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  1. Mervyn, Hello, I cam across a document today 180-10106-10047. It is an HSCA interview summary of Lewis E Hopkins and Charles F Davis. They ran an international travel agency, Travel consultants, Inc. located in the Trade mart in New Orleans. LHO booked passage on board the SS Marion Lykes which took him from N.O. to Le Have, France. According to Hopkins LHO came in on Sept 18, 1959 and paid cash for his ticket. Perhaps you already knew this. Also, I have to conclude that de Vosjoli is a con-man, especially after Jim Dieugenio's research into how the book "Farewell America," cam
  2. Yeah, that sounds right. We have to be grateful we got what we got from normal, amateur photographers. Think of all the different types of camera and film that was used. Photography is a difficult skill to master. I'm glad it was in the analogue era. I've collected a few of the camera types, the specific make and models that the more well known films and photographs were taken in. I think Elsie Dornan, if I got that name right, also did not look through the viewfinder. She took film looking out a window in the TSBD. I kind of wish I could somehow go back in time and tell them how to us
  3. Well, first of all LBJ wasn't in a limo. It was a 1964 Lincoln 4 door convertible. A 1964 model would be introduced in October of 1963. You know, I don't think there is one of LBJ's car leaving Dealey Plaza. The best you're going to get is Willis 6. Randy Owen has a great photographic timeline site. It's a little bit tricky to use. You have to click and hold on the little scroll button otherwise it'll speed through nearly the whole thing. There is a film near McIntyre's position beyond Dealey Plaza where children are seen waving at the approaching motorcade who were unaware t
  4. I think Col. West was talking about the ROTC program. That's the Reserve Officers Training Corps. I went to a high school that had a junior version of this. If I went to a college that had a ROTC program and took those courses I could have entered the U. S. Army as an officer. My high school had a junior high, which is the 6th and 7th grade level. So, I had 6 years of JROTC. That was enough of that nonsense for me. I've read where the ROTC really started much earlier than people think. Wikipedia has an entry on it. However, it wasn't really what we think of it today, I would argue
  5. I'm still not seeing anything about Stuart Reed been in military intelligence. Maybe there's something in the more recently released files. I find only 3 docs for Stuart Reed in the NARA JFK Database. 1.) 124-10002-10140 - Open in full in 1992 2.) 124-10245-10444 - Open in full in 1992 3.) 124-10013-10447 - Open in full in 1992 None are available on the Mary Ferrell site. If you do a name search for Stuart Reed there are some hits. A CIA doc, which is a copy of an FBi doc, then a FBI doc, and some others. I've seen Stuart Reed's middle initial as H, L, and J
  6. Jim, Here's how. SA Henry J. Oliver learned that a photography store in Dallas, Dyna Color Corporation, had 35mm slides from Stuart J. Reed. That led to his daughter, then an address in New Orleans, then that he had set sail for the Panama Canal Zone where he worked. Joe
  7. Jim, according to this document the FBI went out to the ship he was on which left New Orleans and was on its way to the Panama Canal or to the Panama Canal Zone where he worked and spoke with him. It's rather amazing considering how much in Dallas they ignored.
  8. So, these are the Stuart Reed photographs. So, I'm not aware of Stuart Reed being with military intelligence. Was he?
  9. Hello, Jim DiEugenio mentioned on Len Osanic's "Black Op Radio" show, show #954, aired August 29, 2019, that there was a guy from military intelligence taking photographs of the bus Oswald was supposed to be on and the street the Texas theater is on. Does anyone have more information on this? Thanks.
  10. Ed, What are you quoting from? Where did you get this? And do you have more information about this woman and her death? Thanks.
  11. IDIOTPANTS who has been banned from this forum has stolen a post from this thread, the first one made by David Lifton in this thread, and posted a reply to David Lifton on its blog. It's pathetic what it ( I can't us a male or female pronoun, "it" is much better, makes you think of something less than human ) will do to get around from being banned. It thinks it is now talking directly to David Lifton, as though Lifton would visit its blog. It even uses all caps to shout at Lifton. It goes through all the BS talking points, 1.) Lovelady is not sitting in a chair in the squad room of the
  12. From Tom Blackwell via Facebook: I am sad to report that John Judge passed away overnight - - He served on the staff of several Members of Congress, including Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney. He organized the Coalition on Political Assassinations, and continued the tradition of Penn Jones to conduct a Moment of Silence at Dealey Plaza in Dallas each November 22 (until this was interrupted by Mike Rawlings in 2013).
  13. I don't think we need to compare and contrast Newman and Prouty, and think one is better than the other. John Newman showed us a lot of documents. He got a lot of documents on Vietnam declassified prior to the JFK Act. Prouty was there and added valuable information and context. I'm glad we had them both. I wish we had more guys like John Newman or Prouty. What I find remarkable about John Newman is his evolution from someone who did not think there was an institutional plot within the CIA to kill JFK to one who fingers James Jesus Angleton as being a key member of such a plot. I
  14. And about getting the name right, its Joe Backes, not John. I think Mr. Katz is real. And it would be a shame if he decides to not open up and tell more of his story because he got angry about some comment on a forum. He, like John Newman before him, should be welcomed for the possibility of us gaining a lot of information. John Newman was treated with disdain by some people merely because he came from U.S. military intelligence. I think John Newman's contributions to the JFK researcher community has been tremendous. I hate to think where we would be now if he never came forward and
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