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George W. Bush and the mistakes he's made...

Julie Ditolla

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I recently came upon a mother's story about her son, who died in the Iraq war.

I am providing the link to her story here, in the hopes that people around the world will see just one aspect of the horrible mistakes that Geo. W. Bush has made while holding the White House office as the U.S. Commander " & Thief."

I am disgusted at the way the American People blithely accept the "offering du jour" touted as "news" by the American network news services - I personally do NOT watch American news - I have hated it for years, since I was subjected to the nightly barrage of dis-information from the "DMZ - Viet Nam" (by Peter Jennings, fully costumed in helmet and flak jacket), since the mid-to-late 1960's...

Please NOTE: the American television news networks are ALL slanted, biased and largely occupy a position of disseminating DIS-INFORMATION - primarily because of what they are TOLD they CAN inform the American viewing public about - or the "spin" that the Government officials "spoon feed to them."

Here's an article I found through an independent news source, which I felt compelled to share with people around the world - the Education Forum seemed to me to be the most likely site - since I know that this site is "global" and have e-mailed and chatted with a number of members here.

Since you may have heard that our "illustrious" (NOT!) President threw the mother of ONE dead American soldier in jail, because she was asking WHY her son had DIED in Iraq (at a protest staged where Bush was campaigning) she wanted an answer...I do not know if it was THIS particular lady, but it "could have been..."


Feel free to let me know what your thoughts may be about this story.

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