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Oswald - the patsy...

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Oswald says so, we all know that. Many questions have been raised about Oswalds status.

So, where and when (let's leave the 'why' out for now..) was the decision to make Oswald the patsy made?

If you believe Adele Edisen, and I do, and others don't, but everything she has said I have confirmed makes me believe her.

Among the things she has said includes that idea that in April of 1963 Dr./Col. Jose Rivera, of Bethesda, Maryland, and former New Orleans resident,

had foreknowledge not only of the assassination, but of Oswald's role, and the phone number of Oswald's Magazine Street apartment before Oswald

himself knew he would be living there.

That tells me that major decisions were made in DC in April of 1963, and that is when Oswald was one of a number of possible patsys set up to be framed for the assassination, whenever and whereever it occcurred.


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