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Apparently centered around the interrogation of Oswald, this seems interesting.

Theater in Western Australia, near the Margaret River, South of Perth, a beautiful place.

Playwright: Paul Abbott

Director: Paul Abbott

Details: One Weekend in Dallas makes its world premiere at Roleystone Theatre and is a groundbreaking drama based on events immediately sparked by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Set across the Dallas authorities during the frantic aftermath of the presidents shooting on Friday 22nd November 1963, the fast paced, multi-layered narrative focuses on one of the most mysterious aspects of the assassination; the accused Lee Harvey Oswald's brief time in custody and his presumed guilt for the crime of the century. The subject and nature of this production provides fascinating roles for the actors to work in-depth with, will intrigue audiences and prove that sometimes there are more than two sides to a story.

Auditions will take place at Roleystone Theatre from 12pm on the 16th May. An audition pack for each character can be obtained prior to this by arrangement with the director but will also be available on the day.

Rehearsals will commence in June for the September season (17, 18, 19 - late matinee, 24, 25). The structure of the play has it that there will only need to be minimal cast members at each rehearsal up until run throughs. Please contact Director Paul Abbott for any enquiries on pmabbott82@gmail.com or on 0400 884 325.

* The ages indicated for all characters are only an approximate range.

* American accents are required for each role unless otherwise indicated.


Lee Harvey Oswald: The accused assassin of President Kennedy 20 – 30

Captain J.W Fritz: Formidable Head of Homicide and leading the Oswald investigation 60's

FBI Agent Hosty: Assisting Fritz's investigation with background knowledge of Oswald 30's

Deputy Sherriff Craig: Part of the investigation but is sure there is more to the JFK shooting 30's

FBI Agent Shanklin: Hosty's superior / Head of Dallas FBI bureau 50's

Detective Leavelle: Fritz's right hand man. 40's

Assistant DA Alexander: Dallas legal eagle in the investigation of Oswald 40's


District Attorney Wade: Vehemently outspoken of Oswald's guilt in the Nov. 22nd shootings 50's

Marina Oswald: Oswald's Russian born wife (Russian accent required) 20's

Judge Johnston: Oversees rushed hearing of Oswald's charges 50 - 60

Detective Graves: Another right hand man for Fritz Any age

Bookings Email Address:


Bookings Name: Bobbie and Gerry Chapman, Fiona MacCuish

Website: www.roleystonetheatre.com.au

Edited by William Kelly
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