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  1. It seems to me that the observation by Roger Craig of Lee Oswald leaving via front door to enter the car on Elm Street is evidence that a shooter resembling Oswald did get out somehow. There also was a man wearing a suit seen exiting the rear of the building as I recall. So though we may never know the exact route out of the building, does not mean shooters were there and in fact exited the TSBD.
  2. In the eighties I was in Dallas and met a Dallas police officer who showed me around Parkland. (I was a police officer myself then. He served in the same precinct as Tippit. He told me Ruby stopped by quite often to play dominoes with the guys. He said Tippit knew Ruby very well. Didn't say anything about LHO, but I thought I would add this here
  3. Tantalizing story. But for me it does not explain how these preps were able to orchestrate Bethesda, Hoover, Langley, DPD, Warren Commission, HSCA and on and on. There either was a Coup, or their wasn't.
  4. If the allegations in the "dossier" can be proven, there is an allegation that Trump, in return for the Russian help in the election, that he provided information on American business leaders. Seems to me that would constitute treason. Having said that, the likelihood that the FBI or the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation will get the confirmation needed. It comes down to whether a Trump team member would risk prosecution by lying to the FBI. It will be interesting.
  5. They are also planning, in the first 100 days to repeal Medicare and replace it with a voucher program that will increase cost to seniors of up to $12K. This is for even those now on Medicare. Don't believe it? Look it up yourself. Social Security will be in a few months. This will cause civil unrest and millions of seniors in the streets and a tsunami for Democrats in 2018 and 2020.
  6. The repugnant party is going to repeal Medicare in the first 100 days of the Orange man's term. Medicare will be replaced with a voucher program that will increase cost to seniors of up to $12K. Don't believe it? Look it up for yourself. This will cause civil unrest, millions of seniors taking g to the streets and a tsunami for Democrats in 2018 and 2020. This part of Paul Ryan's " A Better Way " that they are pushing. Social Security will be next a few months later. I hear people say that they would never do this. It's already in the plan.
  7. Being a life long Democrat I believe Comey committed a criminal act. HRC was not the best candidate, no doubt. But Trump is psychologically unbalanced. If 18 months of his antics on the trail did not convince you then you will never be convinced. But be careful what you ask for because now your gonna get it. My biggest fear is that on January 20th we may be witnessing the inauguration of the last President of the United States
  8. I have voted democrat and republican in my forty plus years voting and in my view, a conspiracy to murder JFK is not a theory, it is a fact, waiting for further explanation.
  9. It looks like Trump is on his way to the White House. I do not think anything is going to stop him. The Bush dynasty is over. Now having said that, does Trump have hidden agenda? Maybe, because he is not really saying much about any agenda! We are witnessing a remarkable time in American politics, truly remarkable.
  10. I think in many ways the assassination is more important than ever. The same conglomerate that killed JFK has evolved into an even more finely tuned threat to a government of the people, by the people and for the people, than it was in 1963. The good news is that we the people still can change things, with the power of the vote. The dark side cannot accomplish the goals it has if we are smart enough to elect folks who are not part of the machine. I may not live to see the truth be known about 11/22/63, but the truth will be known I am sure. That's why I have taught my three children about this case so that they will be able to carry on the fight, not only in finding the truth in the assassination, but also to stand guard against their government.
  11. Paul T Have you ever interviewed Ruth or Michael Paine. If not have you interviewed anyone who has interviewed the Paines?
  12. Paul Thanks for accepting my apology. I, like most are passionate about the assassination and sometimes get wound up and I will do better. I have read most everything you have posted about General Walker and your theory. You may well be right. I just have another opinion. I believe that the murder was committed by CIA folks and that the motive was Vietnam. I just don't believe the cover-up than ensued could have or would have been carried out to cover up a right wing hit. I think generally that when you look at everything, the finger prints of Dulles, Angleton, Helms, Hunt and Phillips touch every facet of the case. Having said that, I am open to any information that will give us the truth. I just remember at 14 watching TV that weekend with my dad and we just kept saying something wasn't right. Best wishes Tom
  13. Thank you Mr Caddy. WOW! If you are correct then it explains a motive for the murder and the extensive effort at cover-up. Maybe more so than many theories out there.
  14. Paul T After thinking about this more, I apologize. Your opinion is as valuable as is those of others.
  15. Meant to say, do you think the break-in was related to the assassination
  16. Mr. Caddy, I rarely post on the forum and I consider myself a novice. I have built a library of 400+ books on the assassination but I am not a researcher. I do believe a conspiracy killed my President. I will never again have an opportunity to ask someone like yourself a question so I would like to ask if toughing Watergate break-in was related to the assassination?
  17. Paul T I never post on the forum anymore, at least since I complemented James D on Destiny Betrayed but you are not listening. No one agrees with you on the Paines, just give it up will you! You made your point months ago. If you love Ruth Paine then we get it. Enough is enough!!!!
  18. I rarely post because of the intense passions of researchers that often end in personal attacks. Having said that, I for one believe that not allowing those passionate researchers to engage in the debate on this, the best JFK forum out there, does a dis-service to the community. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me. I vote John, that unless someone posts a threat to another, you need to allow for open, and passionate discussion of the assassination of President Kennedy. Most who are members or visitors to the JFK Forum I believe are smart enough to discern facts from opinions of those who have devoted their lives to seeking the truth in this case. I'm a firm CT'er, and do not agree with most everything DVP has to say. But I would think it a travesty, if he were not allowed to voice his opinion. Tom Scully and Jim DiEugenio are exceptionally knowledgible on this case and not hearing their voices is a mistake
  19. Though little is agreed upon here and throughjout the research community, I do think the majority agree with Don's statement. I certainly do.
  20. I think this debate is over “apples and oranges.” I mean that I find it difficult to dismiss the WC out of hand on many issues and then rely on the reported testimony or exhibits presented in the 26 volumes. I for one believe that the “evidence” in this case, be it from the WR or WC, DPD, FBI, HSCA and more is so tainted that all we can do is to identify these frauds for what they are. We are left with attempting to investigate the murder of the President without factually based evidence. Witnesses were threatened, were lied too, ignored, intimidated and murdered. Evidence was tampered with, stolen and manufactured. Experts in ‘63/64 and ‘76/77 worked for the government, the same government that conducted the “official” investigations in this case. The closest we have to a real investigation was that of Jim Garrison and even that effort was riddled with covert agents and an effort by the powerful to derail that case. Therefore the facts are that the “evidence” of the Frazier story, the testimony as recorded by the WC, DPD, FBI and WC is not just questionable but can be dismissed completely and wholly. We now have a plethora of evidence to question the role of Ruth and Michael Paine. If it was apparently not for Ruth Paine, Buell Frazier and Linnie Mae Randle would never have become part of the fairy tale told by the government entities. The evidence if it does anything, points to the intelligence community. The late night arrest of Frazier and brought back to DPD is very telling. What happened behind closed doors within the DPD that night is guess work. The story of the bag is clearly a manufactured story. The so called testimony of Frazier and his sister is questionable to any impartial observer. Attempting to rely on ANY of this “evidence” is an exercise in futility. I don’t think we can even believe that LHO rode to work with Frazier that morning. I cannot and will not believe anything produced by the WC or the HSCA for that matter. And I would suggest that any evidence that is tainted is therefore impeachable. If impeachable, it is not valid. If not valid, then it is not true. Regardless of Frazier’s testimony, interviews through the years, or any attempt to present any of this story as factual is p____ing up a rope. The truth is we do not know what effort was made to either threaten or control Frazier and Randle. For those who would say that I am a CT’er suffering from paranoia, I say that the “evidence” is on my side. IN 50 years of effort researchers have torn apart the government investigations to the point that trying to use any of it in a rational attempt to seek the truth is unreasonable. We are far better off if we rely on the work of those who have found evidence to support my statements. The "critics" (what a horrible description) are heroes and if not for those men and women, the murder of the President would have been put to bed in '64 with LHO found guilty of a murder I believe he did no commit. Please forgive me if I offend anyone with other opinions, but these are mine
  21. I do not post very often. This is because the ego's of many immediately strike out at anything that might not be exactly as they think and call it not valuable or unimportant. What I can say is that the information I have learned by reading the threads and posts of the research community offer a tremendous amount of information that in the big picture help in understanding the conspiracy that killed John Kennedy. I for one find the information that Tom Scully brings to this effort as a diamond in the rough.I am a retired police officer and now a private investigator with 40 years experience now and as an investigator I learned many years ago that you never have enough information. So I thank Tom for his efforts and encourage him to keep digging. It is my belief that one day we will have a much better understanding of the Coup that occured on 11/22/63. And that will be aided by the efforts of all who have investigated this case.
  22. I agree with Tom Scully. If I have learned anything in 49 years of attempting to find the evidence in the murder of JFK, I have learned that my government is the threat. MLK had it right when he preached non-violence and it is long since past the time for Americans to rally for the rights given to each of us under the Constitution. Today we are paralyzed by political ideology, where we hide in an attempt to find America. I'm sorry, that train left the station many decades ago.
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