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Everret was arrested on 20apr65 (2:30am) by patrolmen Fowler and Davis in the 500 block of S Marselis Ave. On searching his VW, the officers found several different kinds of unknown tablets and powders, a hunting knife, and a .22 caliber rifle. Charges involved carrying a prohibited weapon and violation of the dangerous Drugs Act. Also found were to unmailed letters, one addressed to Jack Ruby, the other addressed to noone in particular. These letters make him sound like a paranoid psychotic. Information in the letters indicate they were written prior to the '64 elections... but in light of what is known now about MKULTRA... maybe, just maybe... he wasn't so crazy, afterall.

Nice was 44yo, height 5'71/2", weight 150, blues eyes, hair light brown.

Place of birth: Athens, Ohio.

Current address: (postal only) General delivery, San Angelo, Texas.

Marital status: separated from Edna Earle Scarborough currently of Abilene, Texas.

Number of children: 2 (both female)

Parents: Father deceased. Mother living at Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

Grade school attended: Cashion, Oklahoma

High School: Kingfisher, Oklahoma

College: University of Oklahoma & University of Texas.

Last employment: Language teacher in various European countries.

Previous employment: US Postal Service

Military Service: US Air Force '44-'45

Type of discharge: Dependency

Criminal record:

Brownwood, Texas 1957: D&D Bootlegging. Paid fine.

Los Angeles, California 1958: Assault with a deadly weapon. Found not guilty.

Lubbock, Texas 1959: Assault. Paid fine.

Roswell, New Mexico 1964: Vagrancy. Released.

Hmmm. Separated from wife... two daughters.... father eceased.... dependency discharge from armed services.... travels to Europe (his letters indicate some countries visited were Communist)... speaks more than one language... comes back from Eroupe and is drifting around with only a postal addres....owns a rifle...and writes letters that make him sound like a... well... a nutcase. Nope. Can't think of anyone that reminds me of.


Buffalo, New York

Dear Jack

We of the Jewish Race here want to console you. Don't

worry, after Goldwater's inauguration you will be free in 48 hours.

We are the creators and sponsors of Communism to world control

today. Oswald had to be killed or he would have told who gave the

order to assassinate. Too bad that fellow didn't come up from

Monterey to catch the blame as we ordered him by picture shows

and TV. Then we tried to catch him in Nevada with Sinatra and failed.

But Goldwater is as good as elected & then good times - for us!

We failed with the "Police State" law in Toronto, too, & didn't

catch him; but we don't quit!

We thought he was perfectly trained in Sweden by experts & our

people, the bankers there.

Don't worry!

Go, Goldwater,

Our Man for Action

Our future NAACP Horror Police will make everything right &

end mistakes & disobedience.

Yes, observe how we have split Russia & China. Complete

disunity for easy control!

I am not going to sign my name to this letter. That will help you

to remember that even if you knew the writers name, you should never

say it.


I have known you as an intelligent person, loyal and patriotic

to yourself, your family, friends, and your country. It is in that

respect I am writing you some things of deepest concern. To you,

I regret there is no typewriter at hand. Here is my story:

I have in the past lived in a country in West Europe. There I

slowly became aware that listening devices were being used to hear

everything I said and did in my room and elsewhere. Then I began to

see myself as parodied, caricatured, etc, on TV and in the papers


I had a sizeable sum of money there with me in the bank. I decided

to send it back to the US. The bank then made a really prize mistake

and sent the money twice, so that I had twice the amount banked in

America. I could have walked away and paid them nothing back.

I didn't do that. I paid them every cent. Instead of thanks they

despised me and it was made clear by TV and the papers I had

intended and caused the mistake.

Well, I left that country mostly because I just didn't like it

for other reasons, and later I was back in America.

From then on I was a marked man and I still am. I have no

freedom to come and go as others, but am shadowed constantly, yes,

right here in the United States.

They first used film titles, stories to convey messages to me.

When I stopped attending these, it was continued (had never

stopped) on TV and in the papers, so I stopped TV and reading

the newspapers; and then came police and ambulance sirens,

train whistles and every other form of public racket available.

Finally I stopped going into town at all and stayed in the country

as now then came air-planes, small private planes buzzing the house

very low every day. After a month or so they must have run out of lies

to tell these pilots, so then came the Air Force with their roar and

vapor trails nearly always as square across my house as if drawn on a

geometry board, all day, every day.

To all this I have never yielded an inch; to these messages I have

reacted not the least, or have done something else the direct


I have consequently been mocked and tormented unbearably; but

far more than that I have faced death many times and over a long


I have reported other intelligence agencies. It's rather

strange how the agent is intensely interested the first time and the

second time has lost interest. Someone is directing that and that

"someone" is our enemy.

I travel a lot and in various countries there have been communist

demonstrations against me.

My troubles started in West Europe. I have never been in a

country KNOWN as communist.

Who then is doing this?

My contact with Russians has been very slight although I have

seen Russian films and know from other sources that they are a

rough, crude, bumbling, ignorant people, only once in these two

years of endless persecution was ever a Russian put after me, and

he ended up in a terrible fright. I tricked him.

Who then, is the acting intelligence directing all this and

causing all our terrible troubles today, including the negro troubles?

Those negroes are easy-going people, seeking trouble with noone;

but now they have someone abetting them and teaching them to

cause trouble.

This negro trouble is the biggest bonanza the enemy has found.

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Sounds like 'Fear and loathing in las vegas' you might want to ask Hunter s thomson where he was that day. Very intriguing indeed, anybody got any wild ideas of what he was up to?


Hi John,

I'm surprised I never drew that comparison! :D

As to what he was up to at the particular time he was arrested, who knows?

It is a fact however, that the CIA had a great deal of interest in anyone with linguistic ability - and even moreso if they travelled overseas.

Jack Revill of the Intelligence Unit wrote at least one report on him. In it, he claimed that Nice had identified himself as a Communist in the letters that were found. Clearly, that was a mistake by Revill (or maybe that should be "mistake"?). The letters show that he thought Communism was created in order to gain control of the world. Moreover, he shows in the letters that he was a supporter of Goldwater. Now which crowd preached the Illuminati/New Worder Conspiracies?

The John Birch Society. And who did the JBS support in the '64 election? Barry Goldwater.

Whose propaganda was found in Ruby's car? HL Hunt's. Who was Hunt alligned with? The Birchers.

A question mark I have over him is: How did he get his dependancy discharge from the USAF, and how soon after that did he take off for Europe?

I do think there is a possiblity that the person being referred to by Nice was Marlowe.

Marlowe's bookshop was in Los Angeles... quite a distance from Moneterey. However, as this artcle shows, Marlow did hang around places a lot closer to Monterey, and was part of Lord Buckley's inner sanctum. Buckley was apparently

booked ocassionall by one Frank Sinatra:



I talked with one fellow [Prince Vaughn Marlowe], I don't think you'd know him. But he was made a prince late in the game, March or April of '60. He met Buckley in Palo Alto at the Outside at the Inside (a coffee bar). He said that he felt that Buckley was just messing around with the Marquis de Sade.


Oh, yeah. Absolutely. It was a joke. He was putting people on. Pushing the limits.


You don't feel that that was -


No, no, that was a joke. Remember that this is a man who when booked by Frank Sinatra into The Royal Hilton Hotel in Hawaii, got a band of followers over there and walked through the lobby of the Hilton Hotel with them following him, all of them stark naked. He'd do anything, he'd say anything.


Full interview here:


As for the weird stuff he claimed was happening to him... maybe this helps explain it?

Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:

Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB

Targeting: Short range, in person

Frequencies: ELF Modulation

Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves,

modulated at ELF frequencies

Purpose: Top security personnel debreifing, programming,

insure security and loyalty

Pseudonym: "Dreamland"

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