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JFK. Analysis of a Shooting, and subtitled; "The Ultimate Ballistics Truth Exposed.



A retired military officer and firearms expert disputes the official conclusion of the Warren Commission, which stated that Oswald, as the lone gunman, fired three shots at President Kennedy. In a never before offered detailed ballistics analysis of the event the author explains that five shots were actually fired at the president, by three shooters in Dealey Plaza. Additionally, a detailed frame study of the Zapruder film, included in the work, indicates the crucial frames when the shots were taken by the shooters.

In his conclusions, as a result of a three-year study of the president's shooting, Mr. Martin attests that the evidence shows that the first gunman took one shot, with the second and third gunmen taking two shots each. He has also discovered that different caliber rifles were used for the first, third and fifth and final shot. The book also exposes the many contradictions and fallacies contained in the Warren Report, regarding the shooting of our president. Additionally, it also explains why it can be concluded that the "magic bullet" found in Parkland Memorial Hospital was evidence planted after the fact, to directly incriminate Oswald in the murder of the president.

Instrumental to his expert analysis of the event Mr. Martin took into account all the relative factors of the shooting. He considered the inherent power of the rifle, the speed of the bullets in feet per second, their trajectories, the angular entries and deflections of these bullets into their targets, and the ensuing injuries that the projectiles caused in President Kennedy and Governor Connally. He attests that his findings are accurate and conclusive, and in complete discord with the Warren Commission's official declaration.

As the most pivotal claim of the work the author explains a shot-tracing procedure, not previously implemented to the president's shooting in any of the investigations conducted. Mr. Martin claims that the procedure will infallibly prove that the shots fired at President Kennedy did not originate from Oswald's alleged position in the Book Depository Building, but rather the three locations he identifies in the work. The author challenges our government, as well as, notable researchers of the event, to put the procedure into practice, in order to finally arrive at the definitive truth of the shooting. Anyone who has ever questioned our government's version of President Kennedy's assassination should read this expert, detailed and compelling work.

As a firearms expert with 35 years experience Mr. Martin states, with his strongest conviction, that those that were involved in the Warren Report were fully aware that they had failed to establish the facts of the president's assassination. In addition, he is utterly certain that they also knew that they had framed an innocent man. The author feels that as such, these men were in essence accessories after the fact in the murder of President Kennedy. As a conclusion to his findings he also states that these are facts that we as a country now have the ability to prove.

This consequential book is titled, JFK. Analysis of a Shooting, and subtitled; "The Ultimate Ballistics Truth Exposed." It is published by Dog Ear Publishing, LLC, of Indianapolis, Indiana, in perfect bound, paperback format. The writing is a conclusive, intelligent and genuine attempt at finally establishing the truth in the murder of President Kennedy. The book is available at Amazon.com. Go to the book's website to read an excerpt from the work, and also for contact information.

June 11, 2010

Edited by Bernice Moore
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Seldom a book is mentioned on the forum I feel a wish to read. This might be one. Like Herb said, thanks for the headsup.

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hmmm.. there's hype all around. Having read such a divergence of ideas, (incl my own re turbulrnce/shockwaves altering the optical properties of air so that, in particularly in a mist of blood, the bullet itself does not need to be seen, only its passing, but that's another story partially covered in ''nix corkscrew'' topic, hey, I might even br ''that guy ? ''.)

It's the predictive trajectory matters (and the description of shot sequences) that catch my eye in this instance.

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