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Has anyone heard of this cocaine cowboy (Gerald Hemp)?

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Has anyone heard of Gerald Lyle Hemp?

The following article appeared in my city's local paper today:


I would bet that he knew Barry Seale and that they worked in similar CIA-sanctioned drug running activities.

He sounds a lot like Andrew (Drew) C. Thornton II, who "dropped into" Knoxville back in 1985:


I strongly encourage anyone interested in Barry Seale and his exploits to pick up a copy of "Bluegrass Conspiracy" by Sally Denton.

It was certainly a fascinating time, and I remember quite well Thornton's unfortunate and ignominious demise in a South Knoxville driveway in 1985.

It set in motion a series of events which resulted in an apparent aviation sabotage incident (which killed a parachutist who used to study near me in law school as well as 16 others) and some black bears dying of cocaine overdoses.

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