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Behind the story of Dimiter Adamov Dimitrov

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In Dutch invetigative journalist Willem Oltmans personal notes he speeks of several private, one on one meetings, with General Dimiter Dimitrov, the former Bulgarian. The meeting takes place May 31, 1977 in Amsterdam at the Marriot Hotel room #437. Oltmans tells in his notes that Dimitrov confirms that George de Mohrenschildt was one of the key persons involved in the assassination plot to kill President Kennedy. He also tells in his personal handwritten notes that Dimitrov had a private, one on one meeting, with then President Gerald Ford and tells Ford who set the assassination plot into motion. He then mentions in his notes that Ford tells Dimitrov to hold all his information under his cap and to tell no one else!! Oltmans also tells in his notes that Dimitrov also knew Preident Kennedy and Robert Kennedy personally. Even at this late date with every Kennedy assassination researcher knowing of the Bulgerians story and everybody and their brother has discrdited him as far out and dreaming up a wild tale to tell, one must ask, how does this person got a private, one on one meeting, in the Oval office with the President of the United States if he is so way out and such a crackpot?? Leads one to believe he had some kind of credibility to have been given a private meeting with the President.

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