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The Fall

Cigdem Göle

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The Fall,directed by Tarsem Singh, is a magnificent adventure that takes you to the world's rarely known beautiful locations along with its

moving story. It was filmed in 24 countries over a period of four years.

The story is set in a hospital in 1920s LA. Stuntman Roy (Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies), is recovering from an accident that paralyzed him. At the

same hospital there is a five year old girl who broke her arm after a fall. Roy and the girl become friends and he starts telling her a fantastic story

that involves five characters (Masked Bandit, The Indian, Charles Darwin, The Explosive Expert and The Ex-Slave), all of whom have a common enemy named

Governor Odius. Roy keeps pausing at the most exciting parts of the story only to get her to bring him some morphine. Only then he continues to tell the

adventure to the girl. The stuntman himself is suffering from his own emotional problems - he lost his girlfriend to another man- and that's the reason he

wants to OD himself. And of course the villain in his story (Gov Odius) is the man whom he lost his girlfriend to.

Amazing cinematography and a very touching story.


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