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  1. Very interesting. As soon as it was online at Amazon, I bought my copy. Now I am waiting it’s delivery to The Netherlands. I am sure it will be a fascinating read.
  2. Larry, thanks for the reply! I understand the problems with selling the books from an own storage. Maybe it is possible to set up a affiliate account with Amazon? So in that case Lancer will get some commission for sales through that link. Right now I am watching the presentation by Robert Groden. Did he just say that Oswald was receiving his change for the drink from a female employee of the TSBD at the moment the shots rang out ? He described it as an airtight alibi. Does anyone know if there is a known statement or some kind of proof for this statement?
  3. I think this solution is great! And the Facebook group also works very well. Maybe for a next year it is possible to combine something like this year with some live sessions via Zoom or Google Meet. In that case it would be possible to get some live action. The possibility to watch the sessions later is great! Especially with the Facebook group available for some time after the conference. If I can be of some assistance in thinking with you and the crew I am always willing to do so! For now I am happy to be able to have attended my first NID conference. One more thing: there are a lot of books being promoted. I bought some on Amazon already. Wouldn’t it be more lucrative for JFK Lancer when you would sell them via the website of JFK Lancer or via the Facebook group?
  4. I am really enjoying the conference. I try to see as much as possible “live” when it airs. With the seven hours time difference it is a bit of a challenge. But I am happy to be able to be part of it! Thanks to all who made it possible.
  5. How far can it go? How on earth is it possible that congres and senate accept this?
  6. Excellent Bart. I can’t wait to read the Echos. Happy that I have a six week holiday now.
  7. Thanks for the link! I just used it to make a 45 dollar contribution. I hope many more members will do the same.
  8. I just made a donation of 45 US dollars. Really hope the forum will stay forever! I am rather busy, so I don’t post often, but I try to read once in a while.
  9. Absolutely wonderful to find all the information here. Every time i take a look I see / find something interesting. Thanks for all the great work you are doing with this collection. Also I am looking for media coverage and information about the Chappaquidick incident involving senator Edward Kennedy. Does anyone knows where to find it?
  10. I just finished reading the third edition of the book Chappaquiddick Speaks, written by Bill Pinney. It really is an interesting and well researched book. Some part is too technical in my opinion, but overall it is clear what he is trying to prove. Anyone else here who have read the book? The theory sounds convincing (that the whole accident was staged to cover up another accident earlier that evening). But: if so, why isn’t there any reopening of the case? Does anyone have heard official reaction from the Boiler Room Girls who are still alive? And: could this be the real history changer that the book claims to be?
  11. If this is true it would of course be an interesting piece of the puzzle. But it seems that it is doubtful that this testimony is really valuable. I have to say I am not very familiar with the other statements from or about this witness. I would appreciate it when there would be some more info for and against this witness testimony.
  12. I am rather confused with all the different documents mentioned in the press release. Do I get it clear when I think they mean that all documents are at least opened in part? Some are still in heavily redacted form. And some are really difficult to read. So I am wondering how in the world would we know what is in them. But Jim, according to your message there still are more documents “in secret”? It is so strange that they keep those documents stored. I cannot imagine that they will contain something really important or something really damaging. I mean : they got 55 years to get rid of those papers ...
  13. I agree that it would be an interesting list. Together with the Freemasons it might also be interesting to have a look at members of the Bilderberg Conference as well.
  14. I have been born in 1973. My parents have vivid memories about the time they heard the news. Over here in Holland it was 7.30pm when the president was shot. First news came at 8pm in the television news. The tv was not so well developed as in the United States. I believe there was only one tv channel in The Netherlands. At 8pm anchorman Fred Emmer opened the news with the statement that there had been a shooting. Then the tv continued the regular report for a while. The radio had more news. My mother was deeply moved by the Assassination. She made a scrapbook of the events with clipping from Dutch newspapers. When I found that book in the mid 1980’s I started to be interested in the topic.
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