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Without You

John Simkin

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Without You is a song written by two members of Badfinger, Pete Ham and Tom Evans. It includes the line, "can't live if living is without you." Pete Ham himself in the garage of his Surrey home on 24 April 1975. He was 27 years old. He left behind a pregnant girlfriend (his daughter was born one month after his death). His suicide note had the statement "I will not be allowed to love and trust everybody. This is better."

Tom Evans committed suicide on 19th November 1983. His body was found hanging in his back garden from a willow tree. Marianne Evans, his wife, was later quoted as saying "Tommy said 'I want to be where Pete is. It's a better place than down here'..."

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Hi John,

I used to be in the music business and managed a Rock 'n' Roll band in the late 1980's called "VANCOUVER" -- a great group of only 3 musicians.

We opened for "Badfinger" during their tour, although the group was no longer the same since two key members of the original did not survive by

their own hand.

Those two unfortunately chose a permanent solution to a temporary emotional state, thus depriving the world of their artistic genius in the process.

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