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Soon, by "snail-mail", you will receive two documents which represent portions of the "True"* survey plat as completed by Mr. Robert West for the Warren Commission.

(*As opposed to the phony CE882 which was admitted into evidence)


So! In addition to the altered survey data (CE 884), you can add these two additional "alterations" to your listing.


Should you, after receipt of the aformentioned copies, wish to discuss the rational/reasoning behind altering the survey plat to delete the section of street curb removed (Tague hit), as well as changing the physical location (on paper) of the curb inlet, then I would be glad to discuss this subject matter with "inquiring minds".*

Tom Purvis

*For the record, I do not consider "enquiring minds" to include those who merely "parrot" the WC and it's completely asinine conclusion.


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