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  1. Couple of notes. COMMISSION EXHIBIT NO. 3042 Does include sizes of tshirts. Most are small, 34-38 one is 38-40. There is a dirty size 36, indicating usage, but no idea if the Medium size 38-40 was ever worn or perhaps shrunk down to a 36. Some mediums fit like a small. And Lullian Murrett said John gave Lee a shirt and tie, they didnt fit John. They were the shirt and tie Lee was wearing when arrested in NO. ... Mrs. MURRET - No; not that I saw. What struck me as odd that was that Lee didn't seem to have anything to wear. I told him, "Lee, you don't look too presentable. I am going to buy you some clothes." My boys were all big all over 6 feet, so nothing they had would fit Lee, so he said no, that he had a lot of things, but that they were all packed. He said that's all right, but all he had on at the time was a T-shirt and pants, and I think he had only about two T-shirts with him. Mr. JENNER - You say he had no suit coat? Mrs. MURRET - No; and only one pair of shoes. I even offered to buy him a pair of shoes, but he said no, that he had some shoes packed away. Lillian's clothing offer was rebuffed.
  2. Thanks Greg. Yes there was no way to know that then, as the listings didnt include Medium except for that jacket. They did include size small.... His Grey Jacket was not Medium and thats a good standard as far as sizing for killers jackets go. Some shirts run small. That one fit him obviously, correct or no? Any idea where he bought the shirt? Any other items other than the lone outcast shirt (used for work?) Perhaps I can speculate like Gary and claim it was a gift from Marina or Mama. Borrowed from Brother. Still the one off. Cheers, Ed
  3. Seems Bird had the tape which Lipsey was jealous of as it supposedly was detailed account of of what he did. Yet HSCA says the tape doesnt have any details related to the autopsy. Why? Seems odd for a man documenting a historical event to skip over attending the autopsy of JFK and these details. Only to include details before and after it. Seemingly mundane planning etc. Signed the same security hush hush note as Lipsey perhaps?., so he leaves the best part out. Hmmm or full of Government Crap. Poor soul was bucking for advancement. Was told he needs to be shot at to advance. Goes to war zone and effectively ends military career. Anyone thats going from a Generals Aide to a fn grunt in Viet Nam aint giving up secrets or going against DC. As for the tape its likely still with the family which is what Lifton described. As well as HSCA outside contact report. https://ibb.co/FbTvVJH https://ibb.co/9bTQ4TD https://ibb.co/1GF7kbP Perhaps David can tell us its whereabouts and if it was donated, copied, or only examined and if there was there an 18 minute gap on this tape also. ( j/k ) Cheers, Ed https://ibb.co/gSK2tkG PS no luck with RIF #'s at MF 180-10080-10481 180-10084-10000
  4. To set him up... duh. Or havent you been watching the "news"
  5. Important bits are neck was characteristic of an entrance wound for a missile. And rear head wound was one of exit or a tangential strike. Neither gives much support to a rear gunman in the TSBD. Nice find.
  6. Note: Second Platoon's shift was from 10am to 6pm.
  7. Great work. Jacket was one of first evidentiary items I focused on early. Gary Mack tried to con me into believing Oz picked it up at a garage sale. I asked Gary if that fit Oswalds MO. Gary had to admit the MEDIUM size jacket was not something bought second hand as Oswald did not buy used clothing and Lee was size SMALL and bought new clothing. No other piece of the wardrobe is MED. Crow was delish I'm guessing as it nary slowed Gary. The witness accounts are useful in identifying the killer and his clothing. Seeing as they dont match Oswalds that should have been the end of it,,,if Oswald had even slightly effective counsel. The DPD rolled over on Lee seeing he was defenseless. Adding late arriving fingerprints and nitrate tests to convince the public Lee was a fugative on the run from Kennedy's murder. (laughable) The jacket should have been an anchor to their case, it wasnt going anywhere with exculpatory evidence, so they pin it on Lee. Problem solved. Its been a few since Ive tracked a call number,..since 2004, but what shift did Mackey work vs Griffin? Was it similar situation as 261, being used at 7am by Stanfield but later in afternoon by Barnhart? Batchelor Exhibit stuff.... Cheers, Ed
  8. You mean why would soviets admit the fake defector was at the embassy. If they are the fakers then no they have no bomb, and wont be dropping it. Besides, hint hint They already propagandized it. (and they sounded like fools) Whats next a song and dance on the embassy steps by a Six foot tall 250 lb blonde Lee Oswald (but not captured on film because all intell surveillance cameras were sent out for cleaning of course) it was a holiday. Question, Seeing as our intell knew Lee wasnt on film, tape or photographed then why would anyone believe he was there? Did Lee catapult himself to MC or catch a ride on a CIA charter as the border crossing/s put a huge shadow on any fabled trip. Cant get to MC without passing GO And now let the excuses fly as to the russians, blonde oswalds and why no proof of Lee at any embassy in MC has ever been "dropped" Maybe Occam can shave you down.
  9. Again not even close to credible. This is not acceptible evidence of anything but subterfuge. There would be a number of levers pulled if what is said was true... they were not. Thanks for proving a negative though. Cheers, Ed
  10. Well how things have changed. Whats Pein's excuse now. Please...
  11. Exactly how does a curly light haired woman look 'exactly' like a male with dark receeding hairline? Dont answer Pat and save us all a lot of mish mash mush for dinner. Or something exactly like mish mash mush.... Cheers Again, Ed
  12. Appreciate that Harvey and George. Mahalo! Ed
  13. Wanted to share the newest Anatomy papers by Bart Kamp, especially as there are two new papers, Anatomy of the TSBD and Anatomy of Prayer Man. Anatomy of a Second Floor Lunchroom Encounter is in its seventh updated version. I had a slight hand in the four papers by Bart. Mostly researching documents, editing audio-video, tracking down witnesses, obtaining interviews, or finding that impossible to find article and proofing it. There are approx. 550 pages of text and material included and probably twice as much was edited out as there was simply too much information that spreads into other areas. Some real work by Bart went into keeping each paper focused and on the pinpoints. He has more documents than most JFK repositories so this was a feat! Well lets get right to it; 1) First is the monster that started it all in 2016, Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunchroom Encounter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZlD9rkXLhUg4kBRG0ebbalIr9MU-GhKx/view?usp=sharing 2) Followed up by, Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Interrogations: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sFncSGvCrc2EcNfP8e1sJoyI-zKnf8dY/view?usp=sharing 3) A premier of a new paper on the depository, Anatomy Of The T.S.B.D. : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GIdBRocG4VUMYFn6qYdF0_DAFZM0floT/view?usp=sharing 4) Lastly the premier of Anatomy Of Prayer Man: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AawsBa0uPGE5_YGn678ZbFkev6L16ebo/view?usp=sharing Please have a look and enjoy, thank you. Cheers, Ed #payattentionbrian
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