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  1. Have you actually read the Treasury Department read-out on which this new cycle of “collusion” theorizing is based? I don’t think you have because nowhere outside the imaginations of lazy journalists is any new information developed: https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy0126 Even though it remains the official position of US Gov that Kilimnik was a “Russian intelligence Services agent”, his CV still reveals he worked for US intelligence cut-out NED (via International Republican Institute) for an entire decade, and when in Kiev he was a regular briefer for US State Dept and
  2. There has been a lot of controversy in Britain regarding a Wikipedia “editor” named Phillip Cross - sort of the UK’s version of “Gamaliel”. Former diplomat Craig Murray came upon “Phillip Cross” in 2016: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2016/03/the-astonishing-case-of-the-doppelganger/ Murray followed up with more info two years later: “Philip Cross” has not had one single day off from editing Wikipedia in almost five years. “He” has edited every single day from 29 August 2013 to 14 May 2018. Including five Christmas Days. That’s 1,721 consecutive days of editing.
  3. Bob, the Cold War ended in 1991. Even if some apparatchiks in the State Dept and NATO hdq feel compelled to start it all up again, the rest of us don't have to go along. Chill out.
  4. A form of “social credit” is already with us in the western countries, though in the main enforced by ostensibly private companies. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/07/amazons-twitch-says-it-will-now-punish-users-for-certain-harmful-offline-behavior.html These trends will probably accelerate as the protracted crisis faced by our countries inevitably expands. The planet’s current population could be sustainable if the form of capitalism known as neo-liberalism (aka laissez-fair/ free market) could be abolished, as it is by far the largest promoter of unsustainable activity. I once at
  5. Diem was supposed to fly to Europe to attend a conference, after which a coup would occur in his absence and Diem would then be physically safe in a fait accompli exile. For unknown reasons Diem walked off the plane, returned to his presidential offices and was shortly thereafter captured and killed. The dismay in Washington was based on the fact of Diem walking away from the plane. The following Honolulu Conference, reviewing US policy in Vietnam, felt the influence of Diem’s violent passing, and the drafts of NSAM 273 reflected a new state of affairs post-coup. That is to say, the crisis res
  6. Good question. There has been thought that a warmer more humid climate reduces the contagious effect. Whatever the answer, it doesn't appear to be the result of actions taken but the accumulation of existing circumstances. India has just seen one of the largest protest events in history and there hasn't been any accompanying super-spreader disaster recorded as result.
  7. A lockdown strategy is only meant to last 3-6 weeks, to break the Rate of Infection to what could then be manageable through an effective trap and trace effort (identifying infected persons, quarantining them, and testing all of their contacts). The trap and trace component of this strategy was, for probably a host of complicated reasons, never properly administered in North America or in Europe - and so the strategy as a whole was ineffective. Ongoing lockdowns and curfews in these regions have really been just a statement of failure, and the fact that numerous countries have long put the pan
  8. Fortunately, we do not (at least yet) have a “one-world government” and so are able to review differing circumstances and realities in other countries. It is fairly easy to observe that the covid pandemic is a real event and a public health crisis, capable of creating severe and longstanding havoc if simply ignored or downplayed. The “freedom” people are wrong and in denial on this fact, and notably are a vocal minority only in the western bloc of countries. Disparate places such as China, Vietnam, and New Zealand have been successful in applying a strict but short-lived lockdown strategy foll
  9. The "Center for Countering Digital Health" is actually known as Center for Countering Digital Hate - and is a censorship advocacy group run out of the UK and which Board of Directors is largely pulled from advisors close to the Blair wing of the Labour Party. This group advocates de-platforming and de-monetizing individuals and groups, including "conspiracy theorists", out of concern that "fringe ideas are finding an audience and becoming normalised." The organization's purpose is to be alarmist, and so any statistics or analysis they provide should be viewed with this in mind. Labelling
  10. The people running the big tech social media companies didn’t independently wake up one morning and decide heightened moderation and withdrawal of service was the best next step for their business models. This all came about as result of pressure from US Congressional committees bolstered by advocacy for this result from the influential legacy media such as the NY Times. As usual, Cliff asks all the wrong questions. The notion that the government should force social media outlets to carry controversial posts hasn’t been advocated by anyone. The issue is whether the government should use i
  11. A podcast such as BOR is not the same thing as social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter which solely host user-generated content rather than purposely publish content. You seem to be deliberately misrepresenting the issues by consistently comparing these entities to media which are not at all similar. Twitter or Facebook are not the same as and do not function like the NY Times or CNBC. As to your prior inquiry - the internet features pages known as “search engines”. Search engines can be useful tools in uncovering information. Simply typing queries - such as “antiwar political gr
  12. What is plain to see is the concept of “conspiracy theories” as a social negative is not what is really driving the efforts to impose censorship, fact-checking, and vetted approval of information. The powers-that-be are entirely willing and capable of disseminating conspiracy theories of their own should it assist policy directives, just as the legacy media is content to publish the same. Fox News and Brietbart certainly promote asinine factually-incompetent “news”, but on the other hand the past four years of, say, the Rachel Maddow Show has equally been a trip to looney-town. Those problems
  13. The current mania directed against “conspiracy theories” has been led by establishment liberals, beginning in late 2016, and at its root the disdain fingers the JFK research community as somewhat responsible for the state of affairs. Here, from November 2016, is the well-known author Joyce Carol Oates in a Washington Post opinion piece reviewing Aexandra Zapruder’s book, who - after slagging Robert Groden, Jim Garrison, and Dick Gregory - writes: “If Kennedy’s assassination was a tragedy, the aftermath of competing and vociferous conspiracy theorists was a farce, with serious consequences
  14. The handwriting on the back of the deMohrenschildt BYP does not match Marina Oswald, at least by a comparison of the same phrase ("ha-ha!") as it appears on that item and in a handwritten autobiography she produced for the Warren Commission. The inscription on the BYP, however, is consistent with Marina's speech pattern. Ruth Paine could write Russian, knew Marina reasonably well, and was in direct contact with the LP records which later disclosed the inscribed BYP - so it is not unreasonable to surmise that she may know a little bit more about all this than has been revealed. An aside -
  15. The “50 Reasons” episode on the furious counter-reaction to Stone’s “JFK” is the only one to have been removed from YouTube. As we put it together, I came to realize the main contemporary defenders of the official story - i.e. Max Holland, Bugliosi, and the network documentaries (most notably ABC’s “Beyond Conspiracy”) - never referred to information developed after the ARRB was formed and seemed to be perpetually stuck, when it came to this case, in the year 1992.
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