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Ferrie and Tulane

Greg Parker

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  • 1 year later...
Dr. Isadore Yager was the representative of the local medical association. In 1961, David Ferrie came to his attention due to reports of Ferrie practicing medicine without a license, in particular, members of his "Falcon Squad", which I believe was a quasi-CAP group he had formed.

Dr Yager, in recalling his discussion with Ferrie before the Grievance hearing held by Eastern Airlines in Miami during July, 1963, stated: "He told me he had several Ph.Ds and that he was on the faculty at the Tulane Medical School and he was doing some research in the department of physiology of a very highly secretive nature, that if this works out well, it would really help us in all sorts of fields of medicine, and this went on for something like 30 minutes."

About 15 years later, the HSCA would find: [i]"Ferrie spent considerable time studying medicine and psychology,(28) especially the techniques of hypnosis which he frequently practiced on his young associates.(29) Ferrie had even set up a laboratory over his garage,(30) where he claimed he lost his hair, alternately attributing it to a radiation experiment, chemical explosion, and cancer research experiments.(31) He listed his name in the telephone book as "Dr." David Ferrie;(32) many friends did erroneously believe he was a medical doctor and a psychologist.(33) This veneer of respectability and achievement could be the reason Ferrie referred to his Ph.D. degree as his 'most prized possession.'(34)". [/i]The committee based these findings on statements by John Johnson, Robert Morrell, Karl Koster, John Irion, Al Landry, Landry's father, Larry Adams, and Dr Yager.

Ferrie had in fact told several of the above people he was involved in medical study or research at Tulane.

The person who perhaps should have been asked about this by

the committee however, was Joseph Oswald Weilbaecher III. Ferry

and Weilbaecher had set up a company in 1965 called Professional

Research Incorporated (PRI) as shown by a search of the records

at: http://www.sec.state.la.us/crpinq.htm . The company name was

similar to the National Research Corporation which operated out of MIT-

and which, according to the bio of founder Richard S Morse, was

involved in biological, chemical and radiological weapons research

for the government. John C Jackson incorporated the company in

Louisiana shortly after Morse quit to take on the post of Director,

Research & Development for the army. Jackson had lived with Jack

Ruby during 1956-57. He told the FBI after the assassination that whilst

living with Ruby, he was experimenting with "degenerative diseases"

[read: bio weapons]. Both the PRI and the NRC were listed as

"business corporations". Ruby's role, Jackson claimed, had been in

acting as a conduit to funding for the experiments.

A similar situation may have been the case with Weilbaecher and Ferrie,

with Ferrie conducting the research while Weilbaecher found the finance.

A search of the state records reveals that Weilbaecher was involved in a

number of other companies whose names indicate they were involved in

(among other things) finances, insurance and travel.

Weilbaecher lived at 822 Perdido St. A further search of the records reveals a

Dr Maurice O Weilbaecher lived at 2021 Perdido St.

Moreover, Joseph Oswald Weilbaecher's grandfather was the

product of a Jesuit upbringing whose career included being on

the board of the Medical Dept at Tulane, and occupying the positions

of professor of botany, Materia Medica, and Pharmacognosy at the

New Orleans college of pharmacy. He was also professor of botany

in the pre-medical department of Loyola university. Additionally, he

was a member of the American, the Louisiana State and the Orleans

Parish medical associations, also the Louisiana State Pharmaceutical

association, Orleans Pharmaceutical association, Benevolent Knights

of America, Woodmen of the World, Knights of Columbus, Loyal

Order of Moose, and the Societé Francaise de B. et D. A. M. de la'New



Ferrie meanwhile lived a few doors from Warner Kloepfer, a geneticist /

eugenicist at Tulane whose wife and daughters had visited Oswald in

September of 1963.

Two of the aforementioned entries from the Louisiana Sec of State data

base follow:

Charter/Organization ID: 26915010D


Type Entity: Business Corporation

Status: Not Active (Action by Secretary of State)

Domicile Address: SUITE 410, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

Incorporated: 03/23/1965 | Effective: 03/23/1965

Registered Agent (Appointed 3/23/1965): J. O. WEILBAECHER, III, 822 PERDID/


Registered Agent (Appointed 3/23/1965): DAVID W. FERRIE, 3330 LA AVE, NEW


Amendments on File

REVOKED (10/21/ 85)

Charter/Organization ID: 29628920D




Type Entity: Business Corporation

Status: Not Active (Voluntary action)

Domicile Address: 2021 PERDIDO STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

Incorporated: 12/28/1971 | Effective: 02/27/1971

Registered Agent (Appointed 9/24/1981): BALONI, HASPEL, MOLONY, RANOLD, 225



Treasurer: BERNARD F. DANTON, M.D.

President: M. O. WEILBAECHER, M.D.

Amendments on File





DISSOLUTION (02/13/ 85)

NAME CHANGE (04/13/ 81)

A search of the web on Weilbaecher and some of the other doctors

shown above revealed a number of references to Jesuits. Another

shows the grand-daughter of Maurice got married in a Wiccan

ceremony to a grandson of one of grandpappy's partners. Yet another

shows a Dr David Weilbaecher as being involved in getting a medical

"miracle" recognised as such by the Catholic Church. Apparently a

cancer patient was cured using a derivitive of mustard gas... David W -

himself a Catholic - was the product of Louisiana State University

medical school. http://www.seelos.org/seelos_biography_art...azing_case5.htm

Wasn't there a book, AFTJ? that stated Jack Ruby had rectal cancer before 11/22/63. I am not trying to be funny. The Kloepfers are overlooked in the whole JFK saga, and I believe that Jack Ruby has some tenuous link them as well.

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  • 2 years later...

I have received an email from the grand-daughter of Maurice Weilbaecher admonishing my "tone", calling into account my motives and offering some corrections. My responses are in blue.

Hi Greg,

Well, I can tell you that the last names of my husband's

grandfathers--that's all either of us know--were Little and Sleeper.

If you'd like to Google them and see what you find, be my guest, but

if you're just going to throw Google results and the wall to see what

sticks, you should clearly label your observations as such. Otherwise,

an article under the subject header "JFK Assassination Debate", and

written by someone with a website devoted to reopening the case, will

undoubtedly look like some attempt to link every fact mentioned it it

to the JFK Assassination Debate.


It may look like that to someone unfamiliar with the case. I'm sure when you are discussing Wicca, you do not feel the need to spell out every minute detail of that small area of the religion you're making your point about. Why? Because it's understood that other members of the group already know the details you've skipped.

In any case, the subject header was "Ferrie and Tulane". The JFK Assassination Debate is the name of the forum - "Debate" being the operative word.

And given the very wide range of

facts you appeared to be trying to link to the JFK Assassination, I

naturally assumed you were pulling the crackpot conspiracy theory

trick of trying to connect *everything* to your thesis. (Hence my

mother's question when she passed on your article to me: "Why is he

even mentioning your wedding in this article? I don't get the whole

thing, what was this guy's point??")

If the debate were strictly limited to the assassination, all that could be discussed would be the actual shooting in Dealey Plaza. What it actually encompasses is much more - including (but far from limited to) digging up historical facts about the many hundreds of people who were of interest to the various investigations over the years - especially since much of what is in the records is in dispute. That doesn't mean each and every person mentioned is under suspicion of anything, other than perhaps having pertinent knowledge of some facet of the case or other.

Since I assume you, like most writers, proceed in a logical fashion, I

look for the logical connections. If my assumption is incorrect, and

your process is less rational than I gave you credit for, I do accept

your correction.

The logical connections are there - but you're missing the basic knowledge of the area being discussed to understand that.

In any case, here are some corrections I have for you:

1) My husband isn't related at all to anyone who knew Dr. Maurice O.

Weilbaecher as far as I can tell. That would be neat if there was a

connection, but I don't think there is. In any case, you should know

that alleging a relationship without actually naming names (please,

*who* were you referring to by the phrase "grandpappy's partner"? You

*must* have a name in mind, otherwise you wouldn't even be able to

allege the relationship in the first place!) makes your research look

sloppy and unsupportable.

Well, all you are saying here is that you don't know.

Here's a clue. If I thought it was in any way "sinister" I would have included the name. Going from memory, one of the people involved in a company with Maurice had the name "Little" - first name/initial not recalled. From there, I would have linked him to your husband - had it been merely an assumption, I would have said so. That does not mean it is correct - I have used information previously from what I thought were good sources on genealogy which turned out to be incorrect.

But that is the whole point here. I post raw research to the forum ( a ) for the benefit of other researchers; ( b ) so that the contents can be debated and ( c ) so that any needed corrections can be pointed out.

2) You mention two Perdido Street addresses, claiming these to be

residences of various Weilbaechers. In fact, one is actually for Hotel

Dieu, where Dr. Maurice O. Weilbaecher worked in the ER, and the other

was an office building.

Okay. Great! I am unfamiliar with New Orleans. This is copied from one of the documents: "Registered Agent (Appointed 3/23/1965): J. O. WEILBAECHER, III, 822 PERDIDO/ ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112". The way it is written made it look to me like a home address and I saw no need to check further. I have now - and you are correct - it is an office building.

3) Also, there are three Joseph O. Weilbaechers; your article needs to

make clear which one you're talking about. My mother clarifies--and I

hope I am repeating this accurately--that J. O. Weilbaecher III was

Dr. Maurice O. Weilbacher's nephew; J. O. Sr. was his father; J. O.

Jr. was his brother. The one you seem to be talking about, J. O. III,

was actually a lawyer, not a doctor.

:huh:You're related to them and you have trouble keeping them all straight! What chance did I have? You even said in your comments at Making Light post #19 that you were unaware of any relationship to any Joseph W. But your mother has now confirmed that what I replied to you previously was correct. Your grandfather had a brother named Joseph. Please do thank your mother for me though for the further clarifications. It is appreciated.

4) Just for example, the phrase "The person who perhaps should have

been asked about this by the committee, however," is a "Look, here's

something sinister!" flag. You use phrases like this a lot, thus

giving the impression that you want readers to infer accusations in

this large collage of unrelated facts. If you want not to be taken as

a crackpot conspiracy theorist, you should tone down the accusatory


I beg to differ - it's a "they asked the wrong people" flag - nothing more - nothing less. There is no accusatory language. I believe at least one of your relatives would have known if Ferrie had done any medical research at Tulane.

Perhaps the problem is that you secretly would like a few skeletons in the family closet. That kind of discovery is kind of exciting, no? But you can't just come out and admit that. It's far easier to paint innocuous comments as having a sinister tone and call it crackpot.

The truth is, your family tree is exciting enough. Your grandfather's nephew (which I think makes him a cousin to you) was in business with David Ferrie and grandfather by all accounts, did some fantastic groundbreaking medical research.

Others would kill for those kind of bragging rights.

If you'd like a closer analysis of your article and how its words

combine to create an impression in the reader's mind, I charge

reasonable rates for copyediting and proofreading. If you wish to post

anything to Making Light, the regulars there will probably give you

the same service for free, but I recommend a thicker skin than you've

demonstrated in your response to my post there.

I'm sure your rates are reasonable, but I'll pass for now. If I ever finish a book, I may get back to you on it...

And my skin is thick enough, thanks. I do take exception at receiving an email purporting to be a friendly inquiry while the sender simultaneously posts to a forum insinuating I'm some kind of crackpot and bragging that they'd emailed me and expect said email to result in "no end of entertainment."

In any case, I am sure your deep commitment to truth in reporting will

prompt you to correct your article for fact and tone.





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