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JFK: A President to remember.

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I just finished watching this documentary on HBO a few minutes ago, and I hope it will be available

on HBO on demand. It is narrated by Alec Baldwin.

There is nothing new, I suppose, although I thought it might be significant that the film

makes no claims about who killed JFK. Lee Oswald's name is not mentioned,

we just hear three loud shots, with significant pauses between them,

and an empty oval office juxtaposed with scenes of Kennedy's funeral.

The film succeeds in capturing JFK's powerful impact on the world's imagination, his vision,

his commitment to peace & complete nuclear disarmament, and his commitment

to civil rights in America.

It contains powerful scenes of JFK as he muses about major decisions, and shows that JFK,

by allowing cameras in the White House, and by giving press conferences every week,

was a true believer in transparent government, to a much greater extent

than any of his predecessors or successors.

THe film also hints at how much poetry was part of his life and speeches,

and shows his fabulous wit, unmatched by any other president.

It is intended to introduce JFK to a new generation.

The film also emphasizes that Jackie was a magnificent first lady

and a beautiful representative for our country.

My compliments to Robert Drew and his team, and to HBO.

I hope David Von Pein is able to store a complete copy in his archive,

for all our benefit.


Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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