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I am 62 now but remember the day the president died and watched, transfixed through the weekend. I could not wait for the Warren Report, I read all the news coverage I could get my hands on, purchased “Rush to Judgement the day it was in the store and have not stopped reading since. My library now is over 450 books, and my thirst for and search for the truth continues.

I later became a police officer in East Detroit Michigan. It was during those years that I made my first trip to Dallas, in about 1980. Having a badge in my wallet opened some doors. I went to DPD headquarters, stood where LHO died, and met many uniformed and plain clothes members of DPD. My only foray into research was when I went to Parkland to see trauma room #1. By then the room had been re-modeled and was told it was no longer part of the ER. While there I met an aging DPD officer who worked in the same precinct as JD Tippit. He told me Tippit did know Jack Ruby, that Ruby used to come by and play dominoes and he and Tippit played each other many times. That’s it. No other research that I can claim. But my interest in the murder is as keen as ever. I see the names of the members of the forum. Men whom I have held in the highest esteem for many, many years. To have an opportunity to engage with them, ask questions of them and gain a better insight is something I just must do.

Thomas R. Wilson

Loss Prevention Investigator

Certified Forensic Interviewer


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