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Sirhan 's Notes To Be Auctioned Off

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Notes allegedly written by Sirhan Sirhan are to be auctioned off. These were written by Sirhan in front of Michael McCowan, the then youngest and now sole survivor of

Sirhan's original 1968 legal defense team. They were never introduced as evidence.

They can be seen online here - http://natedsanders.com/ItemInfo.asp?ItemID=32645

I think this is a travesty. I think Mr. McCowan was acting as a public official as part of Sirhan's defense team, and as such had no right to withhold and keep as his personal property evidence relating to the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. This material should be a public record. I'm appreciative that the auction house put scans of

these records online, but that does not mitigate the principal that these items should never have been kept by Mr. McCowan as his personal private property.

Can this be stopped? Shouldn't these be public records? Was not Mr. McCowan employed as and acting as a public employee while he was on Sirhan's legal defense team?

More on my blog -www.justiceforkennedy.blogspot.com

Joe Backes

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