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From the policeman "shot" by James Files

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The interesting part:

Some interesting things happened with Files' military record and his

criminal history during the sentencing part of his trial. The

military refused to honor the subpoena for his records.


Another question: Why were his rap sheets "cleaned"?


Van:Dave Ostertag (daveostertag@aol.com)

Onderwerp:James Files

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Datum:2001-09-24 08:44:46 PST

Hello to all. I'm the Police Officer that James is in prison for. I

was shot in the chest with an exit wound on the right butt cheek.

Personally I think he is full of dung. His story chages to fit the

facts. I think he is entertaining though. I'm glad that he and Dave

Morley will probably be spending the rest of their life in prison.

Some interesting things happened with File's military record and his

criminal history during the sentencing part of his trial. The

military refused to honor the subpoena for his records. In regards to

his Criminal History. I had arrested Files in 1984 or 1985 for a bond

forfeiture warrant for possession of explosives out of Texas. I

remember looking at his criminal history at that time and saying, this

is a guy I'm going to run into again. He had a hommicide and other

arrests and convictions on the record that showed he was a true

professional criminal as compared to the street thugs you normally

come across. I saved the Criminal History knowing that I would see

him again. At the time of my gunfight with Files and Morley his rap

sheet was clean. Both Files and Morley had active Federal Parole

warrants at that time. Neither warrant appeared in the NCIC computer

queries. Morley had begun his criminal carreer in 1975. He and his

Step Father broke Morley's Step Brother out of a prison in Florida.

Morley shot twqo Prison Guards in the escape and was shot three times

himself. He was dropped off at a Hospital in Atlanta where he was

arrested. The Step Brother was killed by the FBI a year later in

Mobile, Alabama. Morley was sentenced to prison for the breakout and

for shooting the Guards. He escaped in 1982 and was later caought and

sentenced for the 1982 escaped. He had done time for that and for

three subsequent Federal convictions and prison sentences with Files

for Bank robberies. The Federal Parole violation warrants outstanding

at the time of my gunfight with them were for the last Bank Robbery

convictions. When my department arrested Morley one week prior to our

gunfight, he had no arrests or convictions or the warrant on his

criminal history. Files also had a clean criminal history. The

Probation Officer that prepared their pre-sentence investigations used

the 1985 criminal history that I had saved for Files and, had to

contact local Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of

Corrections to rebuild Morley's. I'm sure that there is an

explanation but, it does raise questions. I'm just glad the two of

them will be spending the rest of their life in prison. Just wanted

to check in and say hello.


The other side of this story is here:


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Lots of people have questioned the fact that Files was in the military, simply because of the lack of records, which Files says were purged.

Has Mr. Ostertag taken away those doubts?


J – Oh, okay! Why do you suppose the news media don’t take an interest in your story?

JF – Nobody wants to admit it. Everybody thinks I am a nut job. But like I say, I’ve had enough things that I have said, it has been clearified, it has been verified, there’s documents…….. But nobody really wants to solve the Kennedy case. The American people, I don’t really think they care. The news media, they need something that they can go with every year. You’ve got a lot of people that make a lot of money writing books. I don’t know how many books, how many books have been written about it?

J – A couple of thousand?

JF – Yeah. Why put all them people out of work?

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