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The Beatles, Conspiracy and the Supernatural

Will Emaus

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I would hope its clear, that in saying God is Dead is really the answer, I am in no way saying that they were never referring to Paul. There are in fact quite a few songs where you can hear them directly reference something about Paul, Paul is a dead man, miss him miss him, Paul is bloody, etc..., what I'm suggesting (assuming most people believe he didn't really die) is that Paul was built in as plausible deniability in case anyone started to question what these clues were actually about.

It was simple misdirection, and brilliant.

The band got plausible deniability, and Paul got more attention than anyone in the world, including any of the other Beatles. More people obsess about whether Paul died in 1966 than they do about the Beatles that actually did die.

And you can also see how this played out in 1969. Assuming that Paul is Dead was planned going all the way back to 1966-early 1967; it was only spoken about by insiders throughout the latter part of 1967 and 1968. Supposedly someone brought the story and early clues to the attention of Rolling Stone in 1968 but they declined to do anything with it but none of the Paul is Dead clues really found any traction in the populace for over 2 years after the clues started to compile; but look at how this all came to the surface in the fall of 1969 and its actually a bit troubling.

The Tate and LaBianca murders had Beatle references at the crime scene in early August of '69. At this point, although the song Saint Paul had been released, no one had really applied anything to Paul is Dead publicly (and the song has nothing to do with Paul is Dead, again it has much more to do with Paul is Dead really being God is Dead); but between August 9th and September 17th, a period at which the LAPD certainly knew of the Beatles references but didn't know about Manson et.al being responsible, the story of Paul is Dead suddenly spread like wildfire across campuses in the US.

Now you could chalk that up to coincidence or more of an evil synchronicity, but remember Manson and their followers had connections in the industry. What if it was known among music insiders who had done this and what they believed, before it came to the attention of the LAPD? It was extremely fortuitous, that by the time Manson and the others were arrested, that the whole Paul is Dead furor had suddenly sprung to life, obscuring any other interpretation of the clues, because had someone figured out that they were actually talking about God, that would have put an entirely different spin on what Manson was saying about the Beatles sending messages, wouldn't it have?

And that in my view, is exactly why they built Paul into the story in the first place, and why it has never been talked about. After all, DJ Russ Gibb, one of the first to break the Paul is Dead clues on his radio show, was told something by Military Intelligence that he says he may reveal on his deathbed or take to his grave, Neil Aspinall (Apollo) left a very cryptic post before he died but never came out and said what the answer was; Heather Mills said there was a box of evidence in case she was killed and that there was such a fear of something coming out; Julian Lennon said a few years ago on Facebook gimme some truth, now maybe its time to tell the truth, after he had been snubbed at a number of events. They must be talking about something, and that something is quite obviously taken pretty seriously for somewhat famous people like this to reference but never come out and say.

The marching band refused to yield, do you recall what was revealed?

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Good morning, young master, it’s 1882
your mother is hungry, what will you do?
there is bread in the kitchen of the big house upstairs
but I warn you, don’t take it from them
your mother is calling, she wants you by the bed
so get up, young master, shake your sleepy head
“darling son, I am dying, and I leave it to you
I’m leaving, tell me, what did I do?”
you’ll be tarred, you’ll be feathered, you’ll be hung like a ham
and I warn you, don’t do it, young man
i own a sheepfarm.
i own a sheepfarm.
i’m dying, tell me, what did I do?

Live version

Good morning, young master, it’s 1882
And your mother is hungry, what will you do?
There is bread in the kitchen of the big house upstairs
But I warn you, don’t take it from them
You’ll be tarred, you’ll be feathered, you’ll be hung like a ham
And I warn you, don’t do it, young man

Your mother is calling, she wants you by the bed
So get ready, young master, well, go shake your sleepy head
“Darling son, I am dying and I leave it to you
As I’m leaving, tell me what did I do?”

“I’m dying, tell me what did I do?”

Well, boy steals the bread, now that’s enough, heads for the door
Man sees you coming, said “Boy, you won’t be running no more”
Boy gets arrested and the case it gets tested that day
Judge finds him guilty and the jailer takes him away
Yeah, whoa

Good morning, young master, it’s twenty-five to nine
They’ll be coming to get you, well, in twenty minutes time
You’ll be drawn, you’ll be quartered, you’ll be hung like a ham
But I warn you, get ready, young man
Said the boy, “I am dying and I leave it to you
As I’m leaving, tell me what did I do?
As I’m dying, tell me what did I do?”

Nietzsche first referred to God is Dead in the Gay Science in...yep, 1882.

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Once upon a long ago,
lived four young lads I'm sure you know.
The other three, you know them two.
You'll know me better when this is through.
Before the band was on the run, a natures child followed the sun.
And soon the four became a three, a list of clues for those to see.
A story told in fine detail, to keep the loonies on the trail.
A coin, a sheep, a favored son, were welcomed guest when the day was done.
Now, those days are gone, the stories told, in rivers of ash, and urns of gold.
A final hint to all of those, who refuse to see the Emporer's clothes.

The still unanswered riddle, posted by Apollo C Vermouth (Neil Aspinall) on August 12th 2007 before dying of cancer the following spring.
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Having established Time and Atlanta, lets return for a minute to the response to this 35 years ago today.

Its fairly well known amongst Beatle afficianados that there is something that seems quite odd about the details surrounding John Lennon's death.

First, there was the poster in Magical Mystery Tour that foreshadowed John's killer in saying The Best Way to Go is by MDC.


This is from an album that was released 13 years to the day before John's death.

Then fast forwarding to December 8th 1980, Mark David Chapman is standing in front of the Dakota ruminating about the odd coincidence that the movie Rosemary's Baby was filmed in the Dakota before director Roman Polanski's wife was killed by the Manson group who felt the Beatles were sending them messages; when Rosemary herself Mia Farrow happens to walk right past him on her way to Central Park.

And then there is the strange synchronicity with Revolution Number 9, with the famed backwards message Turn Me On Dead Man. Rev. #9 ends with the chant, Hold That Line, Block That Kick and a series of events that fortuitously saw an ABC reporter being treated in Roosevelt Hospital when John Lennon was brought in, allowed ABC to get the story on what had happened in time for Howard Cosell to go on with the news of Lennon's passing with :03 seconds to go in the game, as John Smith was lining up to kick a field goal, that was in fact blocked.

Virtually unknown however, is what was playing when the Lennon announcement broke on NBC; a Tonight Show rerun in which Johnny is saying Flames from the burning of Atlanta when the announcer broke in.

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Back in the eighties, the PMRC tried to make a big deal about backwards masking in music; they were largely laughed off and rightfully so. But there are two instances of backwards masking that seem to directly relate to the fate of John Lennon, instances that are quite a bit more troubling than the cartoonish and nonsensical "the devil ate soup" or whatever that were being trumpeted back in the day by the PMRC.

Right at the the beginning of the song, or the end if you listen backwards, you hear Yoko whisper I shot John Lennon. Now obviously Yoko herself didn't do that; but Kiss Kiss Kiss was part of the Double Fantasy LP that was released just weeks before John Lennon was shot and killed. Like most things relating to the Beatles there is a spooky foreshadowing of this event in the line Mother Superior (Yoko) jumps the gun, from the song Happiness Is A Warm Gun on the White Album in 1968.

The other is Hotel California. During the final verse of the song, right after Stab it with their Steely Knives but they just can't kill the beast, if you turn the song around backwards you will hear very clearly John Lennon by himself. The actual words forwards are Last thing I remember I was running for the door, what John did after being shot is run for the door of the Dakota Nightman's office, and if you continue to listen to Hotel California forwards it goes on to say relax said the Nightman we are programmed to receive, it was Operation 40 Bay of Pigs veteran Jose Perdomo who was the Dakota Nightman and cared for John until the police arrived. The Hotel California LP was released 4 years to the day before John Lennon's death on December 8th, 1976.

It should be fairly clear that both of these instances of backwards masking both relate to something very specific vs. the garden variety messages alluded to back in the eighties; but it also should be fairly clear that neither Yoko Ono or The Eagles would have had any reason to actively participate in these messages, they seem to have happened independently of the will of the artists.

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As stated earlier, perhaps the key line, at least one of the key lines, on the Sgt. Pepper LP as it relates to clues was the line We were talking-About the Space between us all, potentially alluding to the space on the Sgt. Pepper cover between the 4 Beatles where the drum, ATL in Beatles and the doll reside.


No one is quite sure what all in the Paul McCartney LP Ram set John Lennon off, but there are some potential references to the Paul is Dead/God is Dead issue on the Ram Cover, including the Lily inscription that actually also mirrors to one one one X just like the Sgt. Pepper drum.

John responded with a direct, albeit cryptic reference to Sgt. Pepper in the opening lines of How Do You Sleep in Imagine later that year.

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise
You better see right through that mother's eyes
Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
The one mistake you made was in your head

Well if you look at the back cover of Sgt. Pepper you will see that the line We were talking-about the space between us all, goes right through Paul's head.


This was obscure enough to escape detection, however what then made it somewhat noticeable was that after John delivered this line in 1971, all future Sgt. Pepper back covers had the image of the 4 Beatles moved relative to the text, just far enough so that the line no longer went through Paul's head, which in fact made it more noticeable than if they had just left it alone.


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I noticed this morning that there was still a link in this thread to an old blog post of mine that has probably been rendered somewhat obsolete over the past few years. The intent of this was always to write a book about the whole thing, and I posted a number of excerpts from the still in progress work recently so that some of the people in and around it could give some feedback, but anyone else who would like to check it out can read it here.

Its primarily a story just to let you know upfront, most of the Beatles material doesn't come until well into the excerpts and in fact that is the section still being rewritten to incorporate the more recent discoveries regarding what I think they actually intended.

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I noticed this morning that there was still a link in this thread to an old blog post of mine that has probably been rendered somewhat obsolete over the past few years. The intent of this was always to write a book about the whole thing, and I posted a number of excerpts from the still in progress work recently so that some of the people in and around it could give some feedback, but anyone else who would like to check it out can read it here.

Its primarily a story just to let you know upfront, most of the Beatles material doesn't come until well into the excerpts and in fact that is the section still being rewritten to incorporate the more recent discoveries regarding what I think they actually intended.

Thanks to those who supplied feedback, I've taken it back to private now to continue work on it...

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Does anyone else know about this...yeah I think a few artists do.


“The blackout hearts, the flowered news / With skull designs upon my shoes.

I can't give everything away”


RIP to David Bowie...

And, as "luck" would have it, David Bowie is releasing his I Can't Give Everything Away" single on April 8th, the date of the Is God Dead issue of Time. http://davidbowienews.com/2016/03/i-cant-give-everything-away-being-released-on-april-8th/

(To be clear, I don't think its luck at all...I think the song is about The Beatles and God is Dead)


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On the JFK page there was recently a thread started about Jim Fetzer asserting that Paul McCartney did in fact die and was replaced in 1966; I don't share that view but there was a post regarding the overall Paul is Dead phenomenon that I'd like to address in this thread--


It seems that most people these days deny the clues even exist. Nobody has come forward to admit they do. But there were definitely "clues" planted in some of the songs. And I think in some of the photos as well, though those things may just be weird psychedelic Beatles stuff. (A lot of it does seem to single out Paul, which is curious.)

Several years ago I went to YouTube and listened to some recording of Strawberry Fields where somebody says "I buried Paul. The word "I" and the letter "d" in buried aren't enunciated clearly. So it sounds more like "ah bury paul..." with the "l" sound trailing off at the end.

A couple years later I went back to YouTube to see if there were clues I hadn't heard before. At one point I wanted to hear the "I buried Paul" thing again. (Just reminiscing.) And the strangest thing happened. First, I noticed that there weren't near as many clips of this to listen to. It was like most had disappeared. Anyway, I listened to one of the clips that was there. It no longer said "ah bury Paul!" Instead it said "an bury sau." I thought, what the heck? I'd listened to that thing numerous times over the decades and I'd always heard "ah bury Paul." Till then.

So I listened to all the clips I could find, and not one of them said what I'd always heard before. Not one! I read the comments, and most people were saying they heard it as "cranberry sauce." Hmmm....

I was suspicious. I did a Google search of the YouTube website (that is to say, NOT a search from within YouTube) for the phrase "I buried Paul." This time I got numerous hits, just like before. Back then Google saved a cache of every deleted page. I clicked on the Cache link for several of these, and they all showed a notification that the video had been deleted because of copyright violation!

Do you see what I was discovering? The "I buried Paul" clips had all been removed and replaced with the new and different "cranberry sauce" clips. (Why were these select clips allowed to remain?)

There's more.

I then listened again very carefully to several of the "cranberry sauce" versions, and I actually found an intermediate version. It was like halfway between "ah bury Paul" and "an bury sau" (or, rather, "an berry sau") versions. I don't recall now, but something like "ah bury sau." Actually, I believe that was it.

So, in summary, what started out as "ah bury Paul" transitioned to "ah bury sau," and that later transitioned to "an bury sau" ("an berry sau"). Or at least, I believe that was the order of the transition. Because it only makes sense if someone were trying to gradually change "I buried Paul" to "cranberry sauce."

Some of you are probably saying I'm crazy, but I'm not. This really happened.

Over the decades I have always believed that the Beatles clues were intentionally planted... some are so obvious. Probably as a marketing stunt, though maybe John was just goofing around with the tracks, recording stuff backward for kicks. But I also always believed that the Beatles later wished they hadn't done it. It was a stain on their reputation.

It is my belief that when they saw what was happening with YouTube, they decided to take action on the most obvious of the clues, the one that doesn't require being played backward. And that was the "I buried Paul" clue. (Other clues may have been changed on YouTube as well. I wouldn't be able to tell since I've only heard those two or three times each.)

The Beatles have most certainly been exercising their right to remove based on Copyright even though Fair Use is often claimed; the most notable exception is the group Iamaphoney, whose videos have remained largely intact...it is said elsewhere in the thread that no one has really come forward to talk about any of this, and there possibly is also a notable exception to that.

Iamaphoney's Beatles mystery series as you can see remains untouched, and there is a very interesting story behind this: reportedly, Apple Records head and career-long Beatles insider Neil Aspinall supposedly started a group called Iamaphoney back in the 90's to set the record straight regarding the many Beatle myths that had developed through the years and set out to collect all of the obscure Beatle related materials he could get his hands on as a way of preserving the record.

Now, the internet is a very interesting place quite obviously; and with the rise of forums and digital media came a renewed interest in the Paul is Dead phenomenon, due to being able to post images, video and audio clips of the original clues, as well as some that were discovered later in the post-Beatles era.

I'll be the first to say, that some of the posters to the Paul is Dead forums are kind of out there; but there are others that are quite rational and grounded, and some of these people believed more in an overall mystery regarding the Beatles than anything else...Paul is Dead was but one possible answer, the question though by everyone is why the clues?

Well in 2003 a mysterious internet poster appeared on the two most popular Paul is Dead forums who went by the moniker Apollo C Vermouth. Apollo posted infrequently, but attained a reputation as an insider, a veritable deep throat of the Paul is Dead Beatles mysteries; he insisted that there indeed was a mystery to be solved, and that mystery was centered around the Sgt. Pepper album with years of other Beatles clues pointing back toward that album. His position was that the mystery had simply never been solved. (if you search for Apollo C Vermouth on Google, there are collections of his posts)

Apollo posted with less and less frequency from 2003-2007, making one final e-mail message to a number of Nothing is Real members in January of 2008 and then was heard from no more. In April of 2008 a group member known as NIR Committee then made this post. http://invanddis.proboards.com/thread/4643/nir-member-dies

This group alleged, and continues till this day, that Apollo C Vermouth was in fact Neil Aspinall; the head of Apple Records for over 30 years had been posting on Paul is Dead forums for the past 5 years. I should say at this point that I believe them; some of the members with the best reputations on that forum were among those insisting Apollo was in fact Neil.

If so, there is a very prominent exception to no one having had spoken up about the Beatles mysteries. Even more interesting is that late in Apollo's reign on the internet, an internet poster trying to obtain funding for a series on the Beatles suddenly started making clips on YouTube under the pseudonym Iamaphoney, matching the group Neil Aspinall started in the nineties.

This series started off relatively simple and then suddenly became much more elaborate, with a sudden legion of others commenting on the videos, giving off an impression that "Iamaphoney" had suddenly become much more professional and perhaps much better funded. They also had Beatles related materials that no one had ever seen. They also started doing videos on location from all over the world; this one person now having seemingly unlimited resources.

This is the group whose internet videos have been largely left alone by the Beatles.

The working theory is, and this is in no way proven, that Neil Aspinall's Iamaphoney group started funding the Iamaphoney group making the Beatle mystery videos on YouTube. When Neil died, the series suddenly became much more bizarre although seemingly just as well funded and the new material largely ceased. The promised revelation from Iamaphoney never was revealed; and the rumored reason why is that MPL, Paul McCartney's own firm, took over the series upon Neil's death and wouldn't allow for there to be an answer.

Most of the people responding to the Jim Fetzer post on the JFK page consider this to be a hoax, as do most people everywhere I'm sure. I have given on pages 6-7 of this thread my answer to this; that I think Paul is Dead is actually God is Dead and this is the mystery alluded to by Apollo, I've been working on a book about it for a few years now.

But just as a consideration regarding this all being a hoax, in addition to Apollo and the Iamaphoney group, consider that Heather Mills was seemingly in fear for her life if what she knew about Paul was made public according to her, and went on a number of interview shows saying so, before being gagged by the divorce decree. Russ Gibb, the DJ who was one of the first responsible for breaking Paul is Dead in 1969, said that he had been told something after the furor died down that he has never divulged and was considering giving it as a deathbed revelation. Julian Lennon, after being snubbed for a number of events by Paul, said on Facebook "what have I done to be treated in such a way. Gimme some truth, maybe now its time to tell the truth" before deleting the post.

It may still be up for debate just what the mystery is about, but there is something more than meets the eye with these clues.

Edited by Will Emaus
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