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  1. Oh, man. It was over 3.5 yrs ago that I read it, I don't specifically remember. There might have been, I'd have to go back and look through that phone book! Maybe someone can recal better than I?
  2. No, Roger, my plate is full with reading at the moment. Plus, I have a day job and a family and aging parents and....everything... I hope to get to Craven's thesis. Jason, I've been disengaged from the forum lately, my time being occupied with other matters. I certainly understand all of those things, family, aging parents, etc. Same thing here, brother. Be well, Roger
  3. Paul, Thanks for the free download links. I followed what you said above have them downloaded. Have a good afternoon, Roger
  4. Jason, Did you ever get Chris Craven's thesis on Walker and the radical right? I got it last year on interlibrary loan based on Paul's recommendation, and found it informative.
  5. I remember seeing this in the theatre, and at this particular scene the general public really seemed to sit up and take notice.
  6. Jason/Paul T., Thanks for all of your continual researching and analyzing of the radical right angle. As I've mentioned before, it's an angle I'm interested and open to, and am learning a lot. I've been disengaged from the forum lately, being occupied with other matters, and haven't been able to read a lot of what you've been posting. I'm trying to go back and catch up here and there, but am woefully in the weeds. Thanks for the memorial day reference, as my father, who passed away 3yrs ago., was Vietnam Vet and career military guy.
  7. The Control of the Kennedys Threats & Chappaquiddick https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ToA/ToAchp7.html
  8. Jason, Thanks for the nice, concise summation. It's greatly appreciated and helps the digestion. Roger
  9. Jason / Paul, Thanks for all of your work going through and analyzing this information. Its some real interesting stuff I'm trying to catch up on. Like others, I have a home, family, obligations, and other things that have been occupying my time, and I just haven't been able to dig into and digest all this info you've posting. Now, if I can only get the cliff notes version!
  10. Thank you James, that's a fair policy. Thank you for your funding. I choose not to post very often, especially if I don't feel I can contribute something, and also because I refuse to step into the swamp.
  11. I would agree with you Jason, and say yes. Real and/or faux would require facilitation and support from higher level DPD.
  12. One of the things that I remember while reading Treachery In Dallas, was when mentioning the DPD, he (paraphrasing) said "either DPD or someone in DPD uniforms". Could there have been ground crew/mechanics in DPD uniforms who were not DPD?
  13. Jason, Thanks for the good words and hard work. I agree with you about focusing on primary sources and and evidence. I think for most people their only exposure is with secondary souces, and you have to account for the veracity of said sources. You're posting so much info, I've hardly been able to make a dent in it! Hahaha. My dad was a career man in the air force for 20yrs, and told me how he met General Curtis Lemay once. That sounded interesting. I haven't looked into it, but I have a feeling that Lemay is a good candidate for being in the shadows of the assassination.
  14. I'd like to applaud Jason's research along with Paul, a great job bringing up information that is making me take a closer look at Dallas, the DPD, and the Radical Right. After reading Walt Brown's great book, Treachery In Dallas, which puts the onus squarely on the DPD, that made a lot of sense to me, and to add in the hateful climate of the time, plus the military intel connections. The rabbit hole goes deeper......
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