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Lone Nutters for Open Records

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There is a movement to release all of the JFK assassination files by the anniversary of his death in 2013, rather than in 2017, and true Lone Nutters should support this movement.

As Doug Horne points out in his book Inside the Assassinations Records Review Board (IARRB), the Review Board members themselves didn't bother to read many of the records they voted on, but let the staff do most of the work.

According to Horne however, all of the Review Board members believed the Warren Report's conclusion that one dereanged assassin killed the President and that the government records they released would reflect that as a fact, which is one of the reasons why they voted to release many if not most of the records that were sealed.

Most Lone Nuters I know feel the same way, and those True Lone Nutters who believe Oswald alone killed the President because he was crazy should support the accellerated release of all of the records by 2013.

Just as Gerald Posner and a few other Lone Nutters signed on to the open letter published in the NY Review of Books regarding the Joannides vs. CIA court case, they should also sign on to the effort to free all the files by 2013.


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