting and dying at that moment). (12)

From 1945 until 1952 the U.S. military brought over 642 alien "specialists" and their families from nazi Germany. They were known collectively by the code name "paperclip." German missile and rocket experts, munition makers, war experts were carefully selected and located into aerospace programs, war industries, armament factories, defense and warfare manufacturing.(13)

Violent anti-communist fears by the military and munition makers justified the exchange for a once democratic nation into the fascist state we have today. Members of the nazi party now hold key positions in our universities, factories, aircraft and aerospace programs.(14) When the nazi empire collapsed in 1945, ex-nazi General Reinhard Gehlen joined forces with our OSS. Gehlen was placed in charge of wartime intelligence for Foreign Armies East. "It was not long before Gehlen was back in business, this time for the United States. Gehlen named his price and terms."'(15) A series of meetings was arranged at the Pentagon with nazi Gehlen, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover and others.(16) The Gehlen organization combined forces and agents with the OSS, which was soon to become known as the CIA. Experts in clandestine and illegal control of Germany through political assassinations and reversal of judicial processes became the new teachers for Allen Dulles and Richard Helms. They helped form the new CIA in 1947, based upon clandestine activities in nazi Germany.(17)

Espionage networks were supposedly to spy out secrets of other nations. Instead they have secretly engaged in clandestine political actions, stirred revolts, overthrown governments and attempted to bring about political change.

The method of maintaining billion dollar war machines and related armament and aircraft factories requires controlling people, political leaders, and otherwise legal governmental agencies. The Communist scare, hot war and cold war propaganda, would continue to manipulate the majority of the people. This scare was the brainchild of the fascist strategist

Enter Richard Milhous Nixon.

He applied to serve in the FBI following graduation from law school. No answer followed. When World War 2 was declared, Nixon requested sea duty and was assigned to the South Pacific Combat Air Transport Command.(18) Nixon's 15 months in the South Pacific ended when he was transferred to Fleet Air Wing 8 at Alameda, Califomia, and from there he was assigned on special orders to the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics. The Navy assigned him to "winding up" active contracts with such aircraft firms as Bell and Glenn Martin.(19) That year was 1945, when importation proceedings began for the 642 nazi rocket and aerospace experts and scientists from Germany to the U.S. Through the "generosity of the Guggenheim Foundation they obtained a suitable site - a huge medieval castle, built by financier Jay Gould on a 160-acre estate at Sands Point, Long Island. Here the Germans began work on a secret project for the Navy's Office of Research and Inventions.(21)

April, May, June and July, 1945, worldwide attention fell upon German atrocities. From Belsen, Nordhusen, Buchenwald, and Dachau came stories of slaughter and grotesque medical research conducted in the name of science. Public opinion polls gave no evidence of generous feelings toward any group in the German population. But opinions do not automatically create Policy . (22)

By 1945 the armed services accepted the nazis' skills and mentality as indispensable to our military power. Young advisors could not fully appreciate the concern about clandestine maneuvers after World War I, and were not alarmed by the devastation and destruction of the Third Reich. They looked upon the German scientists with excitement and anticipation.(23) The Department of Navy was the first to act upon the importation process.(27)

States to benefit economically from the influx of munition makers, rocket and space industries, warfare hardware were based in the South and Southwest. Segregated, racist states were natural habitats for imported Germans. Cold war propaganda, perpetuated by hatred of the Soviet Union and much of Asia, was financed and fostered for the most part in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Califomia.

The same mentality that allowed genocidal, inhuman slaughters on the continent of Europe built machinery to extend pain and warfare in Southeast Asia.

Richard Nixon was in New York, serving in the Navy, the summer that importation plans started going into effect. He soon moved to Maryland where a very important telegram was to arrive. "He wanted to get out of the service, but there was the great question, 'What now?' While he pondered his alternatives, events and circumstances were deciding the question for him. A telegram was the instrument of fate. (28)

In August, 1945, a Committee of One Hundred Men located in California placed an advertisement in 26 newspapers:

WANTED-Congressman candidate with no previous political experience to defeat a man who has represented the district in the House for ten years. Any young man, resident of district, preferably a veteran, fair education, no political strings or obligations and possessor of a few ideas for betterment of country at large may apply for the job. Applicants will be reviewed by 100 interested citizens who will guarantee support but will not obligate the candidate in any way. (26)

That ad was typical, a covert method of pretending this was an open contest for office. Richard Nixon, located in Maryland, still in the Navy, received a telephone call from Herman Perry. "Are you a republican and are you available?" were the two questions asked of Nixon. (27)

Herman Perry was vice president of Bank of America (28) which was soon on its way to becoming the largest private bank in the world. By 1960, one hundred top corporations were spending $21-billion for military goods. In California alone, fully half of all jobs related directly or indirectly on the continuance of the arms race.(29)

Richard Nixon, poor, from an unknown family, absent from the California scene for many formative years during law school and military service, was selected to represent old guard California republicans who picked him to run for Congress.(30) He was called upon to serve the strategists.

Nixon was "recognized."

Significant to the political escalation of Richard Nixon from congressman to vice president was the Alger Hiss case. The Hiss case was to Nixon what the Reichstag fire was to Hitler. Both were dramatic lies planned and executed by the clandestine strategists.

Parallels to German strategy -- assassinations, destruction of evidence, distortion of evidence to discredit legitimate public servants -- existed precisely in America. (31) In 1934, Alger Hiss was legal counsel for the Senate Nye Committee. This group was set up for the purpose of investigating illegal rearmament practices.(32) During those years Hiss was antagonizing American industrial and banking giants. Germany was illegally rearming. It became necessary to discredit any persons such as Hiss who were interested in peace, working for legitimate peaceful alternatives.

Whittaker Chambers made a point of becoming acquainted with Alger Hiss in 1934. At that time, some considered Chambers to be a German spy.(33) Using techniques of imported masters of espionage, plans were being made at that time to discredit Alger Hiss. By waiting several years, Hiss could be strategically occupied in various Government services. John Foster Dulles was instrumental in placing Hiss as head of the Carnegie Foundation, a group associated with peace and the United Nations.

Attacks on Hiss started in 1941, attempting to associate him with Communists, exploded into a time bomb in 1948. The total effect in delaying the smear was to discredit an era. Richard Nixon became recipient of the efforts. The reputation of Roosevelt, the New Deal, Dumbarton Oaks Conference, United Nations and Truman's administration all became tinted "red." Joe McCarthy entered this milieu and expressed fears that had been fomented in lies.

Richard Nixon had always served his masters by employing fear and hysteria. His original campaigns against Jerry Voomis and Helen Douglas were unfounded red smears. That is the only way he operates.

One of the clues to covert smears is the common mishandling of evidence. For 8 1/2 years I have studied carefully the evidence associated with the murder of John Kennedy. Bullets, clothing, weapons, X-rays, photographs, car interior, autopsy reports, cameras, street sign, curb, lamppost, clothing of John Connally, diaries, FBI documents, CIA reports and State Department papers were either burned, airborned to Michigan and destroyed, altered, planted, missing or locked up.(37) Evidence to prove covert murder of Robert Kennedy is "locked up for seventy five years." (38)

What happened to the lone piece of evidence in the Alger Hiss case that was important to his conviction, the famous Woodstock typewriter? Because Richard Nixon said his "name, reputation and career" were linked to this case, he will tell you about the typewriter himself.

A massive search was initiated for the key 'witness' in the case, the old Woodstock typewriter on which Chambers said Mrs. Hiss had typed the incriminating documents. On December 13, FBI agents found the typewriter. The same day I appeared before the Grand Jury with the microfilm. (Richard Nixon, My Six Crises, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, NY, 1962, $5.95, p. 59)

For $5 less, and six years later, you can buy the same story, by the same author, without the typewriter:

A massive search was initiated for the key 'witness' in the case, the old Woodstock typewriter on which Chambers said Mrs. Hiss had typed the incriminating documents. On December 13, FBI agents were unable to find the typewriter, but they did find some old letters which Priscilla Hiss admitted having typed on the Woodstock. (Richard Nixon, My Six Crises, Pyramid Books, 95e, p. 64)

At this point, Nixon added a fooulote blaming the "press, who were busy in those tense days were several rumors behind closed doors of the Grand Jury. One reporter said the typewriter was found, but actually it was not found until several months later."

Even with the above explanation, Nixon still does not inform the reader that the Woodstock typewriter was found not by the 35 FBI agents several months later who were turning Washington upside-down searching for it. The typewriter was actually found by Donald Hiss and his own investigators, and presented by Alger Hiss at the first trial as an exhibit for the defense.

The chief prosecutor of the Alger Hiss case, Richard Nixon, trying to pin a conspiracy or Communist label on Hiss, could not write his own book correctly about the key evidence used against him. This kind of smear and investigation was going to be used as the excuse for elevating Nixon into the role of vice president of the United States. Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles would control all State Department policies and espionage activities for the president.

There was another observation regarding the famous Woodstock typewriter. Robert Kennedy, as Attorney General of the United States in 1962, was making a "recent check and finds the FBI never had the Woodstock typewriter. Writing to Meyer Zeligs about this manner, Claude Cross mentioned, "In my mind there is a mystery connected with this typewriter and its whereabouts from the period just prior to the trial.(39) Why was Robert Kennedy searching for this important evidence, the link in the Nixon saga? Were the Kennedys getting ready to investigate Richard Nixon's pieces of planted evidence used for purposes of slander and redbaiting?

Three of Alger Hiss' friends who could have changed the tide of history -- Harry Dexter White, Walter Marvin Smith and Lawrence Guggan -- were found dead shortly after having contact with our FBI.(37) When the covert government creates its plot, in Germany or the United States, nobody stands in their way.

Isaac Don Levine is the man who took Whittaker Chambers "by the arm," a reluctant Chambers, and arranged the meetings where he would begin to smear Alger Hiss.(38) It was no coincidence that the same Isaac Don Levine would be meeting with Marina Oswald, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, immediately following the murder of President Kennedy. They were in a huddle to exchange money for squeezing a "communist" story out of a CIA plot. (39) Levine served Richard Nixon's career faithfully and many times through the years.

This fellow Levine is in contact with Marina to break the story up a little more graphic manner and tie it into a Russian business, and it is with the thought and background of a Russian connection, conspiracy concept. (John J. McCloy, Minutes of Warren Commission, Meeting, Jan. 21, 1964

Alger Hiss said that Richard Nixon was engaged in something "beyond his scope and size."(40) Richard Nixon, like Adolph Hitler, is a patchwork quilt. Both men represent the sum total of all murders, secret plans, behind-the-scene covert imaginations that created their existence. They were hand-sewn and designed by identical masters. It was a community project between persons from Nazi Germany and the United States military and intelligence agencies.

They are in power today, continuing mass murders, political assassinations. Industrial giants scrape the bottom of the ocean, the surface of the moon, the face of the earth for the oil, gold, minerals, resources within their grasp. It is the moral obligation of human beings to halt this hunger for power and legalized greed toward the majority of persons on the planet earth.

High summit meetings, a false sense of euphoria preceding elections, does not conceal increased budgets for weaponry, new laws of repression or further concentration of power in the White House. The family of humanity is not represented by the strategists who are few in number, still holding on to their power. Secret organizations such as the Lincoln Club, formed in 1963, continue to finance and dictate to Richard Nixon.(41) This group should be carefully examined.

Nixon's kind of power over other people 's lives is elusive, and vanishes rapidly at the proper moment. The human family has new weapons in the war against secrecy. Information is power. Speed of communications is power. Ability is power. Sheer numbers of intelligent and concerned citizens becomes power. Facts are power.

Available facts and documentation of past political assassinations must be exposed today, before the next election in 1972. The coup d'etat in 1963, and again in 1968, did not represent the power or the interests of the majority. It is time to call a halt against the cold war, the hot war, and the war against ourselves. By examining the evidence of political assassinations, it is possible to understand how the country was misled down the line by a select, elite minority.

The strategists, aided by clandestine and covert planning, do not represent the people or the interests of the people in the United States.


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This articles was reprinted by:

Prevailing Winds Research

P. O. Box 23511

Santa Barbara, CA 93121

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John, this thread should be in the JFK section.

I think it is. Here is the bread crumb trail I am showing...

The Education Forum > Controversial Issues in History > JFK Assassination Debate > The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination by Mae Brussel and Bill Turner

Nice photo by the way. Fish-eye lens, right?

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