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Nixon plot to discredit or even kill Jack Anderson

Douglas Caddy

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Thanks for this posting. Hunt and Nixon would stop at nothing to subvert Democracy and have their way with the world. It recently came out that

Maj. Gen. Pedro A. del Valle was a Wickliffe Draper stooge who did his bidding for "Regime Change" and, while working for ITT in Chile and Harold Geneen, helped to

oust Salvadore Allende, their elected Marxist leader. Apparently Clendenin J. Ryan had financial interests in both Kennecott Copper or Anaconda Copper in Chile as well

as ITT and once tried to take over the Board of Directors at ITT when he disapproved of some of their actions. Did Ryan's son ever discuss his Dad's interests with

ITT or any of these Chilean copper mines before or after they were taken over by Allende? Later Frank Sturgis and the Novo brothers killed Orlando Letelier, the U.S.

Ambassador to Chile in Washington, D.C. using a car bomb, I think. Any insights as to that heinous deed?

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