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The Klein's check of $850 -- where is it ?

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Mr. BELIN. And you have before you a carbon copy of a check that was written by your company to Crescent Firearms in the amount of $850, and attached to it, the attachment that shows it's for invoice No. 3178?

Mr. WALDMAN. That's correct.

( 7 H 369 )

This is the only mention of this check and it's "stub" and strangely neither was ever received into evidence as a commission exhibit and designated an exhibit number during the testimony.

Since the date on this check was never mentioned, I'm interested in what it was.

Can anyone tell me where I can find either of these, either the check or its carbon copy in the 26 volumes ?

I can't seem to find them.

Thank you in advance.

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Interesting. Since the rest of the documentary record for the shipping of that rifle and and carton Number 3376 is also questionable.

And now GIl says there is no check or carbon in evidence for Klein's payment.

Commission Exhibit 2562 is the FBI report on the tracing of the rifle. On page 806 of Volume 25, the FBI reports that FBI exhibit D-166 is the Klein's check # 28966 of $ 850 dated March 1, 1963, but I can't seem to find a picture of the check or it's carbon copy.


It's hard to imagine that BOTH Klein's and Crescent would not have recorded payment for a shipment of 100 rifles.

The above report also claims that the voucher ( Waldman 5 ) bears the check number on it, which it clearly does not. In fact, where it says, "date paid & check no." only the date "MAR 4 1963" is stamped.


So now my curiosity is piqued regarding the Klein's check.

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