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The Other Jacket

Ed LeDoux

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The other jacket.

James Clark Larue found a jacket on Industrial under the Ft Worth Turnpike. What was its significance?

Intelligence Report, by R. W. Westphal. Report to Captain W. P. Gannaway through Lt. Jack Revill listing names and addresses of employees of the Texas School Book Depository, page 3:


No description, just a 'jacket' found by Larue and given to Kaminski.

Kaminski is Erich Kaminski a Lieutenant with Vice Section Special services Bureau...okay so you have Kaminski receiving a jacket and turning it over to Homicide and Robbery. Then what happened to it? It was put in the property room. And then what happened to it?

"On November 22, 1963, his assignment was to handle a security detail on Main Street, in downtown Dallas . After the assassination of the President, he spent the afternoon at the Texas Book Depository Building, but arrived there after the escape of LEE HARVEY OSWALD . He was part of the security force at the Police Headquarters

after OSWALD's arrest . On November 23, 1963,he was in the offices of the Special Services Bureau from 8 :00 AM to 6 :00 PM . He was not assigned to any security detail"


No mention of receiving a found jacket.

But we have the report about this jacket.

Here is Detective F. M. Turner (who rode in the pilot car of the motorcade) giving a rebuff of the jackets importance to Belin!!

Mr. Belin.

All right, while you were there, did you learn that an officer had been shot?

Mr. Turner.

Well, I stayed down there for quite some time talking to these witnesses, and then I went back over to the School Book Depository Building to check and see if my partner was there.

Mr. Senkel hadn't seen him in quite a while and didn't locate him. There was several officers over there, Special Service, still had the building secured, and you want this mentioned that coat business in there?

Mr. Belin.


Mr. Turner.

The coat has no bearing on the case.

Mr. Belin.

You mean in your statement I have with reference to a coat being found on Industrial Street?

Mr. Turner.

Yes, sir; as far as I know, that still has no bearing in the case, but it was placed in the property room.

Mr. Belin.

You just found a coat somewhere?

Mr. Turner.

Well, a Mr. Kaminski from the police department handed me a coat when I went back over to the building, with a note of who had turned it into him, where it was found, and he had no idea whether it had any bearing on the case or not.

Mr. Belin.

Have you investigated?

Mr. Turner.

As far as I know, the coat does not have any bearing on the case.

Mr. Belin.

All right, go ahead.

Mr. Turner.

After I left there, I went back to the sheriff's office and I talked to the one lieutenant in our office then and found out that Mr. Senkel had gone back to our office, so he in turn, he told me I might as well come on up there, looked like things, about all I could down there.

The best part is where Turner deflects the investigation of the jacket.

What color of jacket was found on Industrial? Tan?

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