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Scott Kaiser

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My name is Scott Richard Kaiser, My father, Edwin Benjamin Kaiser, was a thrill-seeking patriot, who became enmeshed with many of our nation's biggest conspiracies. Whether smuggling arms, plotting assassinations, or heading underground militia movements, my father took part with gusto and without hesitation. In the early seventies, my father was the military head of an anti-Castro movement called "Cubanos Unidos." He started to form relationships with others of the same liberating nature. These were men, and a few women, who felt the need to neuter Communism and free Cuba from the grips of Fidel Castro. My father's world of espionage and corruption was spinning out of control while he tried to balance life at home and the demands of his "job."

What was my father's job? He had many throughout his years: soldier of fortune, seed peddler, importer, husband, thief, father, assassin, arms smuggler, revolutionary leader, spy, American Patriot and the greatest Hero a young boy could ever hope for in a father. My father was an idealist of his time, a man who loved his country and above that, humanity. He was willing to lay it all on the line to accomplish what he thought was right. My father believed in American freedom above Communism of any flavor. Throughout his stunted life, my father sought out oppressed people and used his brains, brawn and courage to help liberate them. Only the smartest, bravest or most ruthless can participate at this level. At times, my father employed any combination of these traits to accomplish his goals and to survive in this secret world.

Through his contacts and dealings in this clandestine world, my father was able to obtain a confession that by no means solves, but adds another perspective from which to view one of our nation's most obsessed over questions. Who was involved in the conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy? Knowing the answer may have been what killed him.

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