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Active JFK poll

Don Roberdeau

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Good Day.... You can cast multiple choices if you want, but you can only vote once:


The poll also links with a small KENNEDY assassination website I started that includes a fraction of my work, and is accompanied by articles from respected investigated researchers (and friends) ANTHONY SUMMERS and JEFF MORLEY.


CV-67, "Big John," USS John F. Kennedy Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly





T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

"You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists."

----President GEORGE W. BUSH, 20SEP01 in an address to the United States

Congress announcing the Bush Doctrine

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Hey Don, that's the greatest poll I've ever seen, especially with all the different motives listed. Very complete too.

I think 'll make a link to it from my website.

What you should add is a ranking or percentage list of the number of voters to show how many options they chose. You could do it like this for example:

Voters with 7 options marked 345

Voters with 4 options marked 267

Voters with 5 options marked 202

Voters with 3 options marked 156

Voters with 6 options marked 97

Voters with 1 options marked 21

or like this:

Voters with 11 options marked 0 %

Voters with 10 options marked 0%

Voters with 9 options marked 0%

Voters with 8 options marked 15%

Voters with 7 options marked 11%

Voters with 6 options marked 21


Voters with 1 options marked 5%

Or any other way you prefer.

You could also do another poll: Who were actual shooters in the JFK murder?

And the list a bunch of names people can choose from, like Sarti, Bocognani, Soutre, Pironti, Harrelson, Nicoletti, Sturgis, Nicoletti, Oswald, Files , Roselli, Herminio Garcia Diaz, Eladio del Valle, Morales, Jack Lawrence and on and on and on.

Dave Perry publishes a list somewhere.


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