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Barry Ernest

Barry Ernest

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Born and raised in Altoona, Pa., I received by BA degree in journalism and communications from Point Park College (now Point Park University) in Pittsburgh. I've written for newspapers in Pennsylvania and New York, and also did a stint with political public relations and speechwriting. I became interested in the JFK assassination back in 1967 when a friend mentioned inconsistencies he was finding in the Warren Report. I believed the government's version back then, but was intrigued by his comments. I've been researching it ever since, traveling to Dallas several times to interview witnesses and wearing grooves in the asphalt between my home and the National Archives in Washington. My focus was always the story (or lack thereof) behind witness Victoria Elizabeth Adams. It took me 35 years of searching to find this elusive woman. The result of those efforts is my first book on the subject, "The Girl on the Stairs."

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