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Did Hundley and Peloquin Migrate or was it The World?

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One day I hope to justify the absurdity of this thread's title. Until then, my meagre justification is that the title ask's the wider question that some of the borrowed minutia I type here might otherwise obscure.

Robert Peloquin and William Hundley were top aides to RFK and were heavily involved in his "Get Hoffa" team from the late 1950's. Later they joined with some curious folk who had close ties to key Republican operatives of the 1950s period, most notably Jimmy Hoffa and Robert Maheu and Richard Nixon. If there was a catalyst (or symptom) of this transition it might be named Robert Bennett Williams, an old debating team chum of Maheu's on the Really Holly Cross Debate Team (and some trusted Washington Posters would leave the connection right there!)

In "Spooks" Jim Hougan writes that "the final break [between Hoffa and Williams] came in 1964 when Williams ruled that he would no longer represent the Teamster's chief, and that , moreover, Hoffa was not entitled to any more Teamsters funds to continue his defense..... If , as Mrs. Spindel suspected her husband provided Williams with the Kennedy-Monroe tapes, it might be that the lawyer refused to exploit them, infuriating his client and precipitating the break between them. One notes i this regard that in the wake of Senator Robert Kennedy's assassination in 1968, Williams persuaded the slain Senator's executive secretary-- and one of his closes coffidantes-- to become his own personal secretary. A Kennedy loyalist, who was aware of what she called "the feud" between Robert Kennedy and E. B. Williams, who accepted the new job only upon the condition that Williams swear to her that the enmity had ceased before the Senator's death. Williams reportedly had said that it had." (Spooks, p. 121)

What is the significance of the break between Hoffa and Williams, if there is one? Does the timing of this break in conjunction to the Maheu's ties to the CIAMafiaCIA plots known as Executive Action which may well have impinged on the assassination, suggest a relationship between the severing of the Hoffa -Williams link, and the Assassination which occurred five months before? Do the alleged Monroe tapes offer the more relevant saliency or did Williams connections with Robert Maheu, Nixon, and earlier CIA operations of the 1950s make a post assassination realignment necessary?

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