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Black history Month

Dan Lyndon

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I have been putting together a few bits and pieces for Black History Month and thought that I would share them here:

The Olaudah equiano webquest This is brand new and hasn't been 'road tested' yet so if anyone wants to try it out and give some feedback that would be great. The task is to design a webpage for Olaudah to bring his autobiography into the 21st century.

The Black Britons webquest This is a more general Black History webquest that asks students to design a schools TV programme about Black Britons.

BHM on comptonhistory.com

This is the page from my website outlining the plans for BHM at my school and there is a quiz that can be downloaded as a PDF file. You can PM me with your answers and I can then send your a marksheet - don't think you can get away without learning something yourself!!!

Also on that page you will see a link to a play that is touring the UK that was written by my mother Sonja Linden about a refugee who came to England after the Genocide in Rwanda. It is a fantastic play, dealing with some really tough issues in a sensitive and humourous way and is based on her work with Rwandan refugees at the Medical Foundation for the Victims of torture. I really recommend it (and not just because she's my mum!)

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