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Bob Carr's JFK Blog Post

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Australia's Bob Carr wrote up this blog post http://bobcarrblog.wordpress.com/america/ Who Killed Kennedy.

After seeing it posted on Facebook, I watched with fascination as the comments and replies to his post came in. Brilliant, well thought out, researched, with sources and links. It was very obvious that almost all of the posts had taken a lot of time and thought. By my guestimate at the last time I looked there were at least 15 replies. Luckily Steven Duffy had managed to save one of his replies to be posted later, Greg Parker's comments didn't even make the moderation (if you could call it that). Steve's comment is below...

One of the first argument's of those that support the WC (which was later overturned to use the words, "probable conspiracy" by the HSCA report...) is which Theory do you subscribe too?...

It's a tiring argument. And neglects changes in history, faith in government, and more importantly, good, solid research by those Mr Carr would disparage. In the early 60's, and obviously bought forth to front stage during the Garrison investigation, it seemed like there were many disparate threads to the assassination: the CIA , the mob, Anti-Castro Cubans, the Russian's, etc...

With hind-site, and what was eventually revealed during the senate investigations of the 70's is the remarkable and clear overlap of many of these groups...(proving Garrison correct on the CIA/Mafia/Cuban angle, and now it is rather common for "conspiracy nuts" to settle on certain policy decision's initiated by President Kennedy, and the intimate circle of those that these policies affected, that led to his violent death.


With the release of the ARRB, and the bulk of Garrison's files (bought together in "We Are all Mortal") Douglass' remarkable "JFK and the Unspeakable" we can see the nexus of those involved, and more importantly, why.... in fact, the tide has decidedly swung towards the reality of conspiracy, uncomfortable as it might be...(it has always been in favor of conspiracy...though as a politician, I suspect Mr Carr has and adversity towards statistics...)

Have you read "JFK and the Unspeakable?"

Have you read Gerald McKnight's "Breach of Trust?"

Have you read John Newman's "Oswald and the CIA?

Peter Dale Scott, as mentioned?...Geaorge Evica?...Weisberg?...Meagher?...

Would I trust anyone's opinion on a subject who shows such limited knowledge and is not widely read...

While Gerald Posner awaits plagiarism charges, which you failed to mention...(read Weisberg's "Case Open" to familiarize yourself with Posners' tactics...it's a 25 year history of journalistic mis-deed's) you could also do well to read Jim DiEugenio's 12 part essay on Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming history" (even Bugliosi takes a swipe at Posner...but I'm unsure...did you say you fully read it..for an article about the assassination and it's complexities...one/ two books really doesn't cut it...how familiar with this case are you?.....Mr Talbot is available to talk to any time...

You have Posner...the rest of us seek facts...that's what students of history do. Some links you would most likely ignore:


http://www.ctka.net/posner_wrone.html (surely it's important to read and review an counter-argument? Will you mention Posner's short coming's in a follow up article?..or will your readers have to squander away to find the real truth?)




and finally...


One splendid thing that might have come from this..I've been seeking some Australians with an interest in the case...so my contact details are here: steveduffy36@gmail.com.

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I inquired why the comments had been taken down as did Steven, on another one of Mr Carr's posts and he replied:

"No, I shifted my piece to the American section of the blog. Don’t know how to handle the comments.

Give me till tomorrow to work out to display the comments on it.

I am not remotely interested in censoring."

Which is strange as none of the other comments on any of his other posts had been 'removed'. ...

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