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fbi agent ; lho did not kill jfk

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Thanks Bernice. It's unfortunate this agent didn't expand upon

his belief that Oswald wasn't the assassin. I would like to know

based on what facts does he make this statement? Or, is it his

opinion only?

The Milteer connection to the assassination has always been

very interesting, to say the least. Instead of putting some

pressure on Milteer, the FBI decided to out the informant,

Somerset, and ignore the tape recording implicating Milteer.


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Thanks Bernice. It's unfortunate this agent didn't expand upon

his belief that Oswald wasn't the assassin. I would like to know

based on what facts does he make this statement? Or, is it his

opinion only?

The Milteer connection to the assassination has always been

very interesting, to say the least. Instead of putting some

pressure on Milteer, the FBI decided to out the informant,

Somerset, and ignore the tape recording implicating Milteer.


Some more information including Adams' website is on this thread:


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FROM AN OLD POST ON RICH'S FORUM..The Dealey Plaza Signs :

Emmett E Hudson

"Whitewash ....The Report on the Warren Commission".1965.......page 44..

Harold Weisberg.

""Six months and a day following the assassination.( May.23/64 ) the Warren Commission had the FBI photographic agent, Lyndal L.Shaneyfelt ( 5 H 138 ) do a photographic re-enactment. The report indicates no reason for such a prolonged delay.

The Secret Service had completed it's re-enactment by Dec. 5. 1963. It is difficult to imagine that the Commission could have loaded Mr.Shaneyfelt with more invalidating conditions..

His re-enactment could only serve one purpose...to try and make credible a reconstruction under which the Commission's thesis, that all the shots came from the sixth floor window, might be possible..In fact, he attempted nothing else…..In order to accomplish this, he had to show that no shot was fired before the frame numbered 210 on the Zapruder film..

To begin with, Shaneyfelt had to work with a black-and-white copy of the original Zapruder colour film. Necessarily, the copies were less clear. Then the reenactments began at 6 am as a concession to traffic. Between the time of the year and the time of the day differences between the mock-up and the real thing, al the values of shadows in photographic intelligence were forfeited, For the precise placing of the camera, mounted on the rifle, and other measuring devices Shaneyfelt had the information supplied by the Commission. He was working in fractions of degrees, yet he had to bade everything on "information furnished us by the Commission, photographs taken by the Dallas Police Department immediately after the assassination....." 5H145.......


None of the photos of such are or were in agreement with each other nor the facts, as the testimony also shows...."which none of them at the moment of the assassination showed, this was an immediate and total disqualification of anything he might try...

No matter how fine and expert Shaneyfelt, no matter how excellent his equipment or how careful his associates, his testimony and reconstruction could have no validity"..

“For example, Example Exhibit 887 ( R99) is a camera mounted atop the rifle pointing westward from the sixth-floor window. The window is raised several inches higher than it was shown in the Dillard photograph. Of necessity the rife is mounted on a photographic tripod. But there can be only one necessity for fudging on the window--- to make the whole reconstruction possible where otherwise it would not have been. The tripod is adjustable. The rifle is inside the window. With such an obvious flaw, the exhibit is invalid as is any testimony based on it..Another photograph of the re-enactment printed on page 41 of Life Magazine for Oct. 2,1964, shows that part of the reconstruction was made with the window entirely open...This picture shows the ballistic expert resting his arm on a box incorrectly positioned . It is much too far to the west.... Worse, the rifle is without it's telescopic sight. Can any testimony based upon this reconstruction have any value ?"

Snip...page 45...

"" In addition, the experts “duplicated certain frames of the Zapruder film" and of two others available to the Commission. These appear in the Report on pages 100-8 and are readily available for inspection. Not a single on can be called a duplication, as the most superficial inspection, even without instruments, will show. The angles are grossly different. The elevations are radically wrong.

Even the backgrounds are not the same. One of the best examples is the critically important frame 210 (R102) . These are printed side by side and it will be no problem for any doubting reader to satisfy himself.

This particular illustration is also proof of another inexcusable fault:

The landscaping in the background has been altered.....

Valuable intelligence was thus lost........ In other cases trees which served the same purpose were removed and even the vital signs that figure in all of this identification and testimony were both moved and removed..It is no longer possible to make the most precise photographic reconstruction of the assassination because of this destruction and mutilation of evidence.........."'


"Whitewash 11..The Report on the Warren Commission"........Harold Weisberg 1966..

Page 4......

"The Commission staff was not unaware of this, for although there is no indication it ever heeded it's own unavoidable proof or wondered why anyone would dream of destroying evidence in the assassination of an American President, the whole story was blurted out by Emmett E.Hudson, ( witness to the killing )groundskeeper of Dealey Plaza, in his belated testimony of July 22,1964, almost two months after the Commission had originally scheduled the end of it's work..( first mentioned page 45..WhiteWash.) .

Not only were the hedges and shrubbery trimmed, thus destroying all the projection points essential to photographic analysis, but all the road signs absolutely vital in any reconstruction had been moved-------All Three Of Them--------Zapruder had filmed over the top of the center sign ( Stemmons) ..Two of the signs were entirely removed. The one over which Zapruder filmed was replaced, and there is no reason to believe it's replacement is in exactly the same location in the ground or at exactly the same height above it.

Unless both of these conditions, plus the angle of the sign toward Zapruder's lens , were exactly identical with conditions when he took his pictures, no precise reconstruction is possible..

All this funny business with the signs got on the record by accident, not through the dilligence of the Commission or it's counsel. Wesley J.Liebeler was questioning Hudson. Not until eight months to the day after the assassination, but finally Hudson was being questioned. He volunteered this testimony: "Now, they have moved some of those signs. They have moved that R.L. Thornton Freeway sign and put up a Stemmons sign ".....It was this "Stemmons" sign over which Zapruder photographed.

"They have? They have moved it?" Liebeler asked, his cool nonchalance preserved in cood type.

"Yes, sir." replied Hudson.

"That might explain it", Liebeler then said. at the same time, without even seeming so to intend, preserving for both the Commission and history the certain knowledge that the two photographs about which he was interrogating Hudson, one taken at the time of the assassination and the other after it, were not in agreement. ....And here the accidental interest of the Commission in the destruction and mutilation of the most essential evidence ended"..................

Page 130:

"When Hudson reaffirmed his testimony ( and the landscaping also was altered, with the destruction of essential photo-intelligence and analysis reference points in the backgrounds of the pictures)..., the complacent assistant counsel replied, ""That might explain it, because this picture here, No 18, was taken after the assassination and this one was taken at the time----No. 1..""

The "after" refers to the official reconstruction of the crime!.....Hudson's unanticipated blurting out of what is obvious from the most cursory examination of the photographs evidence marks the beginning and the end of the Commission's interest."


Here is some info from Jack .....

""in the sixties all such highway signs were 3/4 inch marine plywood, not aluminum like today. In fact,

some of the very old plywood signs are still in use in a few places where they have not needed updating.

One thing very odd about the Stemmons sign is that it has NO ANGLE IRON BRACING on the back. Back

in the 80s I checked a lot of the plywood signs, and virtually all I could find had angle iron braces, especially

if larger than four feet by eight feet, because any splices had to be braced. I have never been able to

get exact dimensions anywhere on the size of the Stemmons sign. Does anyone know?""


""the sign was 4-feet X 8-feet"", ........I have read on the web.....?

Current Section: Exhibit CE 875

shown to Emmett Hudson..


Mr. LIEBELER - There are two signs in picture No. 18, one says, "R.L. Thornton Freeway, keep right." and the other one says, "Fort worth Turnpike, keep right."

Mr. HUDSON - There were two of them that wasn't too far apart right through here - them signs was - one was right along in here and the other one was either further up, I guess. It's not in that picture - I don't believe. Now, they have moved some of those signs. They have moved the R.L. Thornton Freeway sign and put up a Stemmons sign.

Mr. LIEBELER - They have? They have moved it?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - That might explain it, because this picture here, No. 18, was taken after the assassination and this one was taken at the time - No. 1.


Below, Emmett Hudson, in Muchmore…frame….White Hat on the middle left on steps and then sitting on the ground after the assassination…

WC recreation photos…shown to Hudson….Signs..


The Dillard photo….re the Alyea…information.

Hits to Dealey....

How many shots could there have been ?

The SS called them a “flurry “ of shots..that came into the limo..

Roy H. Kellerman-

Possible hits and misses…

A hit to Elm street behind the motorcade, sounded like a backfire..fireworks....

A hit to the south side sewer cover..DSD Eddie (Buddy).Walthers…..DMD Ed Brewer..

Two furrows in the grass south side, across from fence.. Edna & Wayne Hartman

A hit to the north sidewalk..Aldredge, .reported to FBI….DMNews Carl Freund ..photo..

Not mentioned in WR..

A hit to the curb south side, Tague hit.

A hit to the Stemmons Freeway sign ..no reports rumours..

A last missed shot , after President hit…… Royce G.Skelton, puff of concrete off right fender also DSD Eddie (Buddy) Walthers..

Possibly Tague hit…hit pavement in the left or middle lane..concrete knocked to

the south away from the car… Mrs. Caroline Walther..and possibly more shots,,..not called by W/C..name not within..

but statement made available….WC Vol 24

Hit to the President entrance front neck..

Hit to the President’s back.

Hit to the President front temple

Hit to the President left temple

Hit to John Connally in his right side back.

Hit to John Connally to the wrist.

Hit frontal…to the X100 windshield.,,could be neck entrance shot.

Hit to limo dash board..


From the Warren Commission section 9...Paragraph H..

Summary and Conclusions..

“”(h) After careful investigation the Commission has found no credible evidence either that Ruby and Officer Tippit, who was killed by Oswald, knew each other or that Oswald and Tippit knew each other.

Because of the difficulty of proving negatives to a certainty the possibility of others being involved with either Oswald or Ruby cannot be established categorically,

but if there is any such evidence it has been beyond the reach of all the investigative agencies and resources of the United States and has not come to the attention of this Commission. “”

Had they not possibly known there was, or been so positive that there had not been a conspiracy……They would not have

had any reason to have made the above statement, and in some way left it open ended..

in the first place…..

This was admitting to such, some would say….


“Pictures don’t lie, unless they are made to “..

Harold Weisberg…..

Page 1,,”Whitewash 2 “

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