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Fascinating topic and a very interesting intial post as you make some very good points. The whole Hidell thing seems to tread some very muddy waters, something the Intelligence world loves to create. Hoover's memo of 1960 where he says that someone might be using the Oswald alias suggests that both the names Oswald and Hidell were selected for various on-going Intelligence operations.

It seems to me (and some will disagree) that Oswald didn't shoot anyone on the 22nd of November 1963 so whoever killed Tippit was carrying the Hidell ID. Leaving the ID at the murder scene (like all good criminals do) was an overt and obvious attempt to tie him to the purchase of the weapons and just screams a last minute decision made under some duress. Surely this could not have been a part of the original plan? Something that sloppy is definitely open to some question. So I guess the questions are, if Tippit wasn't supposed to be shot (re original plan), where would the Hidell ID have surfaced and why was Tippit's killer carrying it?

Just thinking aloud here.


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