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  1. Saturday morning November 23rd at about 7am a man described as white male Willie Flat found a .38 pistol in a paper sack. This sack also contains an apple and an orange....very similar to Oswald's lunch!


    I know who Willie Flat really was.

    But wont be posting here due to Gordon's ugly hands of censorship 

     Cheers, Ed 

  2. Bart,


    Of course I thought the site was buggy.

    I could still log in, view posts, add to my feed... just couldn't post. (essentially silenced unknowingly)

    My account showed no points or restrictions, still does.

    Yet when I attended to contact admin through the site there was never a reply. I tried posting for assistance on my feed/status... nothing.  Weeks passed.

    Since I knew Kathy Beckett was an admin I looked for her email, etc.

    I could only find her on Facebook and sent message. Nothing.

    So I then went to her posts and replied under them to contact me.

    I had to hunt her down!!

    She then whinned about me posting on her birthday status.

    Oh well, perhaps answering the forum's "telephone" when its ringing off the hook... nah she wanted me to remove my messages on her FB page... not happening till my account is restored.

    Lump it. Its not I that runs a cheap show.

    In fact Kathy did a search, and asked me about just such a statement by me on ROKC.

    I told her that ignoring paying members or stifling debate is her own fault.  She defers to Gordon...

    A Cheap Show indeed.

    1. Kathy Beckett

      Kathy Beckett

      I had no idea you were trying to contact anyone. I'm not at anyone's beck and call here. You had posted on several of my FB friends posts. And you don't have to worry, although i don't remember  asking  you to remove messages from my FB page. I blocked you. They don't show up.

  3. Beckley was never an Oswald address.
    Any evidence of any interviews with the Beckley Bus driver or fellow daily riders... no, just crickets.
    Cheers! Ed

  4. Education ye say not. Disinformation rules the day, pray it does your bidding. 

  5. Glib assessment of the current state of affairs, while cutthroats of the world threaten us- An English Watchdog to a French Hare

  6. "

     "Education" will then have a very Orwellian meaning. Heck, they are just about there already." Grib Perkar
  7. Admin needs to check messages more often.



  8. Yes. I believe Pat lives in Room #1 the first room on the right upon entering. Does she lock her room? Exactly the same doors and locks as room 1 were on the tiny room. Room 3 is the tiny room per USPark Service. That is her claim, yes. The main house would be open for renters to come and go, I'm guessing they wouldn't be watching tv all night and no kitchen privileges kinda puts limits on what one could do... Starting at 7 dollars. Yes doesnt seem one to stay in hostels or open homes. Rentals are not secure and landlords liable for not having secured rentals... mind boggling. There was only one other Room in the main house for rent and that was room 1. 2 held Mr Johnson 4 was Gladys 5 was Earlene Not normally rented out the tiny room is sans key... oy vey. The basment and rear house renters needed TWO keys... double oy vey. Yes why did they photograph minor auto accidents in Oak Cliff whilst not borrowing the camera for this crime scene. Indefensible. Ed PS to believe their story the Detectives et al had plenty of time and could have called on the telephone and simply asked the lab boys to stop by.... nah. Throw everything on a bed sheet and get it out of there before the press arrives was their own claim!!! Cant have photojournalists impugn their frame up.
  9. Are you claiming his shirt was tucked in? Is that how you're seeing waistline and dark slacks... No His shirt appears untucked and only partially buttoned if at all. It was thrown on to step out and see the excitement. Motions we see in the two films may be Lee buttoning up sleeves, then shirt front. Natural and logical. What we dont see are tucking motions. Or trousers color. In Towner, etc. Lee is so dark none of his features are visible, thats skin tone to trouser color, all dark. In Weigman and Darnell the images do not lend themselves to the conclusions you're advancing. Darkness is darkness, and not being visible is equally mute. Do any of the others like Lovelady, Williams, etc tuck their outer shirts into their pants. TIA Cheers, Ed
  10. NO. Wrong Andrej. He told them he went by bus to the theater. Fritz and Co. then convince us that was a mistake and instead he took a cab and then stops to change clothes, gets a gun and runs to murder a cop at 1:08 Incredible Andrej. And more incredible is you say CONSISTENT. No it wouldn't be, he was trying to catch up with the wife and kids as they planned to go shoe shopping. He took the Beckley bus to Jefferson and walked to the shoe store, looked in and went on to catch a movie instead. He would wear the same clothes to Irving as usual That's consistent Andrej. Yes and lack of any contemporary supporting evidence among others. Cheers, Ed
  11. Passport, the address book... Odd Oswald had no toiletries or change of clothes at Ruth's house of Paine. So he supposedly didnt shave, comb, brush teeth or wear anything but what he wears to Irving on weekends and then wears the same clothes to work Monday's. Bloody unlikely. Seems his attire would be predictable and other workers would notice this. All the docs etc supposedly found at Beckley would of course be neatly contained in the "blue and black" valise... convenient. Cheers, Ed
  12. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus comes to my immediate attention Was there a curfew, did they get locked out if not in by 11? (I realize the main house was unlocked... all the more reason for renter with stuff to steal to have a lock.) Why where the basement and back garage apts entrances locked? Were the locks changed, and thus the keys too , regularly or ever? What happened when you left and didn't return keys? How many spare keys did the Johnson's have?? Who was their locksmith? Andrej. I hope your lawyer explains this absolves Lee as the space was OPEN to the public... Earlene see's a "man" run in run out and waiting at an inbound bus stop. Sorry but no Grey Eisenhower Jacket was ever claimed by the Johnson's or Earlene. The color they do say is more reminiscent of the arrest shirt than any Eisenhower jacket. Zipper or not. Search Warrant irregularities and this un-secured room are Reasonable Doubt's best friends. I Thank you. Ed
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