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My particular interest is in the JFK assassination

I remember seeing this in the UK on the black and white news as one of my very first memories as an 8 year old boy. Another abiding memory a few years later was the Abervan Colliery Disaster in October 1966 which brought slurry into my aunt and uncle's house right there in Abervan, South Wales which I had only visited a few months previously.

In these totally unconnected events, there is one strong similarity, the abiding cover up by big business and government agencies and by people that in different ways had conspired to cause the disaster.

I have worked in international inward investment in the UK and USA and have had the opportunity not only to visit Dealey Plaza around 2001 but have met and know many senior Dallas businessmen.who have nothing but friendship for those in the UK.

One particular thing that struck me about Dallas was how close and small the Dallas business community is and how the place almost seemed like a village with all the key people knowing each other. This and many Texans' views that they are very independent from the rest of the USA, so much so that they had a Texas Embassy here in London for many years despite the US Embassy being here

I am sure for the majority of the citizens of Dallas that they have long wanted to clarify what happened on that day in contrast I am sure to those that want it covered up. I would like to share in that exploration of the evidence and theories.

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