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"Profile In Silver"

Mike Regan

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Hi All,

With hope that the moderators will be kind to me this one time and allow me to post, just want to share with all of you, especially to Kathy Beckett, who posted (#2) on John Simkin's July 2nd, 2009 topic, "Rod Serling And The JFK Assassination", her thoughts about the "Twilight Zone's" 1985 broadcast about the JFK assassination entitled "Profile In Silver"...

Though I disagree with the show's premise that Oswald was the assassin, the broadcast, to say the least, was quite entertaining... I've posted a link to the 1/2 hour broadcast, in three parts, below...

Also hope the moderators will be kind enough to allow me to post thoughts expressed by me today over at the "Patriots For America" web-site, just below the "Profile In Silver" links...


Sincere regards,


"About That Congressional Black Caucus"

Hope Nobody Minds That I Express Thoughts Concerning An Issue Which, Frankly, Has Bugged Me For Quite Some Time.. When One Considers The Present Existence Of A "Congressional Black Caucus", Unethically, Ethnically Bias & "Illegally Organized" Within Our Own United States Congress In January of 1969 (With The Name "Congressional Black Caucus" Being Formalized in February, 1971) & Subsidized Through "We The Tax Payers"... They Even Installed An Incredible Dork, And Fellow "Congressional Black Caucus" Member Out Of Illinois, 2005 thru 2008, Barrack Obama, Into Our White House...

And Whether We Be Polish, Irish, French, German, Jewish, English, Italian, Scottish, Swedish, Norwegian, Etc., Etc., Etc., We Have "NOT", Justifiably So, Rallied For Our Own Congressional Caucuses...Why...? Because "We The Taxpayers" Have Long Understood That These Wonderful United States Of America, Along With It's Laws & Mandates, Were Designed & Fought For, Through An Enormous Shedding Of Patriots "Blood, Sweat & Tears", By Our Forefathers To Represent "ALL AMERICANS", Whatever Their Race, Color Or Creed...

In A Very Large Sense, The Blacks In This Nation Have Yet To Understand This Reality And I Sometimes Wonder If They Ever Will... For Over Four Decades, They've Been Content With Bullying This Country, Much Of It Through Their "Congressional Black Caucus", But Also Through Other Representatives Of Theirs Including, Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, Louie Farrakhan, And The List Goes On, And On, And On... And Remain Content In Their Bullying, Intimidation And Downright "Sleaze"...

Semper Fidelis,



(Left Click Below And Read About Those Who Have Made American Life So Miserable These Past Decades)

(Left Click Below For The Pearl Of "TRUTH" Which Represents The Catalyst For All This And Understand What We All Experienced All Those Years Ago And Know Just What It Is That Is A "COUP D'ETAT")

Edited by Mike Regan
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