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Mark Haley

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More clubs than usual are in for a tense few weeks by the looks of things down at the foot of the table.

You could realistically argue that even Sunderland up in 9th place are still looking over their shoulders.

The gap is only 6 points. A couple of wins is all it takes to jump up several places.

Usually at least one team has been cut adrift by this stage of the season. That hasn't happened this time around. It seems everybody has evrything to play for.

So, who's for the high jump ?

From what I've seen over the season I think Wolves, Birmingham and West Ham will have enough to pull away from the trap door (though West ham will contrive a way to give us all kittens).

Wigan and their cut up swamp of a pitch would be no great loss to the Premier League but it's very difficult to see who'll accompany them into oblivion

Blackpool have several home games in hand but will have to show a significant improvement on their own patch if they're going to survive.

Apparently the atmosphere is somewhat poisonous at Villa Park right now. It would be a major surprise if Villa find themselves dragged under but at this point of the season a good team spirit is vital

Finally I felt the new owners at Blackburn were mad to fire 'Fat Sam' when they did. His replacement is a novice who I think will struggle to cope.

My prediction ... gulp ...

I'm going for


Blackburn and


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