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Israel behind the bombs shipped from Yemen?

Ron Ecker

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, sees Israel behind this October Surprise (2010 edition).


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Duff is a "goo goo g' joob" whack a loon. He provided close to zero citations and when he did they don't back his claims. Refering to the "crotch bomber" he wrote:

"Worse still, the “terrorists” father, described by the press as a “Muslim banker” turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA"

He provided no citation here but did in another "article":

"Dad, back in Nigeria,
ran the national arms industry
(DICON) in partnership
with Israel, in particular, the Mossad


I underlined his embedded links. According to the first:

He started his working career in 1965 as a Management Accountant with Fuller Jenks Beecroft & Co in London.

He also served as Chief Accountant/Acting General Manager, Defence Industries Corporation in Kaduna. He was also the Financial Controller of the company.

He rose to become the General Manager, New Nigeria Development Company Limited (NNDC) from 1968 to 1975.

The article never said he "ran" the company or that it was "the national arms industry". According to this article it only produced ammunition at the time. Since he was only 25 - 28 I doubt he held such a powerful position.

Here is the 2nd linked article in its entirety:

"Nigeria: Lawmakers Divided Over Mossad - FG Link

Tashikalmah Hallah and Francis Okeke 5 September 2008

Members of the National Assembly have expressed different opinions on the alleged invitation of Israeli intelligence agency to train the country's security operations under a secret security pact.

Former Chairman House of Representatives Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Rep Abdullahi Farouk (PDP, Kebbi State), said Nigeria does not need Mossad or any foreign intelligence organisation to train the country's security agents because Nigeria has the best security training institution in the country."

Note that:

  • this was 40 years after Mutallab left DICON
  • Neither he nor the company were mentioned
  • The proposal was described as an "alleged invitation"
  • It did not sound like it would be approved
  • There was no mention of any actual collaboration between Nigeria and the Mossad.

Edited by Len Colby
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I posted the above to Duff's website except I removed the part about him being "a "goo goo g' joob" whack a loon" and changed it to 2nd person, I even addressed him as "Mr. Duff". He replied that he post was based on “personal and first hand” experience and claimed he had worked "advising the government of Nigeria in areas of security”. I posted the following reply:

Well if what you claim were true why didn’t your cite your “personal and first hand” knowledge of what you wrote about rather than articles that did NOT support you claims? Fill us in prey tell on your supposed experience “advising the government of Nigeria in areas of security”, when and for whom did you work? Did this experience give you direct knowledge of Mutallab running “the national arms industry (DICON) in partnership with Israel, in particular, the Mossad”? If he ran the company after 1968 why did the article indicate otherwise? On and now that we are on the subject of you bio, care to provide any specifics? Dates, locations, units and ranks for the USMC, ompanies/organizations, locations and dates for your post military career.

He then deleted my replies and his responses to them but not before I got a screen print. Funny how truthers who complain about being shut out by the "MSM" shut dissenting voices out of their blogs, forums and websites.


EDIT: Image uploaded

Edited by Len Colby
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Guest Tom Scully

Please...no replies pointing out that even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

I wasn't familiar with Duff so I took a quick look to see what else he has been pushing and I found that he is pushing the idea that latest and recent Wiki Leaks "data dumps" source is a Mossad op.

Something is going on, and Glenn Greenwald won recognition a couple of days ago for his reporting on Bradely Manning. Justin Raimando, who I usually take with a grain of salt, is on the same track as Greenwald, but neither is as bold about where the background story of Manning's apprehension seems to lead.:


WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 30, 2010 — Innovative investigative news projects and news produced for tablets and mobile devices were the winners of the three newest categories announced tonight at the 2010 Online Journalism Awards Banquet.



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Tom - Those links are interesting thanks for posting them, but I have no idea why you posted them here rather that the Wikileaks thread where they belong. Your rationale makes little sense. Duff's paranoid ranting has nothing to do with Greenwald and Raimundo wrote about. The former as expected was on spot and the latter was surprisingly so.

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I made an entry about this on my blog and sent Duff the link. The following e-mail exchange ensued. Other than correcting 1 typo and redacting our e-mail addresses I changed nothing. The times are my time, i.e. 1 hour ahead of EST and 3 hours behind GMT.

From: Gpduf@xxxxxx

Subject: Re: Gordon Duff another truther whack-a-loon and coward

To: lenxxxxxx

Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2010, 6:12 PM

Hey Len

We have 400,000 subscribers. THEY HATE YOU

Live with it or go back to...wherever it is that traitors live.

You make my day. Keep squirming



Tuesday, November 2, 2010 8:01 PM

From: "len colby" xxxxxx


You think, they hate me Duff? Most don't know who I am because you keep censoring my posts. What are you afraid of? Them finding out that you make stuff up? I do not believe you really have direct knowledge of Abdulmutallab dad's ties to the Mossad because if you did you would have said so rather than cite articles that didn't back your claims.

So I wonder if you lied about that what else have you lied about? As for your claim to have regularly appeared on TV what else is there besides being interviewed once by Russian TV and another time by a Pakistani station? How much of your claimed bio is true? I have a challenge for you spell out you bio in detail including the dates, ranks and units of your service and the dates, titles and locations of your post military career and provide some documentation.

Oh and I don't believe your claim to "have 400,000 subscribers" even at the height of the truther storm 9/11 Blogger only claimed to be "getting about 5,000 unique hits a day," and a newspaper selling that many print copies would be 12 in US circulation.

And why exactly am I a traitor? Is it just because I question your dubious claims?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010 8:04 PM

From: "len colby" xxxxxxx


Oh and one more thing I consider the content of our e-mails fodder for my blog, i.e. I might post all or part of their contents.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010 8:10 PM

From: "Gpduf@xxxxxx" <Gpduf@xxxxxx>

Add sender to Contacts

To: lenxxxxxx

Please do

but first you should get an education

go to the yellow pages

look under schools

find one near your home

very near as you might become frightened or lost

contact them and see if you qualify to attend

have a nice day, i certainly will



Tuesday, November 2, 2010 8:20 PM

From: "Gpduf@xxxxxx" <Gpduf@xxxxxx>

Add sender to Contacts

To: lenxxxxxx

Oh, you are that idiot.

You have had your 1 minute.

You are a time waster with bad manners. You simply don't matter. The world is full of people with problem like yours.

The rest of us don't have time for you.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010 8:38 PM


"len colby" <lenxxxxxx>

View contact details



Actually I was polite till you started censoring me. You think I need to go back to school? You crack me up, you seem to have serious reading comprehension problems or did you post those links knowing they did not back your claims?

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Enough of Duff,Ive had enduffgh of Duff. The Issue of the bombs is of note.


from the link above

But this raises the question of why AQAP would address the packages designed to explode in flight bringing down cargo planes to two Chicago synagogues under the names of two notorious enemies of Islam. Wouldn’t a package from Yemen, an unstable country intermittently targeted by U.S. drone-fired missiles, home of a group identified by U.S. officials as the greatest threat to U.S. security outside the “Af-Pak” border region, a country with only a handful of aging Jews, addressed to U.S. synagogues under the names chosen risk arousing suspicion? Wouldn’t the packages just be crying out, “Inspect me!”?

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A semi reasonable question but by the same logic if they were really sent by (take your pick) the CIA/MI6/Mossad/MIBH/PNAC etc why would they address them to synagogues? But since a cargo plane holds hundreds if not thousands of packages, only a small portion of which get screened, how many low wage hacks many of whose 1st language uses a totally different alphabet would notice the packages were addressed to synagogues, especially one seems to have named "Or Chadash"?

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A semi reasonable question but by the same logic if they were really sent by (take your pick) the CIA/MI6/Mossad/MIBH/PNAC etc why would they address them to synagogues? But since a cargo plane holds hundreds if not thousands of packages, only a small portion of which get screened, how many low wage hacks many of whose 1st language uses a totally different alphabet would notice the packages were addressed to synagogues, especially one seems to have named "Or Chadash"?


To send to synagogues could be a method (yes method ) of false flag victimology. This method would be used by said related service. see MANY MANY MANY MANY LINKS, Please choose a number to read to get an idea of what I am communicating.


****************** representative

Resolved Question: Why are there so many fake Jewish hoax crimes?

posted in Psychology Related News on The Web, Questions by admin | 28 views

SARAH MARSHAK a GWU Jewess student reporter painted swastikas on her own student room door and blamed racist, anti semites for this. After evaluating evidence from a hidden camera positioned in response to the swastika postings in Mitchell Hall, University Police have linked the Sarah Marshak herself to several the incidents. Following a final interview with investigators the student admitted responsibility. The individual will now face student judicial action and a determination will be made as to whether District of Columbia and/or federal laws were violated. No other suspects in the Mitchell Hall incidents were identified at any point through use of the hidden camera, interviews, or increased patrols of the residence hall. PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR KERRI DUNN Dunn, the 40-year-old daughter of a retired police officer, who holds a degree in law from University of Nebraska and who taught classes in criminal justice and psychology at a California college, was sentenced to one year in a California prison for falsely reporting that her car was damaged in a campus hate crime. The incident was later exposed as a fraud when two witnesses stepped forward to claim they saw Dunn vandalizing her car. Dunn’s Honda reportedly was sprayed with slurs about blacks and Jews on March 9, 2004 and her tires were slashed. The suspected hate crime sparked widespread outrage by blacks, Judaics and other minorities and prompted the Claremont Colleges to cancel classes for a day of anti-hate rallies. continued LUIS MARSIGLIA - a Uruguay Born Jewish teacher claimed he had been assaulted by anti-semite neo-Nazis. It turned out had had beaten himself with a piece of wood and scratched himself himself with a iron bar. Two men and a boy were arrested after anti-Semitic spray-painted messages were discovered on the exterior signs of two Judaic institutions in Pikesville over the weekend, Baltimore County police said. One of the men was a member of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation in the 5500 block of Slade Ave,. where the word Nazi and a swastika were spray-painted on signs, said Cpl. Michael Hill, a police spokesman. Signs at Beth Tfiloh Community School in the 3300 block of Old Court Road were similarly defaced. The incidents are not being treated as hate crimes, Hill said, but he would not discuss a motive for the vandalism. Police are withholding the identities of the men until they are charged, he said. They could face misdemeanor charges of destruction of property and damaging proper ty and damaging property of a religious entity, Hill said. ALSO: RABBI GABRIEL FARHI French Reform Rabbi Gabriel Farhi, who was stabbed on January 3 2003 in a much-denounced ‘attack’ which was given worldwide publicity, in fact faked the stabbing. The truth surfaced in a report this week by the weekly magazine Marianne, which was then picked up by Le Figaro. The journal reported that police officers investigating the stabbing said it is not clear whether Farhi was actually stabbed by an unknown assailant, and they are not ruling out the possibility that Farhi in fact stabbed himself. The rumors began to surface immediately after the attack, when police came to investigate. "I've seen assaults and stabbings as part of my job, but I must say that this was a rather strange stabbing," Marianne quoted the officer who led the investigating team as saying. A few days later, the doctor who examined Farhi submitted a report to the police in which he wrote that "the wound does not match the rabbi's version of the assault." RABBI LANGER Rabbi Langer’s son was arrested and charged with arson and grand theft. Langer allegedly stole a Torah from his father’s San Francisco synagogue and set two fires that caused about $200,000 in damage, police said. BREANNE COVENTRY SNELL Breanne Coventry Snell, 24, of Midlothian, has been charged with three misdemeanors for telling police she was the victim of an anti-Semitic hate crime last month at the University of New Hampshire where she is a student. According to court reports, Snell told police she was attacked on Oct. 3 2006 by a freshman football player and another man. However, police say the assault never happened, and allege Snell has a history of making false police reports when she attended Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Maine. VCU police said Snell filed three reports while attending there, claiming to have been hit in the head with a brick, mugged and violently raped. Investigators later found all three claims to be untrue. While attending University of Maine, Snell allegedly reported being attacked twice within an 11-day period. Again, her claims were found to be untrue. How else do you want me to refer to a female person who is a Jew?

Edited by Steven Gaal
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This is bordering on blatant antisemitism and is a blatant violation of basic logic. Over a period of several years 6 Jews supposedly faked antisemitic attacks so some how this is reason to doubt the Yemeni package bombs which:

- were far more sophisticated than any of the incidents mentioned,

- had its origins in a country which Gaal acknowledges has "only a handful of aging Jews"

- were not described as being antisemitic and if the theorized objective had been reached (blowing the planes over the ocean) no Jewish connection would have been discovered.

Edited by Len Colby
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This is bordering on blatant antisemitism and is a blatant violation of basic logic. Over a period of several years 6 Jews supposedly faked antisemitic attacks so some how this is reason to doubt the Yemeni package bombs which:

- were far more sophisticated than any of the incidents mentioned,

- had its origins in a country which Gaal acknowledges has "only a handful of aging Jews"

- were not described as being antisemitic and if the theorized objective had been reached (blowing the planes over the ocean) no Jewish connection would have been discovered.


Lets see Grandma was Jewish,Mom born Jew,Ive worked in a Jewish Religious Store in Malden Mass,once owned a very,very large collection of Jewish books....makes me.....makes me ...makes me ....think Colby grasps at straws....

The link which I said in my post has many ,many,many many links inside of it and I also said in my post to read them. In doing so you will see scores of such hoaxes and not 6 as claimed by Colby.The 6 comes from one sample ,that is clearly labeled "representative" . Colby is trying to trick people from not reading the link. Colby is the real Jew hater ,since Colby hates me (JEW), as proved by not reading the metalink as advised. Colby says I violate logic ,really ??? The metalink search comes from a YAHOO "hate crime hoax" search. Is said search inherently antisemitic ??? OR ARE THE FACTS THAT SUCH A SEARCH RETURNS NUMEROUS JEWISH HOAXES ILLOGICAL AND OR ANTISEMITIC ??. FACTS DEAR MR. Colby ARE NOT ILLOGICAL,they are the basis of reality. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

COLBY MAKES THREE LOW BROW POINTS/// ONE/// were far more sophisticated than any of the incidents mentioned /// end Colby quote + ANSWER CAUSE THIS WAS A INTELL OP ,not one person seeking attention. ///TWO /// had its origins in a country which Gaal acknowledges has "only a handful of aging Jews /// end Colby quote + ANSWER CAUSE THATS HOW YOU DO FALSE FLAG !!!!!!!!!!! /// THREE /// were not described as being antisemitic and if the theorized objective had been reached (blowing the planes over the ocean) no Jewish connection would have been discovered.///end Colby quote + ANSWER We only have the goverment to believe they would blow up over oceans.The Goverment explanation has problems. The problem with this idea is that the cell phone triggers would need to have credit card info placed in when prompted to complete call in the air. No info as to how this would be done.





Saturday, 18 September 2010


The information below was collected from the book "Crying Wolf - Hate Crime Hoaxes in America" written by Laird Wilcox.

How to spot an antisemitic hate crime hoax

What traits distinguishes antisemitic hate crime hoaxes and fabrications? Police, federal, state and local agencies, and college officials have observed certain "patterns" that tend to suggest a hoax might be afoot.

1. An incident that can't be corroborated with reasonable evidence or disinterested witnesses, or is accompanied by an account which contains inconsistencies, or when the alleged victim suddenly refuses to talk to police.

Often, alleged antisemitic hate crimes are insufficiently supported by evidence or reliable witnesses. Upon examination, the statements of the victim may contain inconsistent or contradictory elements. When confronted with a lack of evidence to support their claims, or with problems with their story, the victim may become angry or frightened and ceases cooperating with authorities.

2. An incident that occurs just when it's "needed" to promote awareness or sensitivity to racism or anti-Semitism, to disarm critics and make them reluctant to "talk back."

Be particularly alert for hoaxes during appropriate holidays, birthdays, or on anniversaries of important events. Hoaxes may also occur following speeches by Jewish spokespersons, or at times when the issue of prejudice and discrimination is in the news.

3. Repeat incidents, especially with "difficult," resentful and easily offended individuals who frequently complain of disrespect, slights, insults or harassment.

Incidents directed at specific individuals are unusual. In some cases hoaxers have been "followed" from one place or resident to another by hate crime perpetrators. Disturbed individuals of attention-seekers are frequently found among hoaxers. Bear in mind, however, that these individuals often create a "self-fulfilling prophecy" with their behavior and actually antagonize others to the point where they will retaliate in some manner.

4. An incident that is particularly skillfully exploited by the alleged victim to attain victim status, manipulate institutions, obtain concessions, special privileges, or money.

When the victim's response to a hate crime is particularly skillful and articulate, or when supporters seem very well-organized and appear on the scene very quickly, it suggests some planning was afoot. Bona fide hate crimes are sometimes not reported for days after they occur. Hoaxes are almost always reported immediately.

Because of the possibility of civil damages in hate crime cases, it is likely that hoaxes of the nature will be increasing. Be alert for cases where the issue of lawsuits and damage amounts emerge early in the event. (Note: Not an issue with Texas hate crimes law. Senate, on debate and passage on May 7, removed provisions for civil damages for hate crime victims.)

5. Incidents which occur improbable circumstances, such as ranti Jewish graffiti in a mostly Jewish dormitory or neighborhood, assaults that occurred in normally crowded areas with no witnesses, graffiti or vandalism in a room occupied only by the victim, and so on.

Some hoaxes are surprisingly poorly planned. In several cases hoaxers had failed to dispose of incriminating evidence. The highly improbable case, where an actual hate crime would have been difficult to pull off, is usually a hoax.

6. In the case of graffiti, carefully drawn symbols or slurs suggest that the author really wants to get a point across---precisely what is meant and the repulsive character of the person behind it---and this suggests a hoax.

Most bona fide incidents represent impulsive striking out, not careful planning. Generally speaking, the more elaborate the circumstances, the greater likelihood of a hoax. Cases where the damage is deliberate, meticulous and extensive should be cause for suspicion.

7. Another trait that suggests a hoax surfaced in several of the cases mentioned below. Where authorities suspect a hoax, the likelihood is enhanced somewhat when local anti-racists and radical special interest groups defame and vilify doubters. Persistent rumors of a hoax are often initially ignored because of "sensitivity" concerns, or because the principle players downplay the issue with threats and pleading.

8. Finally, several hoaxers have reported marking or symbols painted on their bodies by their alleged assailants. This rarely occurs in bona fide cases.

For reasons that are not clear, body markings on the victim by the alleged perpetrators are apparently a cause for suspicion. One theory is that the markings are intended to represent wounds. Another is that hoaxers are often self-absorbed individuals and the markings are narcissistic attention-getting devices.

9. Copycat hoaxes are likely to occur after an earlier, perhaps bona fide, incident has taken place that has aroused great publicity.

A large number of similar incidents in a relatively short time may very likely include some hoaxes. Often, some of the same people will be involved and the same symbols used.

Why do Jews stage phoney hate crime hoaxes?

The first has to do with the personal payoff for victimization, i.e., attention, sympathy, a sense of importance, feeding persecution fantasies, and material payoffs. The second has to do with advancing a political or social agenda, as in the case of hoaxes intending to create support for regulations or legislation, or to help create a climate sympathetic to specific interest groups. The third has to do with insurance fraud, with the anti-Semitic element almost an afterthought. Most hoaxes are combinations of the first two types.

Carefully done, the risk of discover of a hoax is minimal. Most hoaxes simply remain "unsolved" hate crimes. Those that are discovered may not result in criminal action against the hoaxers. When criminal charges are filed they can have wide ranging consequences, from long prison terms in some cases to a slap on the wrist on others, with most cases tending toward the latter.

What can be done about hoaxes? Probably very little as long as victimization claims are so uncritically accepted, and the payoff for alleged victimization is sufficiently tempting and rewarding. "Hate crime" legislation, although well-intentioned, has created a powerful market for the side benefits of alleged hate crimes. When these crimes are not naturally occurring, or are not occurring in sufficient numbers, a motive to commit hoaxes is created. Provisions in hate crime legislation for civil damages also creates a powerful motive to commit hoaxes.

Vigilance in discovering hoaxes and appropriate publicity may discourage some potential hoaxers. Punishment for hoaxes equal bona fide hate crimes, including sentence enhancement, would probably have a greater deterrent effect, but would also perpetuate the injustices inherent in the hate crime concept itself.

Probably the most effective thing would be for police agencies and the media to entertain a healthy skepticism about hate crime claims, and to establish a category of "not proven" in cases where no perpetrator is identified and charged. Any unsolved case may be a hoax, include those intuitively thought to be bona fide.

Edited by Steven Gaal
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Since you keep praising "Lord Christ" I think we can all safely assume that despite your supposed heritage you are not Jewish and since you used past tense regarding your Jewish books you seem to have gotten rid of them.

Its quite bizarre that you post an anti-semitic text from an anti-semitic site and claim not to be anti-semitic your self.

And no even if you were Jewish disliking and individual Jew does not make someone anti-semitic just as not liking an individual Black/Asian/Latino etc does not make one racist or disliking a particular woman make one a misogynist.

Your descent into stupid here breaks new ground

1) Wilcox's book was self-published and only seems to be sold by him and extremist sites. I don't think he has recognized expertise in what he wrote.

2) AFAIK he did not claim the characteristics were unique hoax anti-semtic hate crimes tht was added by the poster.

3) the chracteristics don't match the Yemeni package bombs

"The 6 comes from one sample ,that is clearly labeled "representative" "

There were about 1500 anti-semitic incidents/year in the US during the period of the hoaxes in 2006 the were 1554 incidents including "669 incidents of vandalism" even if 6 of those were hoaxes that comes out to less than 1 %.


"The problem with this idea is that the cell phone triggers would need to have credit card info placed in when prompted to complete call in the air."

Reports said that cellphone circuit boards were used not that the bombs would be triggered via phone calls and one can easily by prepaid phone cards with cash.

Edited by Len Colby
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Nope,no BOMB,just false terror and of course victimhood.




Did Obama order British Authorities To Find Non-Existent Ink Bomb?

Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 10:58 PM


Subject: Did Obama order British Authorities To Find Non-Existent Ink Bomb?

Did Obama Order British Authorities To Find Non-Existent Ink Bomb?

Only after President’s speech did East Midlands security officials reverse earlier announcement that suspicious device was a dud

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet.com

Monday, November 1, 2010

After having examined the suspicious ink toner device for six hours and found it to be a dud, bomb experts at East Midlands Airport only reversed their decision after being ordered to re-inspect the package by US authorities following President Obama’s Friday afternoon speech in which he claimed that the devices did in fact contain explosives.

This telling contradiction in the timeline of the cargo bomb plot fiasco proves that the story was being hyped and manipulated from the very early stages.

Obama was informed of the plot at 10:35PM eastern Thursday night, despite the fact that the East Midlands package was only first discovered roughly at the exact same time – 3:30am on Friday morning UK time. British Prime Minister David Cameron was kept firmly out of the loop – he was not informed until Friday afternoon.

How did Obama and his terror chief John Brennan know that the East Midlands package was an explosive device virtually at the same time bomb experts had only just discovered the device at East Midlands Airport and before they had even had the chance to analyze it?

A spokesman from the Metropolitan Police stated: “Following initial examination explosives officers were satisfied that the package presented no immediate danger.”

Authorities at East Midlands only reversed their earlier assessment after “(US) authorities urged the British to look again, a US official said,” reports the Nottingham Post.

So is it credible that bomb professionals whose expertise and training is focused around detecting explosives, failed to do so after a six hour sweep, only to change their minds after being ordered to look again by the US government?

What did Obama know and when did he know it? The timeline strongly indicates that US terror authorities knew about the East Midlands device before East Midlands bomb experts had even discovered it.

Police and bomb experts at East Midlands have refused to comment on the confusion.


In addition, it has come to light that the man responsible for tipping off Saudi authorities to the imminent plot, who subsequently informed US authorities, was Jabir al-Fayf, suspected by Yemen of being a double agent working for the Saudis.

Al-Fayf had infiltrated the Al-Qaeda group in Yemen who were behind the plot. Going on past evidence of how almost every terror scare was contrived with the aid of federal agents or their Al-Qaeda informants provocateuring the terror group into action, Al-Fayf was probably responsible for grooming the patsies, whose mental incompetence, as again is the case in most instances, prevented them from building sophisticated enough bombs to be successful.

However, despite the fact that authorities not only in the UK but also in the cases of the Newark and Pittsburgh packages, initially gave the “all clear,” according to CNN, Obama, having already been informed of the plot the night before, simply contradicted the very experts who had dismissed the devices as duds, claiming the packages contained explosives. This soon mushroomed into a media scaremongering blitz about powerful explosives that could have knocked dozens of planes out of the sky.

The contrived series of events has been swiftly exploited as a means of intensifying US attacks on Yemen, which was instantly blamed as the source of the alleged attack, despite a female student who was arrested as the prime culprit later being released after it became clear she was the victim of a “set-up,” according to her lawyer.

Two Wall Street Journal articles today make it plain that the Obama administration will use the incident to justify further military incursions into Yemen while beefing the CIA’s power to control secret “elite U.S. hunter-killer teams” that operate in foreign countries.

In a report entitled Package Bombs Help U.S. Defense in Cleric Case, the WSJ discusses how the alleged role of American cleric Anwar al Awlaki in the plot, who as we have documented is a CIA stooge who met with Pentagon officials shortly after 9/11 despite being fingered as the spiritual guru of the very hijackers who slammed Flight 77 into the Pentagon, will aid the US in its plans to launch military operations in Yemen.

In another report entitled Yemen Covert Role Pushed – Foiled Bomb Plot Heightens Talk of Putting Elite U.S. Squads in CIA Hands, Julian E. Barnes and Adam Entous explain how the plot – supposedly masterminded by someone on the CIA payroll – will enable the Obama administration to shift “more operational control to the CIA” in its mission to violate the sovereignty of more nations in the name of the war on terror.

RELATED: CIA Stooge Awlaki Prime Suspect Behind Plane Bomb Plot


The Yemen printer cartridge hoax

Despite the efforts of the Zionist-controlled media to mislead us into thinking that 'al Qaeda' in Yemen attempted to send bombs to Chicago synagogues disguised as printer cartridges - everybody buys their printer cartridges from Yemen - a close reading of the stories makes it clear that there were in fact no bombs at all. From the National Post:

"British police said an item found on the UPS plane was sent for further testing. CNN said it was an ink toner cartridge converted into a bomb.

Before Obama spoke, an FBI source had told Reuters that initial tests in Britain revealed no explosives."


"U.S. officials and some analysts speculated that the suspicious parcels may have been a test of cargo screening procedures and the reaction of security officials.

"One possibility, if this is terrorism related, is that this may be a trial run," one U.S. official said.

Intelligence about the possible plot had come from an ally abroad, the official said, without elaborating."

From Sky.com:

"Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said the UK package was found on the cargo plane at about 3.30am on Thursday morning.

“The package was checked and at some stage was given the all-clear because the plane was allowed to continue its flight to North America," he added.

“For some reason this package was revisited and then concern grew again - so much so that for the last 12 hours or so this police operation has continued.""

From the Daily Telegraph:

"Police cordoned off the cargo area of the airport as forensics experts were called in to examine the parcel, but the passenger terminal was allowed to carry on as normal, with no disruption to flights. By 10am, tests had established that the "device" did not contain explosives, and the cordon was lifted. The aircraft itself was allowed to take off for Philadelphia, its final stop before Chicago.

Further checks on the package are understood to have revealed that a Hewlett Packard printer contained a hidden device that gave greater cause for concern. It was said to be "cleverly disguised" and appeared to have been linked to a mobile phone. It was split in two and sent for detailed investigation by the authorities.

For the few airport staff who were aware of what was going on, the bomb scare seemed to have passed.

But 3,500 miles away, the second aircraft that had set off from Yemen was being searched after it landed at Dubai International Airport. Another suspicious package, also addressed to a Chicago synagogue, was intercepted.

This time, the parcel, which also contained a printer cartridge made to look like a bomb, had been sent via another American parcel service, FedEx, and again Mr Obama was informed. One unconfirmed report suggested the Dubai package did contain explosives.

In London, the latest twist was relayed to the security services, who in turn asked Leicestershire police to double-check the package at East Midlands.

At 2pm, the security cordon at the airport's cargo area was re-imposed, and this time a Royal Mail depot and other smaller offices were evacuated.

Exactly why the police increased security at the airport, having already declared the package safe, remains unclear, but forensic specialists wearing white boiler suits were seen going in and out of the cargo area.

On the other side of the Atlantic, UPS and FedEx aircraft were grounded on the orders of Mr Obama, with two aircraft searched at Philadelphia, including the one which had taken off from East Midlands, and one at Newark in New Jersey. A UPS truck was also stopped in New York before being given the all-clear.

Meanwhile, the first hint of a possible terrorist plot targeting Chicago synagogues was beginning to become public after Chicago police advised the Jewish Federation of Chicago to take security precautions.

By 5pm U.K. time, news of a possible terrorist plot had broken on American news channels, and East Midlands airport became the focus of world attention.

Confident that the suspicious package contained no explosives, police at East Midlands loaded the cartridge, shrink-wrapped in cellophane, on to a helicopter to be taken to the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism command, which had now been asked to take over the investigation.

By 5.30pm the police had left the airport and removed the cordon, and attention switched to the U.S., which had now become the centre of frenzied speculation and activity. Ray Kelly, the commissioner of the New York Police Department, took to the airwaves to reassure the city that one package that had originated in Yemen had been intercepted on a UPS truck in Brooklyn and had contained nothing more than bank receipts."

To summarize:

1. The British found a regular toner cartridge with traces of harmless white powder;

2. After urgent demands from the Americans, the British opened the cartridge and discovered its usual electronics, now rebranded as a detonator mechanism to be set off by a cellphone;

3. The Americans found some bank receipts, but by then the Zionist-controlled media had labelled them a terrorist bomb to mimic the British non-bomb bomb;

4. They needed to pick a synagogue as the target, so they picked the synagogues of Chicago, probably as a homage to Rahm Emmanuel!

5. You might note the very odd 'it is understood' language in a lot of the stories on this matter, indicating that the source for the details is lying. Of course, the headlines and the opening paragraphs reveal none of this doubt.


Cargo plane bomb plot: Yemen doubts its link to the plot

The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen!!

THE LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH. Published: 7:30AM BST 30 Oct 2010

Al-Awlaki, an American-Yemeni cleric whose Internet sermons have helped inspire attacks on the U.S Photo: AP

The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen on Friday or any indirect or direct flights to British or American airports.

In a statement distributed to journalists and posted on the official website, the statement warned against "rush decisions in a case as sensitive as this one and before investigations reveal the truth".

The government also promised an investigation into allegations that the packages had originated in Yemen.

"We are working closely with international partners – including the US – on the incident," the statement said.

British and Dubai authorities stated that the two packages found on cargo jets originated from Yemen carried by FedEx and UPS parcel services.

The discovery of the packages has once more put the spotlight on Yemen and the growth of the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula militant group.

The group previously has planned attacks on commercial US-bound flights and had a role in mass shootings in several American cities.

In the past 18 months, the al-Qaida offshoot in Yemen has grown stronger, and its members have been implicated in several plots against US targets,

including the futile attack last Dec 25 on an airliner landing in Detroit, Michigan.

'Talcum powder will soon be on list of banned weapons!'

Daily Mail – November 1, 2010

Air travellers face a wave of new security measures in the wake of the Yemen bomb plot.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary warned even talcum power could end up on the banned list of items people cannot take on planes.

He said he feared a new raft of 'ludicrous' airport security measures in reaction to the latest terror plot where bombs hidden in printer ink cartridges were found on U.S.-bound planes in the East Midlands and Dubai.

British and American intelligence services were desperately hunting more Al Qaeda ink bombs today amid fears of a wave of plane attacks.

And later Prime Minister David Cameron is due to chair a meeting of the emergency committee Cobra. Security chiefs are expected to recommend cranking up airport checks even further.

One of the U.S.’s most senior counter-terrorism officials said every package sent from Yemen was being treated as a potential danger – and Britain banned all cargo movements to and from the Gulf country.

Authorities in Yemen said they had seized 26 suspect packages, indicating that the scale of the plot could be far larger than the two devices already found – both of which were powerful enough to down a plane and devastate a city.

But Mr O'Leary told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he thought the main impact would be on normal travellers.

'What happens, particularly in the coverage of the Yemeni issues of recent days, is that we have another huge lurch by the securicrats into making travel even more uncomfortable and an even more tedious ordeal for the travelling public,' he said.

'Sadly they always win the day and they lurch around with ludicrous new measures.

'Lord only knows what we'll have now. We will be confiscating white powder at the airports. Talcum powder will probably now be put on a list of banned weapons at airport security.

'The fact is, if you look at most of the terrorist attacks in recent years, they have been on the London Underground, they have been in Madrid on the trains, they haven't been at airports and they haven't been against passenger aircraft. Nor has this one been against passenger aircraft; they were two passenger aircraft.

'So I have no doubt we will have all the securicrats tut-tutting through the remainder of this week about the need for increased security when in actual fact we already have ludicrously over-the- top and, sadly, totally ineffective security measures.

'You have got to be careful with the terminology. It is not yet sure that they have found two bombs on planes; they seem to have found two printer cartridges on planes which falls a long way short of bomb-making material.'

But Government's across the globe remain on high alert as fears that a terrorist spectacular could still take place intensified after a Middle Eastern airline said that one of the bombs, discovered in Dubai, had been on board two passenger planes before it was found.

Qatar Airways said the device hidden in a printer cartridge had flown on a scheduled Airbus 320 flight to Doha before being transferred on to a second passenger plane for the flight to Dubai. Up to 15 per cent of air cargo is flown in the hold of passenger flights.

The other device, also in an ink cartridge, was discovered in a UPS parcels distribution depot at East Midlands Airport on Friday, following a tip-off from a source in Saudi Arabia. John Brennan, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, said: ‘It would be very imprudent to presume that there are no other packages out there.’

He said forensic analysis indicated the two explosive devices had been made by Yemen-based Al Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri.

He was also responsible for the bomb carried by a Nigerian student who tried to blow up a passenger plane with explosives concealed in his underwear as it landed in Detroit on Christmas Day.

Al-Asiri is now one of the world’s most wanted men. Other members of Al Qaeda’s high command in Yemen have been killed by CIA drones targeting them from the sky.

Mr Brennan said the two bombs had been powerful enough to bring down a plane and were ‘very sophisticated’ in the way they were designed and concealed.

‘They were self-contained. They were able to be detonated at a time of the terrorists’ choosing.

‘It is my understanding that these devices did not need someone to actually physically detonate them.’

He added that Al Qaeda ‘are still at war with us and we are very much at war with them. They are going to try to identify vulnerabilities that might exist in the system.’

British and U.S. investigators were flying to Yemen last night to help in the investigation into the plot blamed on the terror group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which both MI6 and MI5 have warned poses a serious threat to the UK.

In Yemen searches of every FedEx and UPS office ended in the 26 packages being seized by authorities. They are expected to be passed to the CIA for examination.

According to a Yemeni security official, at least five suspects have been arrested and interrogated since Saturday over who might be behind the mail bombs and a number of employees of the shipping companies, including two from FedEx, are being investigated.

Yemen is also asking for more information from Saudi Arabia since it was the source of the tip-off.

Yemeni authorities arrested then freed a 22-year-old female student, Hanan al-Samawi, who posted the two packages in Sanaa to synagogues in Chicago, leaving her telephone number and a copy of her identity card which were used to trace her.

A computer science student and daughter of an oil worker, she was arrested together with her 45-year-old mother at the family’s home in the Yemeni capital.

But lawyers said she was an innocent dupe whose identity appeared to have been stolen.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the Government had already acted to ban all unaccompanied freight from Yemen coming to Britain, and was in talks with the industry about further restrictions.

‘We are going to be looking at the security that we adopt in relation to freight. We will be talking to the industry about those measures,’ she said.

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This is unbelievably silly the bomb squad had not "examined the suspicious ink toner device for six hours and found it to be a dud". They examined the package did not detect a bomb set it aside and looked at it again after being told a bomb had been discovered in the UAE disguised as a printer. Only one news report said the elapsed time was 6 hours and we don't know what tests "the East Midlands bomb experts" performed.

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