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Reactions following frame 285

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Over the years I have posted animated GIFs in various JFK forums in order to show the reactions to the shot at frame 285 but no browser is capable of displaying GIFs at 18 fps and so they always appear slower than they should.

This animation was calibrated in Quicktime at 18 fps. It will give you a good look at how those reactions actually appeared in real time on 11/22/63. Experts unanimously agree that startle reactions must begin within 1/3rd of a second following the stimulus. And each of those reactions began within the same 1/6th of a second of one another and of Zapruder's reaction as confirmed by Dr. Luis Alvarez.

This should be of special value to those who suggest that Kellerman leaned forward to have a conversation on the radio or that Jackie was studying her husband's neck. 

It was not possible for Oswald to have fired both the shot at frame 285 and the one that followed at 312. This proves that Oswald could not have acted alone, if at all. It also explains why Greer in his panic, slowed the limo. Watch him spin around at almost inhuman speed at the same instant that he was lifting his foot from the gas. And watch Kellerman's reactions which were simultaneous with Greer's and the others.

to the shot at frame 285
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