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The Oswald Shot

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Basically a gutshot will kill you (without surgery) in anywhere between some hours and a few days (depending on which blood vessels are hit) without surgery.

Do you say this

1) As an MD, EMT or somone with similar medical training/experience

2) As someone who has researched the typical survival rates mortality rates for gunshot victims

3) As someone who knows several people who've been shot in the stomach


4) Based on prue speculation

PS were's your bio?

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You have asked an almost completely overlooked, yet poignant question.

When surgery was completed on LHO he was assumed to be in relatively stable and good condition.

And, he was being purportedly cared for as such.

Then, with absolutely no prior warning, his situation suddenly reversed and he immediately became critical and died shortly thereafter from loss of blood.

According to Dr Crenshaw, the above is not true. Maybe Tom can explain where he got his information.

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