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November 2011

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Thomas H. Purvis,

Josiah Thompson has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "your


Josiah Thompson said:


Hi Tom Purvis,

I just got in the mail a second batch of material from you. Wow, you certainly

are giving the local paper a good dose of Kennedy assassination material! I

haven't yet worked my way through the first batch of material so please don't

send me any more. It will take me awhile to catch up.

Tink Thompson



The monthly publishings continue until the beginning of November of this year.

At which time I will hopefully, on a weekly basis, provide those facts relative to the third/last/final shot impact.

For those who are not on the "distribution list", a subscription to "The George County Times", just may prove to be worthwhile.


P.S. Mr. Thompson, hope you do not mind my usage of the above message

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