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apologys to kennedy family

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Some may find this of interest


or if the above link won’t work, try this TINY URL:


We Imagine that they didn't display the Noguchi chart now released from NARA, which shows 14 bullets fired from Sirhan’s gun that holds only 8 rounds.

You may still acquire a blown up copy of the chart at NARA in College Park MD for less than $10.00, it’s in a box called “poster”. I shipped my copy to the late Prof. Phil Melanson, where he used it on the wall at the University of Massachusetts RFK Library Collection, Amherst MA.

Agency: HSCA

Record Number: 180-10076-10011

Agency File Number 0009632

Date: 0/00/00

Pages: 1

Subjects: Assassination, Kennedy, Robert

Sirhan Sirhan

Document Type: Other textual Classification: Unclassified Restrictions: Open in Full, Current Status: Open

Date of Last Review: 01/31/96 Comments: Poster. Box 176


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